LunchTimeWaster: Get Your Qix Here

LunchTimeWaster: Get Your Qix Here

You know Qix? Old arcade game? You draw lines to fill sections of the play field? Yeah, you know it. Here’s a neat browser version.

Reclamation is basically Qix. You skirt the edge of the play area then make daring forays to section off swathes of the level while trying to avoid the monsters in the middle.

Except it inverts two key principles of Qix. For one, you can be killed if touched by a monster even while you’re on the very edge of the play area. Normally in Qix, the edge is your haven and it’s only when you move into the centre are you in danger.

The other twist is you don’t die when a monster touches the line you’re drawing. Instead they simply pass straight through it.

Do these changes work for you? For me it feels like they’ve got the risk/reward factor around the wrong way.

Reclamation [Kongregate]


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