WIN! Tekken 6 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick Edition

Want Tekken 6, but don’t have an arcade stick for that authentic fighting game experience? Why not try and win one.

From Monday to Friday this week, we’ll be giving away one Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition on Xbox 360 each day. It comes with a wireless arcade stick from stick specialists Hori, a 100-page art book and, of course, a copy of the game.

To win, you’ll need to once more impress us with your literary creativity. Yes, it’s haiku time again on Kotaku. We want you to write an ode to Tekken (or perhaps just fighting games in general) in haiku form. And the haiku form we’re counting is three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Leave your haiku in the comments below. You must leave it before midnight today to be eligible for today’s draw. Check back tomorrow at 10am to see if you’ve won and, if you didn’t, to enter tomorrow’s draw with a brand new haiku.

Please note: As per usual, only one entry per day is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first haiku will be considered.

Tuesday’s winner is James, who pays tribute to his favourite Jackie Chan lookalike:

Play dead on the floor
Snake to crane, crane to panther
Lei, drunken master

UPDATE: Wednesday’s draw is now closed! Stay tuned for Thursday’s at 10am.

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