Borderlands Gets Aussie Price Rise On Steam

Borderlands Gets Aussie Price Rise On Steam

Borderlands was released on Steam four weeks ago. Australians could buy it for $US50. A few days ago, it mysteriously vanished from the Steam Store. Now it’s back…

And now it’s priced at $AU80.

A 2K spokesperson explained the change:

“Unfortunately due to an internal error, Borderlands was briefly available for download on Steam for Australian users at an incorrect price. We have since reposted the game for the discounted price of AU$79.95 and apologise for the inconvenience.”

Discounted? Hmm. Sure, in store it retails for $AU89.95 RRP. But I’m not really sure how the new Steam price is a discount on the old Steam price…

UPDATE: Looks like we’re still waiting on the Steam Store to update. Shouldn’t be too long. It’s up.


  • More like “due to our dollar being crappy and the australian one being strong for once, we decided we’d smack them down for more cash”. Even though we don’t get things cheaper when the USA has a stronger dollar, weird amirite?

  • If this is the start of a trend where steam games try to match the store price here in australia, then dragon age will be the first and last purchase on my steam account.

    Why should I buy a game at the same price as my local retailer, then pay to download it on the limited internet connection that Australia can suffer (especially when steam won’t honour the server choice for downloads).

    For me, steam’s advantage just got shafted for what looks like a money grab in what is essentially a tiny portion of the a game’s market.

    • Seeing as you say DA is your first Steam purchase I’ll assume you haven’t been keeping up with this stuff prior to now.

      Basically this isn’t unheard of (well changing it after launch is a bit weird), but it tends to be done on a per developer/publisher basis (I haven’t checked but I’d guess all of 2K’s games are the same on steam).

      Thankfully most companies are pretty good and keep a global price. Regional pricing tends to be the exception not the rule and there doesn’t seem to be a trend away from that.

      Also, Steams advantage was never really meant to be on price, I understand that many would still like a physical copy but others like myself prefer the digital even if it is the same price as retail (although I’m not happy with AU retail price but that’s another matter).

  • Oh good, it’s nice to see the penny drop on this one finally. Sure I bought the game off Steam (even preordered to get it slightly cheaper), but I found the price point to be a tad bit odd even for a “digitally distributed” game.

    What gets me baffled in all of this is “who’s getting paid”? The US$50 we were paying is the RRP for the US (and a bargain even at higher exchange rates), but $80 is highway robbery at best… a $30 inflation from… where? Hell, I’m used to seeing new PC games sitting at the $80-90 mark (if you search them out).

    I know, I know, it’s whipping a dead horse, but Australian gamers (PC and console) need to start voting with their wallet. With so many other avenues available (short of piracy) why stand for this kind of pricing garbage?

  • Haha! Sucked in to them jokers for giving us a favourable deal for once. Score one for the Aussie dollar. Huzzah!

    (I already bought Borderlands in a 4-pack with some friends for the grand total of $38AUD with the pre-release discount. Could you tell?)

  • The Aussie dollar is doing too good – you should do a comparison with the cost of different games (downloadable) with average exchange rate because they should be closer when there downloadable – but us and europe tend to get riped off

  • And in other news, economists claim the $AU will reach parity with the $US in six to twelve months. Will someone please explain WHY we are paying so much for games …. Espicially digital downloads. Does packet shipping cost THAT much?

  • Was speaking to a friend of mine the other day after the whole thing with IW/Activision-Blizzard removing MW2 keys bought from sites like ozcdkeys from steam accounts because they were keys meant for asia. Australia has some fair import law or sumifn where if you can find a product cheaper overseas and are able to gain access to it, you can and it is illegal for the company that makes it to stop you(for example importing a ps3 from america while the aussie dollar is so low), and that that would mean that people who bought MW2 off sites like ozcdkeys would be able to force IW/Activision/steam/who ever told em to remove them to give them back. I believe it would be in the same boat here. So just go to a site that sells cd keys online and buy them that way if you want to go digital distribution. So, my question is, wouldnt we, in reality, be able to demand the american asking price on steam for borderlands as the majority of the games on steam are priced in US dollars, and wouldnt that mean that if we really wanted to we could demand that the original price is used? I dont know but still, something to think about

  • It mainly sucks cause I had a few mates who were going to grab this so we could play multiplayer together.

