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    Am I the only one who's really happy that Bioshock 2 got pushed back to 2010?

      I'm with ya - I've got enough games on my plate to finish at the moment... :)

        Christmas is both a godsend date (hawhaw) and a nightmare one >.< I still have 5 games to buy and finish, AC2 is coming soon aaaaaaaaand whose idea was it to buy ungodly amount of presets for everyone else in your family during this time!

        Not to mention game companies rushing to get things out for christmas...

    Any news of Dragon Age breaking street date?

    Anyone who owns The Beatles: Rock Band on ps3. Can any of you can play online? I can't, and this has been going on for days now. =\

      You're not alone, a mate & I are have having the same issue (PS3)

      Same here. Has anyone tried with someone on their friends list? I also have a horrible time getting any online with RB & RB2...

        Can't accept or make invites with anyone. Argh, its nearly been a week now.

    Melbourne Cup + Interest Rates Day
    Interest rate for the Aussie Dollar to improve in value against the American for importing heaven
    Melbourne cup if they feel like having a punt.

    I'm guessing rates to go up and a horse rated at around $17 to win the cup...

    Some guy in India is suing Lynx, because after seven years of use... not one woman got nekked and threw herself at him.

      Well good luck to him.

      Doesn't lynx just drive women away? I had a smell of it and it was repulsing... The smell of 'money' would of worked better... Paperbag over head gain attention and buys sympathy votes

        Every girl I know loves the smell of the regular Lynx sprays (in moderation). Just don't try the chocolate type, it's horrid...

          Each to their own....but really?? Lynx is an absolute poor man's excuse for a cologne. I say invest in a bottle of decent aftershave; it'll last you a year and you'll actually smell nice. Unless you think Old Spice is where it's at. Ha.

          As an aside, I can't believe there are guys who think Lynx is a substitute for antiperspirant deodorant!?

            I use the Lynx Africa anti persperant and it works great. I don't sweat and I think it smells good, only one I've used for years. I still don't get women throwing themselves at me, but I'm sure that'll change after surgery.......

    Hey d00dz & lahdehz... sorry...

    We've been recording a podcast for the last year all about games, popculture and our views on many, MANY inane and ridiculous topics.

    So if you've got the time to spare, head on over to

    and take a look. I should warn though, language and topics may offend...

    Let us know what you think, either here or on the site.



      Hey Dan,

      I'll have to remember to give it a listen when I get home.

      On the topic of Aussie gaming podcasts, what are the one's you guys listen to?

      Personally I like Australian Gamer and Gamespot's OzSpot (in that order).

      I did subscribe to PALGN and Level 3 (the Melbourne community tv show one that I have never seen an episode of) but I have had to delete them mainly because of individuals on the podcasts being overly aggressive with their points and swearing to the point of verbal assault at other people. I wouldn't tolerate that from people at a pub so I'm certainly not going to bother with people on a podcast.

      'Spose I should get off my butt and do my own podcast if I feel this strongly...

        Cool man, we listen to every IGN podcast & tried the OzSpot but it really wasn't for us.

        However we also listen to The Ricky Gervais Podcast, Russell Brand (when it existed) and Smodcast (Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier) plus countless others.

        Just a warning though dude, if you've ever heard a Smodcast, that's the level of language and topics we cover.

          SModcast is just pure awesome. So I might give this a try just from the blatent name-dropping you just did.


          I have dreams one day some sort of TWiT/SModcast bizarro fusion will produce a gaming podcast that doesn't actually suck eggs.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to record my custom tekken 6 character, complete with costume and win/loss record onto a Memory Stick, and take it with me to a mate's place and upload??

    So, interest rates went up by .25% today!

    Do people think that this means the Government should wind back on its 'stimulus spending', seeing as projections for growth and employment are significantly better than expected? Or, should it be continuously churned out just in case we might fall in a double dip recession? After all, interest rates are still at record lows, so as Wayne Swan always says, we're not out of the woods yet!

    Personally, I think it should be wound back. However, watching Joe Hockey get served on Lateline last night by Tony Jones and his very valid point that both Ken Henry (Head of Treasury) and Glen Stevens (Head of RBA) are not worried about the level debt that the 'stimulus spending' has produced does makes me wonder; what should be the way to go?

      On the issue of politics...
      I really think they should start winding back the stimulus back and only push if need be. Even though "we're not out of the woods yet," as Swannie puts it, it is okay to wind back stimulus accordingly... not just yank the whole thing out.

      My opinion on the way to go...focus on the technological infrastructure ASAP, nuclear power (most would oppose) just to get rid of the problems cause by coal, support for better public transport infrastructure and health related areas.
      It is okay to rack up some debt in those areas for future growth because it is a lot cheaper to have things in place now than in the future so someone would quit whining...

      I have 0% faith in the Liberals as they are all blame, 0% ideas and 70% in-fighting. What other party is there if Labor does something wrong?

    Why did Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time CE have to be delayed by one week? I have exams then :(

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