Who Won Those Good Game Books?

Last week we were giving away copies of the very first Good Game book, cleverly titled The Good Game Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming. Let's find out who won, shall we?

We had twenty copies to giveaway. To enter, you had to tell us who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good hosts, past or present. You can read all the entries in the comments of the original post.

Here's a list of names of people who won!

Nolan Ezy Lee Bish Gen Umoprexy Stacey Borg oggob mj_girl Dave Mac Rusty Justin Robson Andrew R Patrick Lum BoogerCheeze SteveoTheDevo Oliver Brad Palstran Cadd Jeremy Hore

If you're name is there, expect an email or Facebook message this afternoon to collect your details.


    i may have lost.. but i still firmly believe Bajo is a malfuntioning cyborg ex-assassin...

    AWESOME! Thank you Kotaku =D

    congrats guys

    Awesome... out of the 22 genuine entries, Chuloopa and I missed out.

    Its going to be a sad christmas in the Keggie household. =(


    Seriously, thanks to Kotaku + Good Game.

    unlucky me, my realism approach didn't fly!


    Sweet, thanks guys.

    Oh dear I didn't win...
    Oh well well done winners.

    Me... won... something?
    'Brain Asplodes'

    O tanks!
    Can't wait to get it mid-2010 due to ongoing postal worker strikes!

    ...Seriously though, they should have delivered my Play Asia games by now but haven't. I would go have a stern word with them if they didn't ALL look like vicious bikie gang members.

      Im confused... the postal workers employed by Aussie Post deliver letter items only. All other mail types (packages, boxes, etc) are delivered by contractors.

      Unless of course, the mailroom sorters are on strike too, which would explain the delay.

      Good luck, I got my L4D2 copy weeks ago for xmas to ensure the gore festivities!!

        I usually order with either the Air Bubble or the box one (the two cheapest, unless it's a really big order), and from the few times I've seen, the postie just normally slots it in our post box.

        I think it affects the sorting, transport and delivery, but I'm not too fussed, really, if they feel like they need to strike, let them. Everyone should get to vent or protest once in a while.

        It's just that I've just finished the latest batch of games on hand (Dragon Age, Borderlands, Spirit Tracks) and have nothing to play.
        If this keeps up, I might have to go do something drastic like clean the house to keep me from getting bored. Can't have that, can we?

      I don't think the strike should last too long. Either the posties'll get their pay rise, or they won't. The government'll step in probably, since a long strike is too detrimental to the mail services (massive backlog of letters, etc). They might have your Play Asia games already, but not delivering them since they're on strike.

        Saw my first postie in days today... perhaps striking at this time of year is a bad idea, given that now they will be working 20 hours a day to get all the mail out!!

        @ Bish - They use a letter gauge to determine whether or not the postie delivers it. I imagine the little boxes used to pack VHS/DVD's would fit through it meaning Mr Postie delivers them. Good luck getting it b4 xmas. =(

    Just finished reading all the winning entries thanks to the modern technologies of 'Open link in new window' & 'CTRL+F'.
    Congrats to all the people who won! All of them were hilarious to read. Hats off to Brad for his post that makes everyone winners.

    Awesome, free stuff is always good stuff

    .. and for the record, I think both jigglypuff and rei are super fantastically awesome

    WOW... quite amazed that mine ended up winning, what was an snap thought didn't think would have legs in the long run...

    Especially considering some of the brilliantly hilarious entries later on!

    Commiserations to all that missed out, and congratulations to the other 19 winners and thanks to Kotaku/ABC for making it possible in the first place!


    I may not watch Good Game, but the book does look very enticing!

    good game is a joke, so congrats the ppl who won lol

    Thanks Kotaku for running a great little comp, and congrats to all the other winners. I really hope GG can come back next year and re-capture a goodly porton of the greatness it once offered.

    In summary, not me ;)

    Well done guys! Reading through the fantasy death matches gave me quite a laugh.

    Awesome! Loved reading all the entries, kept me very entertained at work :)

    Sweet! Gratuitous PCPP reference totally paid off.

    I picked up a copy of this book yesterday, it's actually extremely poorly written. It really reads like "Baby's first video game book". The layout is terrible, I don't understand why the "top 10 games" and "top 10 developers" are just randomly strewn throughout the book instead of being in some readable form.

    The author goes on and on about made-up things remotely related to "video games", such as phrases like "for the win" and "roxors", trying to be edgy but just coming across who learned everything they know about gaming from 4chan. 100% of the information in the book is things that anyone interested in gaming enough to spend $25 on a book would already know a lot more about than the terribly idiotic authors.

    I'm sorry but this book is just trash.

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