WIN! Bajo & Junglist's Good Game Book

COV_GoodGameGuide.inddStuck for a Christmas present for your significant gaming other? Or maybe just yourself? Why not try winning one of the twenty copies of Good Game's Gamers Guide to Good Gaming we have here to give away?

Yep, that's right, the Good Game guys have released their own book. Written by Bajo, Junglist and others (I believe it even has my name in there somewhere), it promises to deliver all you need to know to be a gamer in Australia.

There are chapters on: the major game developers who have shaped our medium; the games you should play before you die; videogame history; videogame future!; and tips on improving your gaming experience.

Thanks to HarperCollins and the ABC, we have twenty copies to give away throughout today, tomorrow and Friday. All you need to do to be in the running to win is tell us, in the comments below, who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good Game hosts (past, present and furry yellow monkeys), and why. As usual for a Kotaku competition, the most inspired, creative and witty entries will win.

Only one entry per person. Just leave your entry here at any point between now and 11:59pm Friday. We'll pick the twenty best and send you a book.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners to be announced.

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    Probs doctor danieel. He could not win through sheer strength alone, but he could build a computer to destroy any opposition.

      Hex would win, i mean have you seen the way Bajo looks at her some times he is totally perveing on her and i couldnt blame him but for that rason she would win between bajo and hex.

      "Junglist" Jeremy Ray
      1. An actual gamer
      2. fairly manly
      3. most epic biceps ever
      4. +15 agro (he totally got fired)
      5. can you name a host who is bigger than him?

      So who have we got Pnutz, Lux, Rei, Hex, Daneel, Junglist, Bajo and Hex.

      Battle royale style
      each host takes a corner of the octagon, exchanges looks, BELL RINGS. junglist waits, stands patiently in corner waiting for challengers, Bajo crouches sneaking up to AND HES SINGING THE BATMAN THEME SONG!!, Pnutz sees him goes for the scissor kick AND HES BEEN GRABBED grabbed mid air by hex and ripped fair in half. Finally some activity from lux and rei they approach each other OUT OF NOWHERE comes Daneel with the double hidden blade execution taking both presenters out. back to Hex she is stalking Bajo slowly. BANG!!! her head explodes Junglist is standing covered in blood and chunks of brain smiling menacingly at Bajo, Bajo is cowering in the corner scared of his more hard core brethren. Junglist has paused he's saying something; Junglist:There's this passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Bajo is confused he stands AND IS RIPPED DOWN WITH AN AMAZING SPINE RIP


      well i reckon itll all come down to Bajo and Junglist. depending what game it is itll be eithers game. if it is Nintendogs, TMNT:turtles in time or Sonic (the original), Bajo would probaly win. if it is ARMA (or Operation Flashpiont), Guitar Hero or any RTS, junglist would probably win. im placing my money on Jung in any game though, he is mega and epic in any and every way possible, has the abilitie to ajust to the conditions (new job) and likes games from the entire spectrum of the video games(from ARMA to World of Goo).

    Junglist Vs Bajo,
    The ultimate heavy weight fight. Junglist would win with his power/aggression that producers just cant handle! and due to the fact that Bajo would even struggle against Hex.

    Hex, being a female gamer needs only to remind the others for them to drop to the floor in total shock.
    And win.

    It has to be Jungie because he was the only host who ever had a Chuck Norris like beard!

    Junglist because he actually plays the games and therefore knows THE SPECIAL MOVEZ! to kick the arse of Bajo and that stupid bird.

    Junglist to put a "Hex" on Bajo, then finish him off with a 'Shoryuken'.

    Junglist would so win, because his neckbeard gives him Samson-like powers of awesome

    Junglist would win hands down.
    Not only does he not have to consider the ABC in what kind of ownage he deals out, but he has the rage that came from his abrupt removal from the Show.

    That and he was able to prevent a Zombie Bajo eating his brains. That means he can control a zombie army if he wanted to, and if zombie movies have taught me anything its that alot of zombies can bring nations to their knees

    Hex Vs Bajo. I think Hex would win. All she needs to do is mention Skags, this will distract Bajo and she would go in for the kill!

    P_Nutz. While not many people are aware, old mate P_Nutz is the bastard child of Donkey Kong and Big Bird. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Big Bird wasn't packing a weapon underneath those yellow feathers.

    Thus, on any given occasion he can quite easily call upon the entire cast of Sesame Street, while throwing barrels with relentless tenacity. No-one can possibly dodge barrels while Bert & Ernie attempt to force feed them the alphabet.

    A deathmatch between Bajo and Junglist?

    the winner?

    Chuck Norris

    (no need for an explanation, just beleive it)

    I would have to go with Bajo because of the constant twitch that he has when hosting the show. A skill like this in a deathmatch would be quite an advantage for dodging and annoying the hell out of opponent.

