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    I got the Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo for PS3 this morning. Enjoying the included levels that weren't in the 360 Demo. Forgot how much I loved the first Lost Planet :)

    Good choice of picture in article.

    I played through Monkey Island for the first time this weekend after never having played through before. I was too young to fully comprehend the original when it came out so had seen it before at mate's houses (I only remember running around the map trying to click on pirates).

    Quite often I found myself hitting F10 to compare new art to the old. I actually prefer the original's character conversation screens.

    After I'd finished it, I did think that remaking old games, while cool as a celebration (as in monkey islands case), is a pretty lazy way for a developer to make a quick buck.

    Avatar is fucking amazing, especially in 3D

    the end.

      It is? Good. I've wanted to go see it, but it looks a bit overhyped.

      Although I definitely won't be seeing it unless it's 3D.

      Yeah, I absolutely loved Avatar 3D. A lot of the story elements have been done before, but it's still totally rad.

        I agree !!
        It really is a top notch flick!
        It's like an orgasm of the eyes, quite the spectacle. You REALLY need to see it in 3D.

          Oooh, ok. Sounds good. I might have to go see it at the iMax in 3D then. I'd been waiting to go see it with some friends, but if it's THAT good, I might just have to go anyway!


      You definately can't go past Avatar. I want to be on Pandora!

        Borderlands Pandora or Avatar Pandora? :p

        But I certainly agree; Cameron created an immersive wonderland that just felt real. I just hope those rumour of a sequel are false - that'd just ruin it for me, I think.

      1. Really?
      2. The game or the movie?
      3. Really?

        1. Really.
        2. Movie, haven't played any of the games.
        3. Really, it's the shiz. I thought it was overhyped and some random movie I wouldn't like. But it was great.

      I wasn't that impressed. Ultimately for me the problem was the fact that I really didn't give a damn about the blue people, or the humans. So for most the movie I was just sitting there thinking to myself "hurry up and kill each other already".

      It certainly was pretty though, although personally I specifically chose not to see it in 3D. Watched a movie with it once before and was completely unimpressed. Glasses over my normal glasses sucked, the 3D was at best pointless, at worst distracting and the whole thing started to give me a headache near the end.

      Just today I've had 2 people tell me it's the best movie ever made. Need to see this as soon as possible.

      Are all showings in 3d?

      Amen! Abso-fkn-lutely awesome movie!

        Wtf film did I see? Not that generic action piece of crap with alien furry sex interjected. I mean I didn't even watch the trailers and yet I guessed the entire plot instantly. Look granted I may have nodded off for like 5 seconds in the middle... was that when all the "best movie ever" happened? I mean muchos, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but daaaamn that thing was a chore to sit through.

        ...Though I'll admit it, them plants were kind purty.

    Did Atkinson ever give his comments on the release of the discussion paper?

      I can't find anything on the net about it. The paper is open until February 28 though, so perhaps we'll hear some response around then?

        I would say he's going to see the average opinion before commenting. The man may be a tool, but he is smart enough to wait (I think).

    Talking about games we just got.
    I finally got my Torchlight and I am very, very impressed. They where not wrong when they said this should keep you playing until Diablo 3 arrives.
    When you think about it, if this is just a "teaser" before Diablo III then the mind boggles at what Diablo III will bring.

      I just picked it up myself. I'm very much enjoying it's 'pick up and play' approach. I enjoy RPGs in general but often don't have a great deal of time to play them.

      It has a few members of Blizzard North in its ranks (namely Max and Erich Schaefer) but I think this is going to be quite a different experience to Diablo III.

      I also hear this is going to be a prelude to a Torchlight MMO to be released in around... 18 months? Does anyone know if this is going to link on to the single-player version or if it'll be a completely different game?

    Could America become any more fucked up seriously

    A US Army general in northern Iraq has defended his decision to add pregnancy to the list of reasons a soldier under his command could face court martial.

