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    You know I had a random thought yesterday.
    I think it's pretty cool that we're experiencing video games as they're still in the initial stages of their evolution.
    I mean, the industry is relatively young, the way games are being made is changing constantly, the industry is gradually being shown more and more respect and taken more and more seriously.
    And we're all living right in the middle of it.
    I dunno, I just found that interesting.

      I envy the people who are going to be around when video games are considered old and they have perfected methods of making them. Still, I reckon we're in the golden age of gaming before everything got too complicated or advanced.

        "...golden age of gaming before everything got too complicated or advanced."
        Exactly what I'm talking about :)

          Yep, because in the future I predict console wars will end with one of the companies (or possibly a new one) conquering the competition, and that will be the only console offered. I dearly hope it isn't Nintendo, as good as their first party titles are, the shovelware they pump out is pathetic.

          Followed by the gaming apocalypse where a real Y2K bug of sorts destroys all our gaming and turns us into a living recreation of Beyond Thunderdome.

          At least we will still have Angry Anderson...

      I can't wait until we get to tell tell our grandkids about our archaic control schemes like having to physically use controllers, rather than super awesome futuristic USB 7.3 mind control 4-D immersion technology, with improved nano-ion-platinum-darkmatter projection.
      "Some people even preferred dual analog sticks for aiming in FPSes rather than WASD + Mouse"
      The shock!
      The horror!

        I look forward to holding up cues of people because I can't make the blasted new atm's work.

    Bayonetta vs. Darksiders.

    Funds/means to get only one of them. fate is cruel!

    I realised recently how frustrated I am with the advertising cycle on movies (and in a way, games as well). Case in point, went to see Sherlock Holmes on Boxing Day weekend. In the previews saw a tiny snippet teaser for Christopher Nolan's new film, Inception. There wasn't much to see in the teaser, just Leonardo DiCaprio's mug, some Matrix-style twisting shots and CGI city/title. However it was intriguing, so I jumped on the Apple site to watch the full trailer and with the extra glimpses (city folding over?!) I'm pretty eager to see it. However, it's not coming out til June or so. June?! That's such a long time away that these initial marketing efforts tease, and then you forget about it, lose interest or just become overwhelmed that the end product falls flat. And then, if you like the film, there's a gap between the final cinema date and the DVD release. Why? So they can drum up another month or two of DVD release hype? ARGH!

    Gaming wise it's similar. Take, for example, Halo ODST. Admittedly, Bungie let their info dribble slowly, but if you consider all the little snippets seen at various events, previews and so forth, we saw quite a bit of the story in a short campaign leaving not a great deal to be left discovered. And it was over such a drawn out period of time where those snippets are poured over and they lose their impact.

    Maybe my view towards marketing in general is becoming more cynical in this new decade.

      DVD release date is always later than the cinema runs so they can maximise profit. But anyway I agree on the crazy amount of hype long before the movie comes out. Although 6 months seem like a pretty short time... E.g. MGS4 had a hype of probably 3 years since the first tech-demo video came out.

      I think they just have to do it in spikes to keep the flame alive.

    So I went and saw Avatar.

    I'm calling it.
    Diokatana on film.

      I think you mean "Daikatana".

      I haven't seen Avatar yet. Some friends of mine are going to see it soon. I'll join them. I'm not expecting too much from the story, but I've heard the visuals are spectacular. So really, I'm only going for a visual feast, which is best done at the cinemas.

      I don't recall daikatana making a billion dollars in less than three weeks.

      Anyway, Avatar was fantastic. Anyone who didn't like it hates fun and probably punches kittens.

        Only when they ask for it.

        What I really love about James Cameron is the way his work is always so understated and the narrative is always so subtle.

        I really didn't think 3D added that much to it, it went on way too long and frankly if I had the abillity to transport men and machines accross space, then I also have the ability to drop a rock from orbit onto a piece of land and avoid combat altogether.

    Hey guys!
    A big happy new year to all of you

    i'm back from my holidays in Adelaide now and missed you all soooooooo much!!! -dawww hugzzz-

    In all seriousness though, i have been going through some serious withdrawals!
    Later this evening i'll be trawling through the posts to catch up on all the "goss" and chucking in my standard 2c - regardless as to whom actually cares :P

    My time away was FANTASTIC though. Spend all of my time over there staying with both sides of my lovely ladies family (one just outside the city and the other on the beautiful beaches of Caracklinga) with new year spent on the river torrens enjoying what was an unbelievably amazing fireworks display.

    ...yet i still haven't tanned in the slightest.

    How has everyone else's holidays or lack there-of been? What have you all been up to? :)

      Oh, i also just bought Torchlight and Killing Floor on steam for $4.99 US each - and i got 2 guest passes (free trials) for killing floor.

      As i don't maintain a friends list - nor do i have any friends that are gamers - let me know if you would like them and they'll go to the first 2 people who ask me nicely :)

        Please good sir, would you consider, in your boundless generosity, the possibility of swinging one of those codes my way?

          no probs.. all i need is either a email addy or to add you/be added as a friend on steam

          My username is Chuloopa - obviosly :)

      I spent just shy of 2 weeks relaxing at my inlaw's place in the scenic coast town of Lakes Entrance in Victoria. Roughly equates to lazing around in hammock chairs having a "few" quiet drinks, visiting caves, going running and spending time out on boats. The only downer was the 3927km round trip to get there/back, but even that wasn't too bad.