    Hopefully they see a very steep drop in sales and wake up themselves, though for an unknown game they certainly got some mileage out of the cheaper price.

    • Two mistakes? I doubt it.

      The 2K statement in the post came as a result of my enquiry as to why Borderlands had disappeared from the AU store. I can’t imagine they’d get it wrong again. Most likely is that there’s just some small delay in getting it back up.

      • Ugh, I’m just glad I got it for the discounted price then. Makes sense now I guess, still sucks copious amounts however. Also suggests that the days of cheap digital downloads for Australia are slowly going to end in a big screaming heap 🙁

  • All i know is that i can login on the US steam and pick up a copy of Fallout 3, MW2 and now boraderlands and save almost $100 AUD


    MW2 89.99
    Fallout3 69.99
    Borderlands 69.99 (still dont have access so aprox)

    Total USD
    AUD @ .91
    Aprox $250

    US STeam
    MW2 59.99
    Fallout3 49.99
    Borderlands 49.99

    Total USD
    AUD @ .91
    Aprox $160

    You cant tell me thats scary…

    Same content diffrent servers…

  • Until us Aussies boast a sizable consuming population compared to the rest of the world, don’t expect to get anything first or cheaper….

    That being said, it is still sad to see us being slugged with higher prices…all…the…time….

    • That argument makes sense when you’re talking about a physical product requiring distribution, but for a downloaded game, where’s the extra cost to the publisher that justifies the extra price?

    • Maybe in the 1850s.

      It’s the 21st century and we are talking about digital distribution.

      You my friend are swallowing economic rationalist’s total and utter BS.

    • Hang on G,
      That argument might work for physical products, or if the company has to put in extra effort to sell their product in Australia (e.g. Valve and L4D2, though not much effort in that case)

      But saying Australians have to pay more for digital downloads because we have a low population is ridiculous. We have 20 times the population of Detroit. So they should pay more than us. Oh, but they’re geographically closer to other down-loaders?!? How is that of any importance? They actually have to put in extra effort to keep the prices different!

      I’m not buying it. As we Australians say, get stuffed.

  • Sorry, it has nothing to do with exchange rates or “Australia is far away from everything so shipping costs more”. Steam proves that it has nothing to do with exchange rates, and there’s nothing stopping companies from pressing DVDs and manufacturing the retail packaging here so shipping is less of an issue (assuming this isn’t being done already).

    Pricing in Australia is higher than that elsewhere in the world because overseas publishers know that historically our market will bear the price, and as long as people continue to buy software at whatever price the publishers demand this trend will continue, even if our dollar value continues to improve.

    Maybe once enough people smarten up enough to import everything this will change, but I really don’t see it happening anytime soon.

    • Personaly I feel Raistlin has it th emost accuraltly so far. They charge what they think we are willing to pay and historicaly we’ve paid more in real dollars. Also there’s probably the fact that our economy seems to be staying more stable then theris so they probalby figure we’ve got more to spend on entertainment.

  • what a crock of money grubbing shite. Way to rip us off guys. Thanks for nothing.

    As if aussie sales were enough to make that much of a difference anyway? All you’re doing us upsetting your customer base!

    I really can’t fathom the greed of some people.

  • I call bullshit on this.

    Their doing it because the US dollar is nearly matching the AU dollar. Now their just increasing it to match our RRP.

  • Steam doesn’t support AUD, so that means this is actually listed at $79.99USD, which makes it about $2 cheaper than retail stores selling it for $89.95AUD in Australia.

  • Wow, that’s not an insult or anything. Glad I didn’t buy that game. Blatant money-grabbing like that shouldn’t be supported.

  • Haha well I paid $35 by preordering this in a 4 pack with some mates – winner!