    It is current army policy to send pregnant soldiers home, but Maj Gen Anthony Cucolo told the BBC he was losing people with critical skills.

    It is the first time the US Army has made pregnancy a punishable offence.

    How about go fuck yourself?

      Well then they might end up pregnant too.

        I agree that this is wrong, but it is still technically illegal to be in the army if you are gay, and that's just as bad, if not worse.

        Secondly, please don't blame the whole country of America for one idiot. That's like blaming Aussies for Mel Gibson or Ireland for the IRA.

        Thirdly, that's not the most rude thing a general has said; at the start of the second gulf war, I saw one say something like: "we gonna kill those towel-headed sand-n###s." I'm not sure, but I like to think he got court marshalled for that.

    Seriously ... how hard is it to find a Play TV?

    I went to every possible retailer in Burwood Westfield today and they all told me they were sold out and didn't know when they were getting more.

      On Dick Smiths website they say they have some at a Burwood (NSW) DSE - $148.

      Not sure how accurate this is.

      Harvey Norman Martin Place TONS!

      Found one in DSE Ahsfield :)

        The Play TV worth it? Its just meant to record TV shows yeah? Im unsure of this but Im under the impression it doesent have the shows programmed into the device. (Like Foxtel IQ). And can it record your own gameplay? I currently have Foxtel IQ2 so I wont be needing it to record TV but if it can record gameplay I could see it being quite a nice substitute to a PVR.

          As far as I know, the PlayTV will only record from free to air Digital TV broadcasts. It has twin tuners in it (so you can record Ch 7 and watch ABC at the same time, for instance), and it stores recordings on your PS3 HDD. It doesn't record from Foxtel or any other source like your games.

          It's a pretty cool alternative to a Tivo or other PVR, especially for people who already have a PS3, but if you've got a Foxtel iQ, I think it would be rather limited in its usefulness.

          I don't have foxtel or IQ2. I believe IQ2 would be better in just about every way. However for me the price is great as far as HDD recorders go for free-to-air TV.

    Anyone else on Holidays yet? taking a 2 week break, could be extended out to 3 weeks... so it should be good...

    Part of that will be down in Canberra for a few days, but aside from that it will be a chance to catch up on some games...

      I've been holidaying for 1 and 1/2 months now.
      VCE holidays rock.

    What happened to the Darksiders comp?? D= it was there one minute and now its gone!?

      Oops. A scheduling error meant it appeared a bit early. It'll be back up at 2pm today.

        Excellent, tyvm Reverend Wildgoose =)

        Premature compulation?

        sounds sexy...

    Only one more day until the Dante's Inferno demo hits XBL... I'm excited.

      You won't be disappointed. After playing the PS3 demo, it made it a must buy for my collection. It shares some elements of God of War, which some people have pointed out as a negative thing, but hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

        Awesome. I'll definitely be downloading this tomorrow, then. The first two God of War games were excellent on my old PS2, I loved the Blades of Athena and their chain-swinging action.

        Can't wait, only a few hours now.

    I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I went to EB Games last week to get a new Edge card and they have a deal with it now. You pay $30 for it, get 15% off instead of the usually 10%, and they give you a year's subscription to Game Informer magazine delivered to your door.
    Thoughts anyone? Is it a good deal or not?

      If you don't already have a normal edge card, I would say it's great value, but otherwise, you have to think how much the magazine is worth to you, and how many preowned games you would have to buy to recoup the $30.

    I just got the boxing day Kmart catalogue in the mail and thought I'd let everyone know that they've got a Rock Band pack for sale including a guitar, drums and a choice of either AC/DC Live or Rock band 1 for $49.

    I thought that was pretty damn cheap and it's the same price across all consoles too.

      All of it for only $50? Or the game for $50? Im pretty sceptical about getting drums, guitar, mic and game for that cost.

        I've seent the Kmart catalogue also and it does state this... but I am also a touch sceptical, but it looks solid enough....

