EB Plans Darker, Edgier Mass Effect 2 Launch Events

EB Plans Darker, Edgier Mass Effect 2 Launch Events

Just how big is Mass Effect 2? Big enough to be deemed worthy of EB Games hosting early morning launch events in three capital cities. Phew, now that’s big.

The dark, edgy Bioware sequel is set for release on January 28 for Xbox 360 and PC. EB stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney will be opening extra early to accommodate the demand for 2010’s most keeny anticipated RPG… well, until Final Fantasy XIII comes out a few weeks later.

As per usual at these things, there’ll be a bunch of giveaways, including the chance to win a limited edition Mass Effect 2 branded Xbox 360 Elite console. And apparently you’ll also “leave with an exclusive photo with the characters” from the game, whatever that means.

Here are the stores in question:

EB Games Brisbane Albert Street Shop 245 Albert Street Brisbane QLD 4000

EB Games Melbourne Swanston Street 67 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

EB Games Sydney George Street 403 George Street Sydney NSW 2000


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