LunchTimeWaster: OMG! ZOMBIE!

infectanator picToo many games involve killing zombies these days. Not enough involve triggering an outbreak of a virus to turn people into zombies.

Infectanator is such a game. You get one shot on each screen to start the infection. Everyone who comes into contact with it becomes a zombie. The zombies then have a percentage chance to turning anyone they come into contact with also into a zombie. Each screen has a target number of infected you have to hit.

You can purchase upgrades between levels, thanks to the gold coins dropped by the infected. I pumped all my cash into increasing the chance of infection, but you might want to boost their lifespan (so they come into contact with more people) or up their damage resistance (useful when the zombie killing agents turn up).

At the time of writing the current high score is over 900,000. Which, er, leaves my first go score of 122,000 for dead.

Infectanator [Newgrounds]


    Speed is definitely the winning stat here. Once you get it about half way, the zombies become freaks of nature, darting all over the screen like crazy.

      Speed is really the best stat, once they get to that ungodly speed, they cant get damaged by agents, only heroes. And greater speed=more hits on civ=greater chance of infection. Only thing that holds you back is damage (for hero/agent killing) and life span.

    344,200 on my first attempt. Bronze Medal score. Not too shabby.

      I got about the same. Pretty fun game. And definitely max out that speed.

    Awesome game! Highest i got was about 509k.

    Speed is pretty important and buy the time i got to about 509k i had pretty much everything maxed out.

    This reminds me of this game where instead of a viral infection, you set people on fire. It was cool.

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