        I went into my local Kmart today and they have a STACK of Drum (Only) Kits for all platforms on the floor, these are being sold for #30... Nowhere did there seem to be any Guitars around though

        In the bundle they are doing, there is no microphone, and I'm 99% sure when it first came out, there was no Guitar & Drum ONLY bundle... it was everything, Drum Only, Guitar Only, no other bundles...

        So if they have just only the Drums, then there would assume Guitars out the back or something... or there could be a misprint and they will do Drums Only + Game for $49... (both games are selling at $30 at Kmart at this stage)

        Either way, it will be a bargin, so it's well worth a look, for FYI purposes on the floor at the Kmart, they had about 8 for each platform, whether or not there are more... but it should be a considered a guide for other stores...

          A lot of thanks, man - it is indeed genuine, and I got it for Xbox.

          Or it WAS genuine. There were three left and weren't on display - and you had to ask for it.

          Great deal; drums, guitar and game.

    Yep, it is indeed $49 for the Rock Band kit with either Rock Band or RB AC/DC on Wii, PS3 or 360. Here's the link to the catalogue:

      They had a similar thing going at JB HiFi today - Rock Band for $44. Unfortunately I found out too late and missed out...

      Does anyone know if the same deal will be running tomorrow at the stores that were closed today?

      GAR! It's for the wii :(

    Going to Boxing Day Sales today, hopefully going to pick up a PS3. I'm hoping to get it cheap at JB - although I have a EB voucher so I'm probably going to check EB out. I'm going to end up price matching EB methinks.

      Argh, Boxing Day sales.
      Nutters, all of them.
      Shoved, elbowed, poked in the eye with corners of bags as people flail their arms and bags wildly in an effort to grab the last one of Product X, even though it may not fit or they don't even need it, it's a bargain, and not even god could stand in their way.
      Mum used to drag us kids along, and I don't care how old you are, frantic, desperate, crazy middle-age ladies are fluffin' scary.

      On the flip side, tis the season for grabbing all those games you missed during the year, or years past. Maybe I should get around to picking up GTA 4 or something.

        Hahaha. We got there early though, and there wasn't as many people as I expected at the place we went to. If I'd gone to the city I'm sure I would have seen the madness and frenzy you describe. Also GTA's on the Platinum or one of the discount games range now I think, so you can pick it up cheaply. I would highly reccomend the DLC if you're on 360.

    I couldn't find a RB set at the Kmart I went to, and decided not to get a PS3, so I picked one (RB) up at EB. It was only 100 bucks, and I'm still stoked I got it for so cheap.

    Got the LBP PSP pack. Then found out I needed a memory stick. Only one nearby was a 4GB for $80.

    So, I love the PSP, game and cover (sackboy pocket FTW!) but extremely unhappy that there was no message that I needed an extra thing to just saw my game.

      Do you need a special memory stick for the PSP? If not, then you definitely should've gone to Officeworks. They have 4 and 8GB USB sticks there for 30 dollars and under. If you need a special one, I apologize and that sucks man. =(

      Dick Smith Electronics has 8gig PSP SD cards for $55, the 4gig one is $30

      If you have an MSY near you, they sell Computer parts and Memory sticks for cheap. I picked up a 16gb for $150, but I checked a couple of months ago and I saw it was $80. That ticked me off a little.

        16gb for $150? If space isn't an issue, you should've gone to Officeworks. My friend picked up a 500GB pocket hard drive for $135 there.

    I was on PSN today and:
    Burnout Paradise + Big Surf Island = $39.95
    WipeOut HD + Fury = $39.95

    Which do you recommend?

      I've heard a lot of good things about WipeOut HD, so I'd probably recommend that. I don't know about Fury and the others, so you should check out some of the PS3 boards on places like IGN and ask around.

        I ordered a physical copy from play asia. I loved the demo of HD and fury adds even more tracks, music and craft so why not :)

      It may be too late, but I would recommend Burnout Paradise over Wipeout HD any day. There is a lot of non repetitive game there for your money.

