WIN! Tekken 6 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick Edition

tekken 6 360 packshotWant Tekken 6, but don't have an arcade stick for that authentic fighting game experience? Why not try and win one.

From Monday to Friday this week, we'll be giving away one Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition on Xbox 360 each day. It comes with a wireless arcade stick from stick specialists Hori, a 100-page art book and, of course, a copy of the game.

To win, you'll need to once more impress us with your literary creativity. Yes, it's haiku time again on Kotaku. We want you to write an ode to Tekken (or perhaps just fighting games in general) in haiku form. And the haiku form we're counting is three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Leave your haiku in the comments below. You must leave it before midnight today to be eligible for today's draw. Check back tomorrow at 10am to see if you've won and, if you didn't, to enter tomorrow's draw with a brand new haiku.

Please note: As per usual, only one entry per day is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first haiku will be considered.

Monday's winner is Tomasz, who made this brave admission:

Tekken with my bro; He sat on the controller. His ass cheeks beat me.

UPDATE: Tuesday's draw is now closed! Stay tuned for Wednesday's at 10am.

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    oh Tekken Tekken,
    This is my ode to Tekken,
    What no hug button?

    The Difficulty Spike

    The end boss was fierce;
    So frustrated I sharted,
    My downfall complete.

    The king of Iron Fist
    Rule Mishima Zaibatsu
    There can only be one

    Skilled Tekken masters,
    In a moment of panic,
    Mash buttons with palm.

    Azazel is cheap
    Controller thrown at the wall
    Shattered like my will

    Hey, Yoshimitsu
    How the hell did you escape
    My bad acid trip?

    The hand is faster than the eye

    The button mashing
    A veil over my true skill;
    You cannot beat me.

    Many years without
    New tekken will quench my thirst
    For button mashing

    Online match up
    mokujin pwning my lili
    pulled network cable

    Lost at Tekken 3,
    all Characters in a row.
    Need to practice more.

    Play Tekken Online
    Get ass beat by Kangaroo
    Blame loss on net code

    Stick or Buttons
    PS3 or 360
    Ill beat you either way!

    Button mashing wins,
    As my girlfriend is clear proof,
    My ego destroyed.

    Tekken with my wife
    She beat me twice by perfect
    Venge with arcade stick

    Tongue sticks out my mouth
    All of my dedication
    A panda beat me

    Marshall Law dances
    Like Bruce Lee he deals punches
    But with facial hair

    learnt to fight from jin
    picked a fight with seven guys
    now can't stop bleeding

    Azazel the boss
    Ultimate Evil Menace
    Beaten by dash jabs

    Forget the war
    Bombs rain from the sky
    Who cares?!? WE FIGHT!

    Never played Tekken
    (Never owned a PlayStation)
    But now on Xbox!

    Punch punch kick punch punch
    kick kick punch kick punch kick kick
    quarter circle punch

    Playing Tekken Tag
    I don't care about fighting
    Time to go bowling

    Ninja thumbs go nuts
    hope wife doesn't beat me again
    arcade stick would help

    Wife is DJ Hero
    Tekken over my xbox
    Stick will win it back

    How i love Tekken
    Yet an arcade stick i need
    For i mash buttons

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