What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So, Bayonetta scored 10 in EDGE and 40/40 in Famitsu. Figure I'll spend some of the weekend checking out what the fuss is all about.

That, and some Assassin's Creed II, of course. And also Borderlands, which I've just returned to during the week. My friends and I are now finally all about the same mid-20s level so it's actually worth playing co-op now.

What are you playing this weekend?


    The Saboteur, Assassins Creed 2.

    I'll probably run through the MW2 campaign again, and I'm going through Mass Effect again... getting a save game I want to export to Mass Effect 2.

      Right, just downloaded and finished the Bayonetta demo.

      I understand the requirements for what makes a perfect game in Japan are a little different to those of western games... but I can't believe that got a perfect score.

      You can't say not to judge it on the demo either... that's the whole point of a demo.

        You shouldn't pin all your hopes on a game demo.

        The Brutal Legend demo is a perfect example of a game demo being a complete and utter lie.

    Yeah I'll be playing some Bayonetta as well. That and Fallout 3. Maybe some more Demon's Souls. And I feel like busting out the Mega Drive and playing some Wonderboy in Monster World

    Oh cool. Could you answer some questions regarding the EU/NA version?

    1. Are you playing the ps3 or the xbox360 version?
    2. If PS3, could you check if you can backup the save data?

    I'm with you mate. Had a go at the Bayonetta Demo - It is mad. Plus more AC2, just finished sequence 8 and moving on to the last Assassin's Tomb. Armor of Altair FTW!!!

    I spent 15 mins with the demo yesterday and just don't get wha tthe deal is with Bayonetta. EDGE is my most respected gaming publication and for htem to give a game 10/10, means it must be an amazing game. But... I just don't get it.

    I didn't like Devil May Cry either, though. SO perhap Bayonetta is just the perfected epitomy of a genre that I could never truly appreciate.

    As for me, I am going back and struggling through some single player Horde mode on GoW2 map packs. Pretty much just achievment hunting but in single player, it has become quite the addictive challenge.

    ALSO! Anyone in Brisbane who reads this this morning should get to King George Square by 11am for a rally to get awareness about the whole lack of R rating for games debacle. http://www.facebook.com/#/event.php?eid=213398533997&index=1

    L4D2 uncensored baby :)

    I'll finally have some time to knuckle down and explore Venice and get my fill of poisoned guards becoming wrecking balls of death. That and hopefully some Spec Ops with a mate who finally got his 360 back up.

    Too many to play this weekend! Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Persona 4 and Trauma Center: New Blood.

    I cant wait to play Bayonetta. Looking forward to it!

    Not much gaming time this weekend, but I'll probably press on with my 2nd playthrough of Dragon Age (or maybe just playthrough the origins stories I haven't done yet; I ended up playing the mage origin all the way through and then through Ostagar the other night, so that's a 3rd playthrough in progress already....)

    I keep swearing off the laggy, cheat ridden mess that is MW2 multiplayer but I seem to keep getting dragged back. That, and I picked up Star Ocean for $19 from K Mart, so I might give that a run. And the demo of Bayonetta. But worst of all is that I have play Santa at a work function for my Mum tonight. How do I get roped into these things? Ho fucking ho. :(

    The Bayonetta demo. It be very awesome - Can see me going back for a second play through later on today!

    Otherwise I'll be getting into more Prince of Persia, with possibility of firing up Armored Core 4: for answer or Star Ocean (Guess who went nuts @ the K-mart sale on Thursday?) to see if I'll actually play them, otherwise trade bait they will be.

    Finally got the proper collector's edition of Dragon Age (not the UK one) and so FINALLY I shall be playing that and some co-op ODST with a friend.

    Bayonetta got a 10 in EDGE?, Christ, I may have to get that. But, until I do (or at least until Christmas, when I get all the new games, and some old ones, I'll be playing Modern Warfare...1, so yeah, go me.

    Dragon Age. Probably some TF2 as always.

    How are you playing Bayonetta?? Import? Lucky bastard!!

    This weekend will be about Assassin's Creed 2 for me. About a quarter of the way in.
    Wanted to also collect all the serpents in Brutal Legend but will do that later this year.

    Bayonetta looks pretty amazing from the demo.

    The Bayonetta....demo. Curse you, David Wildgoose!

    Just finished playing through the Bayonetta demo...It seems really slick and polished. The combos are great, it's very stylised and heaps of fun! Can't wait for the full release early next year!

    Rest of the weekend i'll be chipping away at trying to finish all the sets in Lego Rock Band and also some Assassins Creed II.

    The fuss about = a semi naked woman. Seriously, which 14 year olds are handing out these scores? I've played it myself on and off the last few days and to be honest if the character model was changed to some ugly dude, the game would lose all appeal I'm betting.

    Games should be judged on merit rather than boners.

      Yes, Edge have such a history of boner scoring.

      If your character was changed to some ugly dude a lot of games wouldn't seem as fun. Especially Bayonetta which focuses on stylised visuals.

      Imagine playing any games that have a visual style or theme going for them and replacing an important character with a random fat guy. It doesn't really work.

      From the demo, it is a fun game. A 10/10 may not be deserved but it doesn't play like crap.

    FIFA 10, Uncharted 2 and Street Fighter IV (with the brother). My sister went over to Big W to see if Assassin's Creed 2 was $68 and it was! So hopefully I'll be playing that next week.

    Not many people playing games this weekend it seems.

    Started playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue again, so that'll be taking up my time this weekend.

    Only level 20 David!?

      Or the reverse is true and they are all too busy gaming to post comments on kotaku.

    I got P.N.03 for GameCube, dropped about 2 hours on it so far, gonna try to finish it off.

    Enjoy Bayonetta, it's bloody fantastic.

    Yep im still trying to finish Dragon Age, tis a rather lengthy game

    I will be sad when its over!

    MAG beta's about to end, so I'll probably try to get a bit more of that in.

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