      Wipeout HD is good, but it can get 'same same'. The soundtrack is really good though.

        Yep, Burnout Paradise is a great game. I don't mind Wipeout, but I'd take Burnout any day. Fantastic game, and a lot of it for your money.

      They're both good racers. But I prefer Burnout for more variety.

    Albums of the year, anyone? Here's my top ten in no particular order:

    Mew - No More Stories...
    The Maccabees - Wall of Arms
    The Horrors - Primary Colours
    Jeniferever - Spring Tides
    The Antlers - Hospice
    Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport
    Noah and the Whale - The First Days of Spring
    Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
    Passion Pit - Manners
    Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth


      My taste in music is really eclectic. I'm just as likely to listen to metal as jazz or even classical. That said, there's a few albums I really enjoyed this year:

      DreamTheater - Black Clouds and Silver Linings (This is the first DT album I've really enjoyed since Scenes from a Memory in 1999)
      Muse - The Resistance (It's got a massive Queen vibe, which is fine by me)
      Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight (Who doesn't like Pirate Metal?)
      The Beatles - Mono Collection (Ok, not strictly a new album, but I'm really loving listening to these songs in Mono)
      Dimension - 21 (Japanese Jazz Fusion band)

      Those ones really stood out for me - I'm into a lot of Jazz, so I've been listening to slightly older albums from Wynton Marsalis, Euge Groove and a bunch of others, as well as metal/rock albums from groups like Ayreon.

        Muse - The Resistance
        Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits
        The Beatles Remastered
        The Lonely Island - Incredibad(!)


      4 Albums ruled my existence in 2009...

      Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (Best of 09)
      The Fiery Furnances - I'm Going Away (you either get them or you dont, they've actually COVERED this album this year, 6 mths after its release, need to buy on iTunes)
      Muse - The Resistance (Solid album, but it's no Origin Of Symmetry)
      The Lonely Island - Incredibad (I'm a sucker for a low brow musical comedy album)

      Discovered it late in the year, but damn Tarot Sport makes my head spin with joy. I've been moving more towards this kind of stuff all year and just adore the album.

      Andrew Bird-Noble Beast (Saw him live this week-astounding)
      The Beatles (Remastered) Abbey Road is my favourite
      Bertie Blackman-Secrets & Lies
      Grizzly Bear-Veckatemist
      Iron & Wine-Around The Well
      Passion Pitt-Manners
      Phoenix-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
      Sufjan Stevens-The BQE
      The Temper Trap-Conditions
      U2-No Line On The Horizon

    Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits

    That is all.

    Then again I didn't buy many albums this year.

      I'm in the same boat as you, I didn't buy many albums.

      Although I did discover 'Red of Tooth and Claw' by Murder by Death this year (even though it's a 2008 release). Bloody fantastic.

    Nearly finished my entry for the Darksiders competition. It's taken a while, but I'm happy with it. ^^

      For those seeking PS3 and PlayTV packages, I picked up mine on Boxing Day from the Sony store in Bourke St, Melbourne... bloke there reckoned they intentionally stockpiled at Sony stores and shorted everyone else of PlayTVs. They should do a better job of advertising they have stock, I almost didn't think of trying there.

      I got onto the $98 Guitar Hero 5 + guitar package at EB on Boxing Day too (the first one I went to was already out of PS3 ones, but they phoned around for me), spewing to hear that there was a special on drums at KMart... better run on down today and see if there's any left at a KMart near me!

      Oh and the Darksiders comp, yeah. That sucked up about 20 minutes and I only found 3 icons, then I realised how to cheat the system and get the rest (not saying how, since I'd like as few other entries as possible!)

        Wha...? Icons? What are you talking about?

        (Also, I missed out on the GH/RB specials too...)

          He was talking about a competition with the same prize on the EB Games' website.

      Hooray, just sent my entry in! Finally finished!

