Left 4 Dead 2 Is Region Free On Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 Is Region Free On Xbox 360
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While it seems PC gamers may be able to bypass the censorship of Left 4 Dead 2, Xbox 360 gamers have no such luck. But what about importing?

There’s a few options here. You could import from New Zealand or the UK, as the PAL version released in both countries escaped the censor’s knife.

But you could also import the region-free Asia version from Play Asia. It’s uncensored, will work on your PAL console has an English language option, and best of all, is only $US50. That’s considerably cheaper than you’re going to find in NZ or the UK.

Note: neither the US nor the Japanese versions are region free.

Also note: Forgot to mention, you’ll be importing a banned game. Customs may confiscate it, if discovered.

Where are you getting your Left 4 Dead 2 hit from?

Buy Left 4 Dead 2 [Play Asia, thanks Paul!]


  • Is there any reports of censorship workaround for the full copy of the game? Browsing through the installation files I found evidence that one of the previously switchable text files has been removed.

  • Not to mention the 360 version comes with avatar awards.

    I’m assuming the PC and 360 versions can’t play together, though…

    • The game “was” originally RC. But it was then edited and released MA15+ into Australia. If you purchase the game from overseas there is a strong likelihood customs wouldn’t even know the overseas versions are different to the one being sold here. Hence 99% chance that it would not be confiscated. So what I’m saying is the original RC doesn’t matter much now that the edited game was passed. Customs don’t waste time making the distinction between edited and non edited versions of games which ARE being sold in Australia already.

      Also there is NO way any Federal or State Govt would have the resources to check if you have a RC game once you have it in your home. Especially if a single copy.

      If you’re importing multiple copies of anything you have a far greater chance of drawing customs attention to your import also.

      A game which will have problems for people wishing to import will be Alien vs Predator. Due to being completely banned and remaining RC this game would be on a list of games to seize if found by customs.

  • Can’t customs intercept/confiscate these? I know the odds are low, but it’s worth noting because I have heard of people receiving fines for trying to import something that was RC.

    • there is zero chance of customs taking it away.
      i have imported..manhunt, munhunt 2 (twice) soldier of fortune 3, gta4..all of wotch have been banned here for one reason or another and iv never had a problem.
      customs dont open every singe package or anything. it goes through a xray scanner to serch for wepons/drugs…dogs cant smell games either.
      so no problem at all.
      its only ‘banned’ from retail.

    • I found a copy from canada that works on Aussie xboxes for 62 AUS dollars and thats including shipping in that price. Only 8 dollars of but its worth mentioning

  • Ive been importing Wii games from the UK and they work because of using PAL. one would assume that all games on any system would use PAL so that could always be an option. (i dont know if UK has an uncut version of L4D2)

  • As Left 4 Dead 2 has been Refused Classification here in Australia, it should be mentioned that there’s a chance that customs will seize your game when it comes into the country.

    I dunno if there’s a fine with that too…

    If you can get the packaging to NOT list what is inside specifically you stand a better chance.

    But i’m not trying to be a buzzkill… I’m pretty sure games might come AFTER things like drugs, weapons and dangerous foods entering the country…

  • Just bought a PC copy from playasia.
    I can’t stick to a L4D2 boycott (not that I really comitted to one) but I sure as hell can stick to a MW2 one!

    • I’d assume it works in the same fashion to how any other console or pc based games operates.
      Things such as graphics, graphics filtering, ragdoll physics, textures (including model textures) are all run client side. So I would strongly feel that an out of AUS PAL game will work fine with an australian copy.
      To test for yourself hire, rent or install the demo, and invite one of your UK friends into a coop, if you both play mystery solved.

      • If you try with the demo, I imagine the UK friend would just be stuck playing the toned down version like what supposedly happens for peeps playing in a server with a single Australian copy of the game on Steam… but that is just a guess.

        I am concerned that if Xbox LIVE sees me using an imported copy with an Australian LIVE account that I will get hit with a banhammer.

        Still, this is very exciting news.

        • The only thing you miss out on (when you have an un-censored version) and play with someone who is running the censored version is the Riot Cops in The Parish scenario.
          Everything else is visual effect based so they will remain intact.

    • Yeah, I so hope they don’t swipe imported copies – there is no way that I’m going to play the edited version, so if they nab my import, I’m not playing at all.

      • yeah there more concerned with weapons and besides unless they actually put it in and play it they cant tell if its uncensored really i mean the box is normally the same and some australian games websites still run there warehouses out of country so theyd get screwed over if that was the case

        my view is that it shouldnt be illegal anyway there banned on the basis that there to violent to get into kids hands if im importing it i A) know that im getting sumthing different B) have purposely done so

        id understand tho if you were importing 20 copies cos your probs gonna be reselling them much like ticket scalping and if so you deserve to have them taken away

  • No need to worry about customs seizing or the government tracking the game – do you really think a customs officer has a list at their pod of games that aren’t allowed in the country? No.

