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    How about a Modern Warfare 2 review?

      On a slightly related note, you know what I don't get? Midnight releases.
      It's a highly anticipated game, sure, I get that, but I also enjoy sleeping. Sure, laying comatose in bed may not appeal to others, but I'm weird like that. Also the fact that I don't see the difference between getting it at midnight and getting it at 9AM, or 1PM or just before the shops close as you duck out of work early. What's playing it straight from 12AM to 8 AM going to achieve? The ability for you to post somewhere that you've finished it?
      I mean, us internet folk are somewhat communal folk (somewhat); the real value is in the game discussion, whether it be a shared appreciation, or a good laugh at how horribly awesomely terrible Big Rigs was, so you've gotta wait until more people play through the game before you can all talk about how awesome "All Ghillied up" was anyway.
      I don't get midnight releases.

        I fully agree mate.

        If I get the game a week or two after release, and am still better at MP than the guys who who got it a midnight on day 1, I'm happy.

        Hell, I have a massive backlog of games to get. Uncharted, Arkham Asylum, Red Faction, etc...

        And there's more and more coming out!

        I usually catch up around mid-year when there's nothing much coming out.

        Well if you don't have to work the next day, then I guess it'd be a bit of fun. Don't forget some people regularly stay awake long past 12, and it might not be an option for them to pick it up the next day.

        I'm happy to pick it up at lunchtime tomorrow though...either way I'll still be rocking up to work on Wednesday looking tired as hell.

    This week i want to talk to everyone about bargain gaming... or gaming on the cheap... or sly buying... or just being a total tightarse refusing to pay retail..

    Yesterday i picked up dragon age origins for $40.
    A couple of weeks ago some of you may remember i got borderlands for $30.

    Shopping around and JB HI Fi's 3 for 1 deal.

    I dont trade my games in. I'm a collector.
    So oviously all trade deals seem stupid to me. loose three of my precious games to gain one? i think not.

    It was then pointed out to me i could buy crappy games specifically for trading. This is what people reffer to as "trade bait". This time of the year is perfect for doing this. A lot of sales are popping up with REALLY cheap games. eb games have games starting at $13 - less with an edge card, and big w were just recently selling games out at as low as $2 on xbox 360.

    I have found in my experiance that the JB 3 for 1 deal is by far the best, as the list of gaes you can trade is far far greater than that of competing game or EB (although some stores will match the offer).

    I was just wondering if anyone else goes about their new realease gaming like this.

    This weekend i'll be picking up the new mario for effectively $30.

      I've been guilty of that in the past, with me getting Wii Sports Resort for $40 ($67 if you count in the second dongle I picked up at the same time). I haven't had the time to do some serious study of late to see what trade bait is about, although there hasn't been much on the 360/Wii recently I could really see myself playing much of.

      This intrigues me, and I would like to know more.

        It's fairly easy.

        First, visit JB's games page here to see what games are on the "Trade x, get Free" offer:

        Next, find the exclusions list ( and take note of what's on there - This is the stuff you can't trade in for the free offer (but they'll give you a minor amount of credit towards a purchase instead).

        Once you're armed with what you can't trade-in, hit up your local EB/Game/Dick Smiths/Kmart/BigW etc etc to look for the cheap stuff. Depending on how much you're wanting to save and what's available at the above stores, you might be able to get new releases from $35-60 or there abouts.

        If JB isn't an option, GAME do "Trade 1 game & get new game for $x" offers as well. Hit up their trade offer page for more info here:

        Good luck!

          you were too quick for me there mate.
          Well put :)

          Cheers :)

          It's also worth noting that JB appear to be getting quicker at updating their exclusions list when EB put new sales on. Best bet of scoring a bargain would be to dive straight away when EB do one of their pre-owned sales or '2 for $x' type things.

            Yeh, it's normally every tuesday that the list gets updated, but sometimes they may choose to jump in early when a big sale is on (ie Big W's clearance)

    Any talk of midnight launches for AC2? Might have to book a couple of days leave next week...

    So I was talking to the kid at my local GAME store at lunch... apparently the penalty for breaking the street date on MW2 is a $200,000.00+ fine and the employee who sells the first copy gets canned.

      I heard someone at Big W sold a few copies on Friday.

      That's rather significant compared to the wrist slappage K-Mart got over selling Fable 2 early. I'd still put any actual figure down as hearsay however, but you'd be daft to think it wouldn't be fairly hefty either way..

        Especialy considering the fine for ODST was only ten grand... that's a hell of a jump.

        You'd think there'd be industry standards or something.

        Fable 2's release was a disaster though. Once Kmart started selling it so did everyone else. I got it from JB about 4 days early and the guy who sold it to me said "Kmart have already broken the street date, so we can sell it now too". It seems if that rule did apply, it certainly doesn't anymore.

    Anyone else totally digging Dragon Age? I think this game is going to keep me busy till Modern Warefare 2 gets a price cut.


    I'm about 50 hrs in... Bioware do know how to write a good story.

    On an unrelated note:
    The Saboteur is lookin awesome:

    Modern Warfare Airport Scene:

    Lame, after all the hype about playing a terrorist killing people it didnt hit home the same way the nuke scene did in COD4.

    they had a total of 3 generic models for the passengers and i felt no guilt in wiping out the same 3 people 100 times over. just like counterstrike hostages, seriously who here hasnt executed that last stray hostage so you win the round as the counterterrorist team.

    the execution scene in the last splinter cell was better than this. IMO they did it from the wrong perspective. just like the nuke it only has the right effect if you seeing the victims perspective.

      I don't know brother, I felt like crap playing that level.

      All throughout it I was thinking that it wasn't right that they weren't shooting back.

    Hey guys, it looks like there's a sale at Harvey Norman. Got Dragon age for $87 and Saw Arkam Asylum for $67

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