Bargain Hunter: Real DJ Heroes Don’t Sit

Bargain Hunter: Real DJ Heroes Don’t Sit

DJ Hero is out this week, but those who prefer to stand while pressing buttons in time with an on-screen prompt will be eyeing the Renegade Edition out next week.

Pictured, it comes with a collapsible stand for your turntable and all fits inside a carry case. It retails for $300, but DVD Crave is currently offering it for just $249.95, the best deal I’ve spotted across all platforms.

Still, I dunno, is that really a good deal for a table?


  • I believe the Renegade edition also comes with a heap of extra Jay-Z and Eminem tracks that aren’t included in the normal version. I’m guessing they will be available to download at some stage though.

    • There’s only one version of the game, the Renegade edition comes with a CD Album with an exclusive Eminem Jay-Z greatest hits mix (expect to be able to find it online after 27/10/09)
      The only other difference is the turntable with a metal finish, which just looks like a fingerprint magnet. As for the table, I have doubts about it’s stability. I’ve got a $9000 DJ setup but I’ll be using 2-3 record crates as a table. 2 when sitting down, 3 when standing up.
      Anyone else looking for a table solution, the best height for any DJ table is around 90cm

  • The Renegade Edition is supposed to be a better quality turntable too, according to the guy in the video game shop (who has used both).

    I am having no problem with the PSP ad, using chrome.

  • I’m having the PSP problem as well. Actually, if I let the page load up completely then right click on any article I get Flash player controls. I’m using (against my will) Safari.

    • Seconding the issues with Chrome. Also those giant, disembodied thumbs on either side of my screen are somewhat unnerving.

  • yea that PSP ads irritating if i close it i want it to stay closed not reopen when i move my mouse over the banner to get to another tab

  • Not to add to the barrage, but even having problems on my work-restricted IE browser. I click close and it closes, then opens the video again. Close, opens again. Rinse and repeat until I give up and click on any random article.

  • i’ve got this on order (renegade edition)… basically because i want the “higher” quality turntable and the stable could be good

    seems a fair few ppl aren’t keen on this… personally i’m more excited about this then any of the guitar hero games (of which i own a few)

    • the most expensive retial price for a new game with out periferals about $129 add (generous amount) $40.00 for the turntable $170 total … enjoy paying $130 for a cheap stand and cd

      … all hail lord Bobby Kotick dark lord of the sith

  • Has anyone seen cheaper than the $149.00 that has for the standard edition? Otherwise EB will price match Game (retail store) at $159 with a guitar hero mic as a pre-order bonus. I’m not sure which one to go for, I mean do I really need a mic for a game I won’t use?

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