EB Games Asks Australia To Grow Up

Grow Up Australia R18+ petition, as seen in EB Games Traralgon, Victoria.

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    It's about time, but perhaps they could have posters for the discussion paper, that would actually be useful.

    my god EB are retards. a petition will do nothing. they should get their head in gear and actually do something intelligent like support G4C get the message out there.

      Although a petition might not have much of an impact, they are actually helping getting the message out there. And given that this is Victoria, that's the best they can really do as promoting G4C there isn't going have the much of an effect in SA.

      Seeing as this is EB in Victoria I doubt that would be altogether that helpful.

      At the very least it's something

      At least they are getting people informed. Although i do hope that they plan to put these posters nationally at every eb store.

      A petition is going to be less effective than, say, a submission to the R18+ discussion paper which is closing this week, but exposure at a huge game retailer like EB is way more likely to get casual gamers and semi-interested parties than internet petitioning. As for G4C, they're... Croydon. I know they're definitely going after the R18+ issue but at the same time they're 'local politics' for South Australia. Grow Up Australia is probably the best campaign for them to support.

      Actually this could be quite effective. Its going to increase the amount of people aware of the problem. If you bombard the general public with too much info then you could see people ignoring it.

      You know.. at least they are doing something.

      Everyone said to start with that EB games wouldn't support an R18+ rating as it might eat into their sales.. and not that they are showing support people still aren't happy.

      I'm sure the employees whom work at that EB games are already well aware of G4C and are most probably already involved - even if they are not, at least by having that poster up they are raising awareness of the issue.

      You have to remember that a large portion of customers to EB games are not gamers whom have no idea of this issue - This poster could be the first step to making people aware so that they intern wake up and see what is happening!

      Seriously, i'm no massive EB fan, and i too think they rip people off most of the time - but for christs sake back off - at least they are doing SOMETHING.

      Have YOU or ANYONE here got a "grow up australia" poster on your house? I don't and i doubt any of you do.

      ...not to mention that those posters would be covering quite a few products that they would usually be trying to upsell you :P

      To vague, most people don't realise we don't have an R-18+ rating for video games. I feel this is an attempt to improve there image in the eyes of the gaming population of Australia.

      Which is rather poor which is a result of overpricing games, and waiting a long time to generally drop those high prices, even when the game itself is several months old.

      why you gotta hate, yo?

      I think you'll probably find that each store will have their own discussion paper response, and they'll attach the list of signatures to go with it ;)

    How could they! All that Preowned merchandise ready to be sold is being hidden away behind those giant posters.

    Awesome, I think as soon as more video game distributors and retailers start pushing the issues and letting the masses know that games have no R rating then its only a matter of time before we will eventually get one. G4C’s message is only common knowledge in the video game community, I think this will let everyday people know how ridiculous a lack of an r rating really is.

    I wonder if this is one store, or actually an EB supported thing?

    Hard to believe if it is, they're usually more concerned mongering profits than the actual gaming scene...

      It is a nation wide supported move. My EB store in Tweed Heads also has it up.

    Something is better then nothing, the more people that are aware the more that might actually seek out the other support methods.

    That banner in Boganville? Bahahahahaha

    But truthfully they should post up that discussion paper instead. I've signed just about 10 petitions till now :(

    So EB Games support our cause and yet people STILL nitpick their support...would you rather the largest game retailer in Australia not support the R18+ classification at all?

      I'm with you Travis, nothing anyone does is good enough, apparently.

      I for one am all for EB's involvement, but it can backfire. In my experience, the general public usually tends toward the conservative, so bringing this to their attention may give more of a voice to the negative side of the R18+ debate.

      I hope this isn't the case though, as Aust needs to catch up eventually.

        i doubt that. the main negitive points which will be used won't have a leg to stand on seeing as the main argument will be "we don't want more violent games out on the street for our kids to play" which can be countered by a simple "what are you talking about 90% of r18 rated games are out in australia now except they are rated as ma therefore kids can get access to them alot earlier than other countries"

      Hater's gonna hate man.

    I'm sure it's not representative of EB in general, but they're not always the greatest on classification.

    In my local EB around Christmas, I pointed out to another customer that the MA15+ rating on GTA4 meant it may not be suitable for a 9-yr-old nephew, and perhaps they may want to talk to the parents first (this was being discussed right next to me). The manager overheard this comment and told me to mind my own f---ing business and to get the f--- out of his store.

    I'd be surprised if this was anything more than a calculated bid to increase profits.

      I once got a dirty look for commenting on a mother buying her primary-school aged child a copy of GTA:SA, too.

        I'm really surprised at such a thing, I would never berate a customer for talking to my customer. I would be irritated but is is the highest arrogance to dictate who gets to discuss products in my store.

        I could only imagine there being a problem if somebody was going around trolling the stores by fabricating lies to other customers. The things mentioned here are true even if they have a bearing on the decision to buy.

    EB Games have a poll on their website at the moment too... so they seem to be behind it from head office.

    The time for petitions is somewhat past. They should be directing people to the submission paper while the public consultation period is still open.

    this can only be good! :D YAY

    YEAH!!! GROW UP!!!

    So that we can allow people to trade in their R18+ imported versions of games and grow as the biggest rip off video game company in Australia.

    Only so they can sell more games to gain more profit.

    I'd sign it. It's necessary.

    ok. just quickly. its not a petition as such. each individual person who "signs" it gets an a4 piece of paper with room for an individual comment, and all the same information that is on the discussion paper. i guess sign the petition has more of an impact than "fill in the discussion paper"

    Having one of the biggest game retailers in Australia support a R18+ rating is a huge step forward. By having these petition papers (which by the way are exactly the same as the submission template on the Australian Governments Attorney General website) they are able to communicate the positive impact having the R18+ rating will have on not only the "hardcore" gamers but also casual gamers. This is a company wide scheme aswell. So thats almost 400 stores Australia wide!
    STFU haters!

    It's not just one or random EB stores, it's ALL EB stores that'll be having them up. I went into my store tonight for a staff meeting and thought "hey, whaddya know. Just saw one of these on kotaku today!" Le boss informed us it's all stores.

    Good for you EB!

    Wow i cant believe some of you guys are actually whinging about this,



    I disagree with the censorhip, but also why do games have to be so violent?

    Cant companies make more games that arent based on getting rewarded for maximum violence. wow is a good step

    ive tried cs source and i would get ill playing that for some reason. simulated killing cant be good for us google it

    Censotship simply invites those who are well-educated and informed, of serious purpose and braid human outlook to lock horns with knitwits of limited views, unlimited energy, and no real purpose other than destructive impositions. Bad idea, Man.

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