      I really hope I win... I'm sitting here stuck with my wii while the PS3 is getting a tonne of awesome exclusives. As for the sword... That'd either be mounted or used for a kickass cosplay (probably both).

    I think I'll put the question on a lot of peoples' minds out there: should we expect the pile o' crap winner announced tomorrow (the first working day of the year), or give more time for you to decide/tally?

      It will be announced tomorrow.

        I figured, and was going to ask about that before Arkham Asylum called me. Can't wait, a lot of people have been making quality posts and I sure as hell wouldn't want to waste valuable gaming time on the weekend counting up and evaluating posts.

        Nice! I'm actually genuinely excited to see who gets it. I must say again that it's been a fantastic competition, and I have enjoyed posting with everyone, regardless of who wins. Thanks David!

    I’d like to know what everyone’s best gaming decisions of the decade are. Here are mine

    5. Rockstar creates a sandbox game
    4. Sony backs the DVD format
    3. Valve creates Steam
    2. Xbox Live
    1. Nintendo embraces motion control

    Comments/Critique please.

      I don't have 'favourites', but I'd say the biggest things were:

      1. Motion Control is brought home
      2. Music games return with Singstar
      3. DLC reigns with XBox Live
      4. WoW brings back the MMO
      5. The invention of the iPod Touch

        I think if you ask anyone, Nintendo’s decision to use motion control would be #1, infact i would say it’s probably the best business decision Nintendo has ever made. It’s made all the more impressive when you put it into context, Both Sony and Microsoft were boasting the best graphics on their machine, Nintendo said their machine wasn’t focusing on the best graphics. Both Sony and Microsoft were talking about their consoles being media centres able to do a million things and be a replacement for a lot of things in the home, Nintendo were adamant that the Wii is used for games. Both companies showed games pre launch that would make your jaw drop, Nintendo didn’t. But in the end it all paid off. And I was totally sceptical when I saw them do this. “This will never work” “what the hell were they thinking” was pretty much my thoughts.

        Mine are similar to yours, Josh.

        1. WoW reigns supreme in the MMO world.
        2. Guitar Hero revolutionizes how we play music games.
        3. Xbox Live is the far superior online service.
        4. Nintendo assumes complete market domination with the kid-friendly Wii and DS.
        5. Apple corners the downloadable game market with the iPhone.

      Also, GTA was a 1997 release, wasn't it?

      GTA III was this decade, which popularized the series, but it still existed.

        Let me explain my #5

        I was referring to GTA3 (out in 2001), if you ask me no game has ever influenced video game development more than the creation of GTA3, sure the open sandbox had been done a little before, but no one did it quite as well as GTA3, plus that game just brought the concept to the mainstream. This of the games that have been directly influenced by GTA
        * True Crime
        * The Saboteur
        * Saints Row
        * The Godfather
        * Scarface
        * Prototype
        * Infamous

        These are just a few of the games that take directly from it, but there are so many more games that have taken concepts and put them to use in other types of games. As well as probably being one of the best selling game franchises of the decade, it’s probably the most innovative.

      Some good ones there Andrew!

      5. Inclusion of Hard Disk/Flash Memory in Consoles
      4. Party Games
      3. Internet Connectivity
      2. Digital Distribution
      1. Motion Control

      The thing is, if you look at it, a lot of these ideas were being set in motion earlier. The Dreamcast was already bringing about Internet, Party games and Motion Control (of sorts - fishing/maraca controllers).

      Connectivity is the main feature this decade for me. It's not my number #1 because I don't think it's revolutionised the industry in the same way motion control has, but I use its features far more. The fact that my Xbox or PS3 is always connected, downloading updates, allowing me to get DLC, watch movies etc, has made it a much more valuable platform.

        Yea, I’m sure the plans to back DVD with Sony were in place before 2000, but just for the sake of the list I’ve decided that when the console came out is then the decision was made.

    should check, but my darksiders comic was received???

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