    $80 is too much for this game though.

  • Did they actually say AU$? If they did it, then the repeated screw ups could be due to them having no idea how to negotiate a game onto steam (However the process works).

    Also, COD4, not MW2, is the standard example for price jumps on steam. Released at US$50, then went up to US$88 shortly after. I think I paid $110 for at EB, so I think it worked out AU$5 more expensive, but I didn’t have to download it.

    Was nice of them to provide a ‘discount’ when they censored us… And ‘Inconvenienced’ by being able to save money?

  • This sort of shameless price hiking is the reason that my steam purchases are exclusively of the “ooh thats on sale” variety.

    Hehe especially when they had that mistake with the minigolf game where it was like 11c, ended up buying 14 copies for random forum people who I only vaguely know before I stopped laughing. Best buck fifty I’ve ever spent

  • If the price comes back on and it’s not back to 50 USD then 2k can go stick their backends over their nation’s flag pole. I hope I don’t end up regretting buying this game because I don’t exactly want to be supporting any developer that’s making a money grab.

  • Well it appears it is now on the Steam Store again but not at 79.95 AUD but rather 79.95 USD

    I suggest they include a free weapon with the new price:

    “The 2k Arse Reamer”
    An underpowered gun, with small magazine, and over inflated price tag.

  • I bought it from Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBD for $69. Sure, had to wait until 5 days after it’s PC launch, but if a brick and mortar store is cheaper than your digital distribution… I guess they think, like Sony, that you’ll pay extra for convenience?

    Me? I love my game cases + CDs. It’s the backup I’d make myself anyhow.

  • These chumps can go get f**ked. Please I pray that people wake up and DON’T waste their money on this. People buying this and COD:MW2 and other overpriced games is ridiculous.

  • Actually, the reason we keep getting higher prices on non-physical goods is because the producers expect we are willing to pay them.

    If you don’t want to pay the price, don’t buy the product. Import it (if its cheaper).

  • The prices here in Aus on steam are getting ridiculous, the price changes they are putting across: most of them are cheaper at EB and other stores, walk in at Christmas or mid-year and you have sale prices.
    Though the publishers that don’t do any high end profiting on their end we will still get a better deal with steam.

    Remember with the importing of games at customs you still have to pay all the tax for it, the Australian tax not the external country’s tax.

  • I was lucky enough to grab borderlands before the price hike – thank Gawd! …

    That said steam has had some really strange pricing issues before – For example The COD4 pricing in Australia until recently was $89USD while stores where selling the game for 60-70AUD .. It’s also widely known there are major price differences between the AUST and US store pages even though both are in USD currency and it’s nothing to do with exchange rates.

    The other well know problem on steam is the Region locking (2K been one of the compnies involved)… This region locking can have some odd effects: (I’m not sure if this is fixed now) when 2K on steam had a sale on the complete edition of Civilization 4 a while back as a weekend promo the only game that showed up in the package to us Aussies was the sword expansion and nothing else. You couldn’t buy Civ4 sepreately as it didn’t appear on steam to us…

    I emailed 2K and steam at the time and both just point the finger at each other… just stupid! There are theories the publishers are going to force customers to go buy it in store for the higher over the counter prices we deal with here.

    Still can’t get over DA:0 been over $100 in store but about $60USD/AUS on steam…

    Also with region locking on some store pages we might see a game but no price displayed… Just crazy …

    Would love to know who is behind the price fixing (and it’s price fixing if one region is getting another price over the other that does NOT equal exchange rate) and the region locking…

  • Old news is old. Australians have historically paid through the nose for games, the change in price is more of an “oshi! we forgot we can gouge these buggers downunder, quick, send Steam and email, we’ve been screwing them for decades on game prices, cant let them get a deal now, they might start to expect it!” kneejerk realization that they listed it wrong, than an actual evil moneygrubbing scheme.

    Suck it up, gamers in Australia have dealt with it for DECADES, its highly unlikely to change, so make a buddy overseas, and send him monies to pay for the game you want, and have it posted to you.

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