      Even slipped in some gaming whilst I was away too, with me finally picking up Kingdom Hearts again in an attempt to finish the bugger off. Also put in some Torchlight time which ran surprisingly well on my little eeePC - Just slightly dirty I bought it before the big Steam sales (but it's worth the $us20 anyway, so this isn't much of a gripe. Support the small guys, right?).

    May I please have one of those guest passes Mr. chuloopa sir.

    This is most generous of you.

      aww such a sweet response - you can certainly have it.
      all i need is either a email addy or to add you/be added as a friend on steam

      My username is Chuloopa – as people may have already guessed

        Thanking you most kindly in advance.

        Have added you to my steam friends list.
        My username is Old_Skool_Gamer.

        Thanks again.

    Regarding the R18+ classification discussion paper, who (other than our favourite AG) or what groups do you think would be making a submission AGAINST its introduction?

    There must be someone, such as religious whackos like Ruth Limkin that think a mandatory internet filter is a good idea.

      I know that the australian Christian Lobby is against it and has posted the link to the paper on their website, young media Australia also might possibly oppose it too, and I think there's the "Family association" or something like that. I think it's important to explain (in a polite manner) to the christian Lobby (as I myself am a christian) that the R18 is more effective at protecting children then without it, as they seem to be the most vocally opposed.

        The laughable thing is we're supporting kids not playing games not suitable for them, yet we want adults and older teens to be able to play the games that should be there as an option. Yet, some groups don't want games at all. It's basically limiting free will when it comes down to it.

    Also David, have Matt and Andrew gotten back to your email yet?

    Perhaps this is more suited to the Ask Me Stuff post, however, this might be more visible for everyone also.

    David, you've been shutdown before by EA/MTV/Harmonix about the availability of Rock Band 2 in Australia, but perhaps now is a good time to propose the questions again.

    Strange things are happening in the world of distribution. First of all, I was twigged by the EU PlayStation Blog post about a title update.

    In this post, an Australian commented and blasted them about it still not being over here. He got a response.

    ""Posted on 6 January, 2010 at 8:55 pm by Dan Teasdale

    Trust me, as a guy with Australian citizenship I can relate to how frustrating the delays have been in getting Rock Band 2 out in Australia and New Zealand.

    The good news is that Rock Band 2 was released in New Zealand recently! This means that disc export should be available for Rock Band 1 players in both New Zealand and Australia when export functionality goes live soon.""

    Now moving onto a major online seller in NZ Mighty Ape (formerlly GPStore), it's true, Rock Band 2 has been released in NZ on December 21st, 2009, but wait there is more...

    It seems as though New Zealand received Australian branded versions, all the cover art has OUR Classification symbols.

    PS3 -
    360 -
    Wii -
    and even PS2 -

    Most will have already imported from the UK, but there will still be a bunch of people that haven't and perhaps still waiting, this is for them, that a local solution might not be far off.

    This whole situation intrigues me because it's damn right bizarre, if there are AU copies ready now. What could be stopping it from getting to the shelves, both now and before?

      Beatles tanked and i dont know if you've noticed but all the majors are selling their music game stock at crazy prices

      they want out, and i think this is what worries EA.

        I'll somewhat agree with you, there are good sales on at the moment. Though, all the cheap music games at the moment are inclusive of peripherals which is different to simply software only.

        Alot of people may already have a set of peripherals from another game, so there isn't as much need for these bundle packs.

        Beatles did okay when it first came out, it was very hard to find back in September, but that could be put down to maybe a limited supply coming to Australia.

        I know the music genre has decreased in the last year, but I'd say EA are doing abit of both, cleaning out stock and trying to take back abit of the GH market. Think about it, 2 months ago you would be hard pressed to have found Rock Band bundles at ANY store.

        We've recently seen K-Mart, Big W, GAME, JB and even EB Games get in a huge amount of RB bundle packs, I can't see all this new stock that's popping up has been sitting in the retailer warehouses all this time. EA must be making them very attractive to take the stock on.

        But doesn't it strike you odd? That if they really wanted out, why release an Australian branded game (if it actually is) in New Zealand? All the costs of shipping overseas, etc...

    Dave i've heard on the wire that AVP is now Feb 10th and Heavy Rain has moved to February 1st

    you heard this?

      Just spoke to Sega yesterday and they reiterated that AVP is Feb 18. Sony PR is still holidaying, so I don't know!

      Heavy Rain release dates...

      US - 23rd Feb
      Europe - 24th Feb
      Australia - 25th Feb
      UK - 26th Feb

    Ooh boy, I got a letter from Michael Atkinson in the mail! A lot of it looks like the same old cut and paste from older letters (see: but at a few points he addresses specifically what I've said. Unfortunately though, he only seems interested in a few specific sentences which aren't that important to the argument as a whole... So once again he's missed the point.

