Watch Gabe Newell And Aussie Modder Talk L4D In Sydney


    And for the real test of how Awsome Gabes feedback is how about Joe W-A posts his campaign both before and after he impliments the changes Gabe and Erik suggest..

    I like how he was talking about hte consoles for next gen.

    i wish that his mod becomes eventually becomes avalible for 360 marketplace and hopfully for free

    Yikes!!! Horrible marketing & or interview. This guy seems completely incompetent. Does he even have anything to demonstrate/show?

    Gabe seems to bridge the gap and has a nice human 'one of us' vibe in presentation and understanding towards gaming culture.

    My question based on my limited knowledge of this person, does he have anything of quality to offer? Does his mod warrant this attention? Will anything come of this? Is valve wanting to fund his mod?

    Microsoft really don't like free anything on the marketplace, it it makes it to downloadable content it will have a price.

    This is fantastic, its really great to know that Gabe respects his players as much as they respect him. This guy is a shining example of how Game Developers can be just average people who dont see themselves as people on a pedestal higher from the lowly gamers.

    Good on you, Gabe =]

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