Level Up With These Borderlands DLC Codes

There's a new Borderlands DLC pack out now, raising the level cap to 60 and adding a host of new enemies, missions and even a four-person vehicle. Would you like a download code?

Thanks to the generosity of 2K Games, we have TEN download codes up for grabs - five on 360 and five on PS3. Each code entitles you to download The Secret Armory of General Knoxxx for free.

I’ll be adding codes to this post throughout the day. The first person to enter the code in the appropriate section of Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store will get the DLC. If the code doesn’t work for you, it’s already been redeemed. This is a contest of skill and, more importantly, speed and vigilance.

May the fastest copy-paster win!

Xbox 360 codes: G9RPC-F8WDX-T7M4D-KDFTM-4CJVT P68T8-36J88-984FG-4GGDH-Y33D8 H6M3T-WX78B-7KG4J-7CJW7-XG47Y WJRBQ-R3RWK-2KP8V-X89DV-62VYQ V2T6R-P4DRP-TD7X2-K2VXR-CV2H6



    dammit.. too slow. Congrats to whoever :)

      David, I think you'll find that the level cap is in fact 61, not 60 as you've claimed.

      Else how could they have an achievement for reaching level 61?

    Sweet! Thanks for the PS3 code Kotaku, 2K Games and David.

    Thanks - looking forward to this :)

    I really should have remembered that Take 2 did this last time and not have bought it like I did before work...

    Oh well, at least it will be there downloaded and installed for when I get home...

    awwwhh man. at work....wish i could copy paste.

    Shit, you guys are too quick.

    dam! i missed out :(

    Bought this (and Moxxie) this morning on Steam. Comp is on at home to download the 8 gig of data! YAY!

    Huzzah for everyone without work to do!
    Wish I was one of them.

    DAMN YOU KOTAKU!. you know that majority of people are at work today and not in front of their 360.

    Instead , we are working for the man . The MAN i tell you!

    Why do you have to make me sad :( Why!

    I was having such a good Friday. looking forward to my noodle lunch from S&J's Sushi Noodle Town.. and now, when I get home, Im going to look at my shelf, directly at my copy of Borderlands and cringe.

    I know for a fact that my Hunter would of LOVED to finally be able to achieve Level 60.. But that isn't going to happen now .. IS IT.. IS IT :(

    LOL .. nah all love to you guys :) just sad that I aint going to be quick enough to get one of the 360 codes.


    Can't you just copy paste them into Xbox.com?

    So your xbox will start downloading once it's turned on?

    Congrats to my xbox competition... spamming F5 for like 40 mins and you got me... hope you enjoy it... GGGGRRRRRRR

    gahh missed it by that much.

    next one I guess

    What the hell? I refreshed this page for a while and the 2nd code came up, i instantly wrote it down and put it into the redeem-a-code thingo, and it said already used? are people using the xbox360 website to redeem it so they can just simply copy paste the code? ;O

      Of course they are.

        shhhhh giving away secrets :p

        though to be fair you did mention "copy and paste" in your article :)

        That sucks then, guess i'm gonna have to buy the DLC, since i can't get into Xbox website and im on crutches and I have to write the code down :(

        oh well

          I’ll have you know that Kotaku is the only website on the internet that is immune to the old “I’m on crutches and my computer sucks” argument

            You sir, are an absolute IDIOT. I am infact on crutches and infact I have a PC, I'll have you know you need to get a life, KTHX.

              *have a PC*

      You have to refresh constantly as the codes are taken in about 2-3 seconds. You then have to copy and paste without choking (I only copied the first half of the code *choke* then go to xbox.com (which has to be already open) and paste/redeem). All in about 5 seconds. If not, you will also have to look at your copy of BL tonight and cringe.

      I wonder if Kotaku think about the lost productivity from these competitions...

        Currently wearing out my F5 key as I type

        I must have been extremely lucky on the first code, I took the time to read the article, google the xbox site, remember my login and find 'Redeem a code' before finally copying the code to notepad and typing it in.

    Wow, that was used way too fast...

    Got the second Xbox code, thanks very much Kotaku and 2K Games!

      Congrats Chopbuster - 3 more chances for the remaining Xbox crowd... 2 if you count the one I'll get. Sure hope my boss wasn't expecting me to work today :)

    Im curious.. How many xbox people are still waiting for the last 3 codes...?

    I'm one! (actually 28 but you get the idea)

      I am.
      IF there is just 3 of us waiting. Why dont they just give it to us? haha

      Hmm . Come on Kotaku. show some love LOL :P

    hahaha, thank you Kotaku!. Was sitting on here for 10mins refreshing.

    Now i gotta go buy the game :)

      Not cool...

      That is so not cool.

      Leave the codes for people who actually have the game.

    tried to enter code, xbox.com crashed. tried again, page is just hanging... not fair...

      mine hanged aswell, so i started using the Radeem Code in My Account, rather than the link in Marketplace.

        thats where i was also. got the 'page could not be displayed' error.. oh well, congrats.

        I got the same thing, we must have tried at the same time and XBL freaked out.

        I just got back to my desk 2 mins before it popped too. (Just picked up the game at JB )

    Man, can't believe I missed the PS3 code then.

    Who ever is taking them must having lightning fingers!

      Just a localhost set up to get only the codes, and refresh a custom built every 5 seconds :]

        If you took the last one then there may be hope for me securing the next one.

          Just give me your account details, and I'll get one for you!
          lol kidding :p

          Download Media Go and use that.

            Shhhh... don't tell people! ;)

    To the people saying they are at work... you do realise you can queue the download from xbox.com right? You don't actually need your 360.

    For me, i've already purchased, waited up until 3am for it to be released :P

    David must be loving the power he has over us today.....

    the page view counter must be going through the roof

    how do you keep getting them....aaaaggggrrhrhh

    Sick!!! Scored the PS3 code.

    Thank You to Kotaku, 2K Games and Dave for this.

    Been getting stuck into Borderlands with some mates over the last few weekends, can't wait to check out the new DLC.

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