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    based on the VGA announcements, 2010 = year of the sequel

    I don't think Rocksteady should be making Arkham 2. Give us a new fresh take on Batman again.

      i am DYING for somone to make a game based on the Marvel Zombies comic series... seriously that would be SO awesome!

      Every year is year of the sequel. This year's VGA-winning best game was Uncharted 2, best shooter MW2, best music game yet another Rock Band, etc etc. But there was also good new IP such as Arkham and Dragon Age, and new IP which is at least previewing well for early next year (such as Darksiders and Bayonetta).

      A lot of money goes into developing new IPs. When one works, like Uncharted, you make a second one and take advantage of both the work you already did and the popularity generated by that work. If people didn't LIKE going back to that world, it wouldn't sell and it wouldn't make financial sense, but they do and it does.

      For that reason, we were always going to see FF13 Mass Effect 2, Arkham 2, we'll see Dragon Age 2, etc etc That's good, if you like the originals you know that you can buy there and there's a lower risk of getting something you really hate And if you want to take a risk, there's still always new IP coming out.

      I hate rushed sequels which are way worse than the original, but these days sequels so often improve on the original... and you certainly couldn't say something like FF13 has exactly been rushed to market...

      I'm happy for the sequel, though not wanting it in 2010... too soon...

      though think there will be more to the game this time around... and don't see it being set in Arkham again...

        Fairly sure that "Batman Arkham Asylum 2" is not a working title its the production title

          The new Batman game doesn't have a title yet. And when it does I'm certain it won't be Arkham Asylum 2.

            So after Arkham Asylum was successful, people now know that it was a good batman game and the trailer saying Arkham has moved that they wont call it Arkham Asylum 2.

            If they couldnt drop Call of Duty from the title of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I dont seem them Dropping Arkham Asylum

              dropping call of duty and dropping Arkham asylum is totally different

              call of duty is the series name not this installment to = that dropping off it would be batman you would be getting rid of

              Arkham asylum is descriptive of the game itself just like modern warfare was descriptive of the original change in format from past wars and (world at war symbolises them have you play similiar to MW the war in 2 different locations for very different armys which gives the impact that the world truely is at war(which it was))

              if the title of batman was just batman i actually think it wouldve had a slower initial sales pitch it doesnt seem altogether interesting

              most likely the next one will just be BATMAN:(New Location)

              or Batman : Jokers Revenge or what not something catchy

              so long as it isnt

              BATMAN & ROBIN : now with extra batsuit nipples

                While i understand Call of Duty is the BRAND and so is batman. How many people have played a terrible Batman game? The Batman brand isnt strong. I have herd more people call it Arkham Asylum than Batman.

                Tell me why would they say that Arkhan has moved in the trailer?

                Wouldnt they say something about the joker?

          @ Choc...

          Never suggesting that AA2 was going to be the name of the game, it's what the media have already adopted as the name to call it until we get the real name...

          I was merely suggesting that Rocksteady should be doing the game again, but not so soon and certainly not to change it... and don't think anyone would be thinking it's going to be Batman running around Arkham again...

    I miss the sunday supplement section. Whatever happened to it?

    For all music game loving bargain hunters Logitech are selling their "premium" instruments for cheap at their online store.

    I picked up the Guitar/Drums bundle for the just under the RRP of Band Hero.

    Looks like they've sold out of the guitars for $99.

    Yet to arrive so I can't say if its worth it but I didn't have any instruments and these look better than the default set and the actual discs' are super cheap second hand.

    Does anyone else misread Michael McWerters posts as being written by Michael Mechwarrior?

    Where is the big pile of crap comp?

    So Sunrise this morning were asking about R18 classification for Vidoe Games, because of the ultra-violent nature of some games.
    No gamers to provide opinions though, just a QC and someone from the familys council.

    Not the worst tv report on the matter... but not the best either.

      Hmm ABC News also raised the R18+ classification issue last Monday night, but I think that was before the the discussion paper for public consultation was released.. perhaps they knew it was coming out? Either way, it's good that this issue is beginning to get some popular publicity.

      the other guy (bald one) was the guy from Bond university who did the study about the average age of gamers in Aus. he is one of the good guys.

      that QC was a complete fucking twat.

        link if anyone wants it

        yeah the QC guy is a douche

        i love the Bald guys quipp about the SA AG at the end

    Hooray! First day of Xmas holidays!

    Except for the part tomorrow where I'm driving 1700km to SE Victoria that is.

    This is a message for the person who introduced me to the 'Double Life' playstation ad via youtube link in the post the other day about the top 10 ads of the decade:

    thankyou. it's incredible.

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