Bargain Hunter: A Deal Worth Exploring

You've probably not heard of Saira. But what if I said it's the latest game from the creator of Knytt? No? OK, what if I said it's perhaps the finest indie platformer of the year?

Saira tells the tale of a young girl who finds herself abandoned on a desolate, uninhabited planet and needs to find her way home. It takes cues from developer Nifflas' earlier work with Knytt in that it's a platform concerned mainly with exploration. There is no combat, but plenty of puzzles - often quite ingenious ones involving the use of a camera - and running around discovering what lies on the next screen of a beautiful alien landscape.

Nifflas released Saira in December for $US17, but to celebrate his birthday - happy birthday Nifflas! - for the next two weeks you can pick up the full version for just $US12. Also, for just another $US1.50 you can purchase a second activation key. So find a like-minded friend and pick up two copies for $US6.75 each. At that price you cannot go wrong.

Oh, I should mention you can download it and play the first world as a kind of demo. You pay to unlock the remainder of the game.

Saira [Nifflas]


    I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this is a PC title.

      Sure is. Hit up the link and download the demo.

    Knytt was a great little game, so it's nice to hear there's something new from the mind behind it. Thanks for the heads-up

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