Who Won Those All Those Aliens And Predators?

These six people are now - or soon will be, to be precise - the proud owners of a facehugger. That's because they submitted the winning entries in our Aliens Vs. Predator giveaway.

Thanks to Sega, we had six AVP Hunter Editions to give away last week. We asked you to write jokes, limericks and haiku in order to win. Here are those winning entries:

PC Blashca So, an alien, the predator and a colonial marine walk into a bar…

The joke contains first-person perspective, close-up depictions of human characters being subjected to various types of violence, including explicit decapitation and dismemberment as well as locational damage such as stabbing through the chest, mouth, throat, or eyes. The joke exceeds the requirements for a MA15+ rating. No censored or cut version of the joke is planned.

Dean Henderson There once was a marine who was filled with gloom. “Hey” I asked. “Are you that space guy from Doom?” “For christs sake no I’m not. I get that question quite a lot.” He then left whilst pushing his broom.

PS3 YoWombat There once was a predator named Clyde Who couldn’t make love to his bride He thought he could stop her But she got to the chopper A better ride than Clyde had supplied

Screaming Stop Sign Aliens are tramps, They impregnate everyone, You said you loved me.

Xbox 360 Phillip Mayes Dear Alien Queen Sorry bout the scrambled eggs Lots of love, Ripley

Kieron So, an alien, the predator and a colonial marine walk into a bar… and the bartender says, "Hey you two!"


    Fantastic stuff everyone - so bummed i missed out - really been looking forward to this game. Just have to save up some money points for a few weeks now lol

    Well done all!

    Neato! Won =]

      I don't get yours. Can you explain it to me, lol?

        The Predator is in stealth mode? so it's invisible would be my guess...

    I realy wish I had entered more contests in the past... This was my first one I entered and I won straight up, was quite a suprise.

      Ahhh... gotta love Kotaku's winnable comps!

      BLAAAASSSHHHCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, goodwork on winning bouy

    I'm psyched about winning this! I enjoyed the creative contest ideas too, reading through the various entries was pretty hilarious.

    They're all brilliant, but I'd have to say Kieron's was my favourite, it made me laugh the most.

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