    Hex would win easily, once the girl gamer rage kicks in noone will stand in her way!

    Anyone remember Kapowski?
    I just imagine him going around punching people and yelling "Ka-POW!" with those awesome violence visual effects from the 60's Batman TV series.

    I sure as hell would be running away from someone imitating Adam West Batman.

    If you aren't rolling neckbeard you aren't spending enough time playing games.

    My vote would go to Rei, her long ass boring segments would put everyone to sleep thus giving her a clear win :)

      You speak the truth.

      Also, the way she furiously chains hand gestures together at breakneck speed leads me to believe that she would have wicked good punching combos.

      ..... she's basically jigglypuff

        This, here - my vote.

    Hex vs any male hosts...


    Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beat Paper, Paper beats rock... and BOOBS beat EVERYTHING :)

      stamperiffic wins!

    Hex would win. Real men don't hit women.

    There is only one fair way to decide this: A scrabble off of their game tags.

    Kapowski would appear the winner with a total of 21 until it was clear he cheated because one of the 'K's would have to be a blank tile crowning Junglist the winner on 16 as he stuffed Kapowski's mouth with Scrabble tiles.

    In a battle royal match with Jung, Hex, Bajo, Rei, Lux, Aiyiah and Kapowski all fighting over who it was that first played the Atari and completed frogger with the best score I imagine that P_Nutz teamed up with Dr Daneel would come in and lay some smack down on them all using a combination of bananas and a hollowed out 386 for good measure.

    P_Nutz FTW with a well placed frag banana in the good Doc's tailpipe.

    EASY! Rumblist in the Junglist! The final would be Hex and Junglist but that man has some baggage right now I believe and is ready to do some damage!

    Junglist would win because he can summon an army of fans, fueled by the rage of Junglist's dismissal

    Answer is simple: Junglist.

    The truth is… since the start of Good Game, ancient Shaolin Monks of a secret Temple in China have been watching Junglist, and praying for the moment that they would be able to take him in. They have been in awe of his neckbeard since first seeing him, and have never felt so strongly about the recruitment of an outsider into their Monastery.

    After the controversial departure of Junglist from Good Game, the Monks have taken him under their epic bosom of awesome kung fu fighting and extreme discipline, training him up for the ultimate deathmatch against Bajo, to take his rightful place as a host of Good Game once more.

    For once this Deathmatch occurs, the ABC will fear Junglist for a eternity, and even the mention of his name will send shudders down ABC executives spines.

    I don't really watch Good Game, but if my assumption is correct, the breegull Bajo keeps in his backpack would give him the upper hand. Pecking the other presenters in the eyes, shooting eggs at them and generally disarming their fighting prowess with her smarmy wit, Bajo's Kazooie equivilant would win the fight for him.

      Welcome folks to the GG Celebrity Deathmatch. In this special event, the 4 main hosts of GG, past and present will battle it out to see who is the best of all time. Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!

      Ding! Ding!

      And straight out of the blocks Kapowski rushes towards Hex, looking to deliver a serious smackdown...but Hex counters with a barrage of quick text, no doubt a skill retained from her many years of MUD action. Befuddled by all of the big words, Kapowski is stunned, and Hex delivers a deathblow with the heel of her favorite stilleto boots.

      On the other side of the ring, GG's longest serving hosts, Junglist and Bajo battle it out. It is a titanic struggle, with Bajo's out of tune singing coming up against Jung's faster than lightning GH riffs. A sonic boom emanates from the center of the duel, and in the concussive blast the lighter Bajo is thrown back against the ropes. This is the opening that Jung needs as he charges up a Hadoken and unleashes the fireball toward his former colleague. The Super Attack is unblockable, and Bajo is sent flying over the top rope, claiming "I'm Batman" as he slips into unconsciousness.

      Finally, the vanquished hero and the femme fatale are left alone in the ring. As they size each other up, it is clear that this will not end well for one of the combatants. In a bold move, Hex gets on the offensive, throwing a cheeky smile toward Jung. While momentarily stunned by this, Jung soon shakes off the effects, just in time to block a nasty left-handed slap with his huge right bicep. A further volley of evil looks and Sonya (MK) like attack moves are unleashed by Hex, but Jung's years of hardcore gaming experience take over, as he takes no damage whatsoever from Hex. Unfortunately, Jung's gentlemanly nature does not allow him to use his guns to full effect...but thinking quickly like the veteran he is, he goes into a rant about TIME FILLERS! The constant booming sound and vibration from thumping the ground knock Hex off balance, and she falls on her own sword...leaving the one and only Junglist as the victor in the GG Celebrity Deathmatch!

    Hex would win. Because male gamers are often beating themselves.

      Hahahaha! Winner right here.

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