    This was my letter (sent on the 19th of September 2009):

    "I am writing in response to your stance on video-game classification. I believe your view of the 'gamer' community is misguided, and that the restriction of game classifications is inhibiting the development of a potential new medium.

    I am an eighteen year old male, who is currently studying design in visual communication at university. I am an advocate of the arts, of literature, of music, of film and, indeed, video games. While I would not deny that literature and film are capable of producing works of the most tasteless appeal, it would be a fallacy to ignore the great emotional and intellectual impact of others. It is true that there is yet no such thing as a video-game that could rival the likes of novels such Lolita, but I believe this is because video-games are a medium still in their infancy. Censorship by the government will do nothing to help the development of this industry through a violent, angst-ridden adolescence to a medium which will one day be capable of deeply affecting one of the largest-growing demographics in the world.

    The statement that video games are nothing but "virtual suffering that R18+ nerds seek to inflict for their gratification on the computer screen" is blatantly prejudiced. I may not speak for the entire 'gamer' community but I myself am a pacifist and would like to think that I am a well-adjusted individual who both has a social life and a range of interests beyond a screen.

    I can think of none of my friends - also involved in video games - who would seek out a game which promoted the ability to 'rape a mother and her two daughters'; most 'gamers' are not entirely morally depraved. However, rape is indeed a terrible and deeply emotional subject, and its denial within media has been a significant issue before. No doubt treatments such as these by the medium have contributed to the severe emotional distress of rape victims, and the difficulty that has often been encountered by victims in admitting and seeking counselling. This is, however, only one instance. I mention this not to advocate permitting a player to commit such a horrible deed within a video-game context, but how that presentation - and furthermore the denial - of adult subjects within the media is a significant issue. Allowing adult subjects to be presented within a new medium does not necessarily mean that the viewers will advocate these things. I would support this statement with references to games such as the upcoming 'Heavy Rain'; a game about the emotional and moral impacts upon a group of characters affected by a child abductor.

    I am personally more concerned with the issue of addressing rape within real Australian cities than its presentation in a fictional context. I would urge you to reconsider your stance and its implications."

    His specific responses (word for word):

    "To paraphrase you, you talk about you and your friends not seeking out a game that promoted rape and that most gamers are not 'entirely morally depraved'. You may recall earlier this year media reports that Amazon decided it would not allow a 'third-party merchant' to sell 'Rapelay', a Japanese video game, on its site. It was reported that the gamer could simulate rape in the game. It was also reported that the game manufacturer had other game-titles including 'Battle Raper' and 'Artificial Girl'. I think you miss my point - extreme games are out there - you may decide that you and your friends have no interest in them but that is not to say there are not others who do. Do you think such a game is produced because it has no audience, that a game house makes a game that no-one will play? I do hope people do not purchase and play such a game but it appears to be in the market place. My example of this game is to alert people to the most extreme games and be sure they are mindful of how distasteful and offensive games can be. To ensure people who don't play games know that games have moved on from 'Pac Man' and 'Pong'."

    And later on:

    "I take offence at the suggestion in your email that you, personally, are "more concerned with the issue of addressing rape within real Australian cities that is presentation in a fictional context [sic]" and what I believe is an inference that I am not. As Attorney-General of South Australia since 2002 I have been privy to details of some of the most horrendous sex crimes. I have lead vigorous and wide reaching reforms of rape and sexual assault laws in this State - we have lead the nation in many of our reforms. We were one of the first jurisdictions to define consent, we require courts to give priority listings to trials of sexual offences where the victim is a child and we removed the statute of limitations which prevented sex offenders from being prosecuted for offences that occurred before 1982. Since 2003, as a consequence of this one legislative change alone, 38 paedophiles have been incarcerated for periods of up to 25 years for crimes, including rape, comitted more than 20 years ago. I find your effort to attack my views on R.18+ games in this way inappropriate and ill-informed."

    I agree that the way I worded that final statement was rather petty, but he has still missed my point. Rape games exist, and therefore people who are interested in rape exist. The games are not the cause, they are the symptom.

    These games are marketed directly at a JAPANESE audience and not an Australian one. Its presence within Australia would therefore be negligible. Furthermore, even under a modified rating system, these games would STILL not be legally allowed in to Australia, since (I understand) not even X-rated pornography permits the depiction of sexual violence. Rape games have even banned in the market they were initially produced and marketed within ( Japan has a very lenient stance on the depiction of sexually explicit content in games, and if such a game can be banned there, what is the possibility of it being permitted here?

    TL;DR: Michael Atkinson olol.

    He has overseen the introduction of some pretty serious anti rape legislation. Including a major reduction in the burden of proof for the police.
    In fact, over here in Adelaide, people have been convicted because they were accused and couldn't provide any alibi beyond "I was at my own home asleep in my own bed".

    Any unannounced - but obviously on their way - games you'r hanging out to hear about this year?

    Me? Half-Life 2: Episode: 3 springs to mind. Oh and has Levine announced what he's up to next? Whatever that is too.

    Anyone else here think that the scarborough fair replicas were a let down?

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