What Did Gabe Newell Think Of Aussie Modder’s Left 4 Dead Campaign?

Valve’s Gabe Newell lost a bet with a 19-year-old Australian modder recently. As a result, Gabe jumped on a plane from Seattle to Sydney to check out Joe W-A’s Left 4 Dead campaign.

Gabe and Joe gave a press conference in Sydney last week where the Valve man talked about the importance of the communities that thrive around their games, from Counter-Strike to Team Fortress 2. Gabe also revealed Valve’s plans to get Left 4 Dead 2 released in unedited form in Australia.

But after that press conference, the ABC’s Good Game sat down with Gabe to take a look at Joe’s campaign. This is the first time Gabe had seen the mod that is responsible for him flying halfway around the world. You can watch his reaction and listen to the advice he offers Joe over on the Good Game website in an extended version of the story that ran on last night’s episode.

Web Extended Version – Gabe & Joe [Good Game]

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