    Play Asia are great to buy from – they don’t notify that they’re sending a game and they have great service.

    I’ve bought many games from them including games that have been censored here and they work fine – it’s all based on the files on the disc and the animations relating to the removal of limbs etc are included on the disc. It will run fine. As for Live – it will work fine. It’s still an official copy of the game. It will play normally.

  • Yes customs do something if you import banned games and you actually get caught with them. Our store that I work at was warned back in the time of GTA4 not to import it or face prosecution. If you get random custom checked, ur screwed. What’s the point anyway, if anyone in your 8 player game has a cut version of the game, no riot cop in the map 🙁

  • Since L4D2 is available to buy in Australia I dont see how this is a “RC” or “banned” game?

    There is a modified version available in Australia, so this means that the game itself is not banned – import away, no need to worry. If it was something like Manhunt 2 then I would say be careful…

  • if customs find it they send you a letter telling you not to do it again and your name has been recorded etc

    that said, i have the AU X360 version in for review at the moment and Valve has re-added the riot cops to the game (they were green uniforms instead) so the compatibility issues with the US is gone

    Still sucks, but at least the yanks should stop kicking aussies now.

  • Have imported many RC titles over the years from Asia/NZ and never had an issue… (touch-wood!)
    Customs like to say they check everything, but it’s just not possible. Millions of items each week, why waste your time with a ‘gift’ package that on x-ray, is just a disc.

    Not sure if they can fine you, they’ll probably phone you to tell you how naughty you were.. then burn it.

    Best of luck to anyone importing, like myself. May the gore be with you! See you on L4D2 online… (if M$ haven’t region locked L4D2 in Aus that is!!!)

    • if you get that letter ie a slap on the hand and then are caught again they then go on and prosecute you as a multiple offender

      like most people have said customs are busy, but its still not without risk.

      • A friend of mine has been importing the odd bit of RC material for his own personal use (games/films) for 20 years now.

        He’s been caught 3 times and received 3 letters.

        I’m sure if he’d been caught importing a distributable amount of those banned games/movies, he’d have been in more trouble, but he wasn’t, so he isn’t.

        Don’t just make stuff up like “prosecute you as a multiple offender” without actually having at least some experience with the issue.

    • On channel 7’s border security the bury the prohibited items at a secret location.

      You just have to find it and dig your game out of the ground if it is confiscated

  • I imported GTA4 from play-asia.com without any problems. I’d like to know how Customs can tell is a version of a particular game is banned. Like was mentioned in the article, the NZ version is un-censored, but the AU version is. How is Customs supposed to know what version is actually on the disk?

    • Where is that confirmed?

      Play Asia lists it as “unknown” right now. It’s also $10 more expensive than the Asia version.

  • I imported the uncut version of GTA4 earlier this year and it reached my house no problem. The only evidence Customs did anything with it was a hastily scibbled ‘GAME’ written on the front of the packet.

    • I bought a copy of it from Steam, using a random UK address I acquired from a quick look at Google Maps, and a VPN. I have the uncensored version preloaded right now, and am just waiting for the release date to start playing.

  • But L4D2 isn’t RC in Australia. It’s been passed through the censorship board. Sure, it’s a censored version, but customs aren’t going to care.

    In fact, as long as your package clearly says that it’s software and it looks like it matches the manifest on the xray and the company you’re buying from hasn’t slipped a bag of heroin or some live rattlesnakes into it, customs are seriously not going to care. Combined between models, software and DVDs, I must have had over two hundred packages from the US, Japan and Hong Kong go through customs, and I’ve only had a box opened *once*. And that was the collector’s edition of Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero, which came with a small prinny plush. I assume they opened the box up because the declaration said it was software, but there was something else inside that clearly wasn’t software.

    Honestly, Customs has far better things to do than inspect every bit of game software coming into the country to make sure it’s not something refused classification.

  • I know it’s been said before that when playing with someone who’s got the edited version that it will render all people’s version to the censored version. has anyone taken this into account? So does this mean that if playing matchmaking and you get paired up with other aussies that have got the censored versions, won’t this mean that your version will revert to the unedited version anyway? unless of course you play with friends, or you play with people overseas, but the lag already is pretty unbearable.

  • Customs Can and will take any game that has been banned. the risk is low but is possible.

    Funny enough it comes under the same laws they prosecute child porn offenders on.

    Just make sure your package doesn’t have the name of the game on the consignment or its gone. Customs does read all the consignment notes.

  • I know this thread’s mostly dealing with customs/physically acquiring side of things, but does anyone know if Steam will have issues with a Aust profile & a UK version?
    Will Steam recognise software as from another region (and hence uncensored) and prevent you from playing?

  • Just recieved mine through import from the UK. Very happy. I had to have this in all it’s glory. Feels good to slip through the system. 🙂

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