Bargain Hunter: Eyeing That PlayTV Box? Re-Joyce!

Here's the cheapest I've seen PlayTV, the digital TV tuner and PVR add-on for the PS3. The RRP is $169.95, but Joyce Mayne currently lists it for just $126.

Offers ends December 13.

[Thanks Brett H!]


    Rural NSW & QLD Electrical franchise

    Another retailer like Harvey Norman. Suffered a set back a few years ago so it's not as widespread.

    I might see if I can con the missus into picking it up on her way home!

    Target have it cheap i know til next week. I can't remember the price, i think something like $149. I presume that is cheaper than others and i've only seen it for like for online prices i think.

    I CBF confirming the price but the target website awaits someone to confirm.

    Target has it for $139 :/

      if you work within "coles groups" you get additional 10% off this weekend only

        Any reason why Coles Group employees are getting 10% off THIS weekend? I know we got 10% off just before Xmas.

      Personally, I still think that's too pricy.

      *Waits for the unit to fall below $90.*

    Well that sucks. You cant even order online from Joyce. Im in SA so I got no chance.

    Just gave these guys in West End/Brisbane a call and they said the price was $169..........

    Dammit, picked mine up for $139 from EB. Pricematched Target I think :)

    You can pick up play tv for free with a 250g ps3 at your local eb, if you get rid of the other games in the bundle it ends up being 574, couldn't resist that deal

      $599 Ps3 250GB with PlayTV, Assassins Creed and HDMI cable.

        $588 at game with 250GB, choice of 1 game out of a list of 8 or 9 (Me thinks), HDMI and Play TV.

      I bought a PS3 the other day with playtv, bad company, NFS underground for $599 (in Perth). Except they screwed up and gave me the PS3 with Assisins Creed 2 bundled in it, I didn't realise until I got home! Score!

      However, I'm not all impressed with PlayTv, it doesn't pick up as much reception as my TV and so I'm missing a bunch of channels I can normally get.

    Picked one of these up the other day, it's amazing am loving it to peices.

    My only concern is i will need a bigger HDD soon as the 120gb with the Slim is no match for all these bigt bang episodes showing soon hahahhaa

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