Bargain Hunter: Real DJ Heroes Don't Sit

DJ Hero is out this week, but those who prefer to stand while pressing buttons in time with an on-screen prompt will be eyeing the Renegade Edition out next week.

Pictured, it comes with a collapsible stand for your turntable and all fits inside a carry case. It retails for $300, but DVD Crave is currently offering it for just $249.95, the best deal I've spotted across all platforms.

Still, I dunno, is that really a good deal for a table?


    Doesn't the turntable stick to anything else?

    I believe the Renegade edition also comes with a heap of extra Jay-Z and Eminem tracks that aren't included in the normal version. I'm guessing they will be available to download at some stage though.

      There's only one version of the game, the Renegade edition comes with a CD Album with an exclusive Eminem Jay-Z greatest hits mix (expect to be able to find it online after 27/10/09)
      The only other difference is the turntable with a metal finish, which just looks like a fingerprint magnet. As for the table, I have doubts about it's stability. I've got a $9000 DJ setup but I'll be using 2-3 record crates as a table. 2 when sitting down, 3 when standing up.
      Anyone else looking for a table solution, the best height for any DJ table is around 90cm


    if i click close on the PSP ad i expect it to close not open another ()_#*%(# window 5 times

    not happy jan

      Which browser are you using? (I've not had this problem once with Firefox.)

        Firefox :)

          Had the same problem here. And I'm running Firefox.

        I think its the fact that the area you need to hit to close it is incredibly small - a little bit off and it will open the new window. Its a big PITA.

          I think you're right. Using Chrome here and I have the same problem from time to time, always miss it the first and second time. And too think I love FPS.

    The Renegade Edition is supposed to be a better quality turntable too, according to the guy in the video game shop (who has used both).

    I am having no problem with the PSP ad, using chrome.

    I'm having the PSP problem as well. Actually, if I let the page load up completely then right click on any article I get Flash player controls. I'm using (against my will) Safari.

    Chrome here, same fricken problem. I know you need to advertise, but I don't, nor am interested in a PSP Go.

      Seconding the issues with Chrome. Also those giant, disembodied thumbs on either side of my screen are somewhat unnerving.

    yea that PSP ads irritating if i close it i want it to stay closed not reopen when i move my mouse over the banner to get to another tab

    AdMuncher rocks. Local product, too. :)


    Not to add to the barrage, but even having problems on my work-restricted IE browser. I click close and it closes, then opens the video again. Close, opens again. Rinse and repeat until I give up and click on any random article.

    i've got this on order (renegade edition)... basically because i want the "higher" quality turntable and the stable could be good

    seems a fair few ppl aren't keen on this... personally i'm more excited about this then any of the guitar hero games (of which i own a few)

      the most expensive retial price for a new game with out periferals about $129 add (generous amount) $40.00 for the turntable $170 total ... enjoy paying $130 for a cheap stand and cd

      ... all hail lord Bobby Kotick dark lord of the sith

    Has anyone seen cheaper than the $149.00 that has for the standard edition? Otherwise EB will price match Game (retail store) at $159 with a guitar hero mic as a pre-order bonus. I'm not sure which one to go for, I mean do I really need a mic for a game I won't use?

      Big W has the standard edition for $124 in this week's catalogue. They normally don't get new release games until about a week after release date though - which is enough time to play GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

        Price match with EB FTW.

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