D-Day For South Australian Voters Tomorrow

Pro R18+ party Gamers4Croydon do battle with the Atkinson empire tomorrow. How successful will they be?

"We really don't know," says David Doe, of Gamers4Croydon. "We don't have the same resources available to do a pre-election poll. I tend not to pay attention to the major party polls, but people have been stopping us out of nowhere and asking for "How to Vote" cards, so that's encouraging."

Of course, Atkinson's hold on the area is deemed one of the stronger reigns. And naturally, a win would be preferable. But in this case, is a win the same as victory?

"The idea was to pressure the Attorneys-General, so they know this is actually an issue that people care about. I think we've done that. This is also an opportunity to let people vote outside the major parties, meaning if you're interested in your civil liberties, and being able to consume whatever content you want as an adult, you can have your say rather than just picking the worse of two options."

A deal with the Greens may make things easier for conflicted South Australian voters, and Gamers4Croydon has also received support from the Australian Sex Party and Pirate Party.

With some saying that the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General might not even take the matter of an R18+ rating for games seriously, perhaps a better-than-expected turnout for G4C is just what the doctor ordered.

"Being an election period, some people have gone soft on the issue. Others are very upfront about it. Some are sitting on the fence and I understand why they're doing that, they're using the Croydon campaign as a litmus test, as to whether they should make their mind up on the rating or not.

"We've been contacting as many other non-G4C candidates as we can, so they realise how big of an issue it is. We'll also be gathering their views on the issue and posting them up on our Facebook page.

"SA is a very conservative state. In SA shops, R rated movies now need to be in a separate section, marked Restricted. Were games to be allowed a similar rating, they too would be separate from the children-friendly content. Most people that we're able to sit down and talk with in a civil manner see the sense in this."

Stay tuned for info on the election.



    hope this works....

    I really want them to win.

      Sorry, we bloody well tried, but that ALP is a well oiled propoganda machine!

    I would like to know more about this Pirate Party.. What are their policies on ninjas?

      Our policies don't involve ninjas, I'm afraid. They are solidly around protecting freedom of speech, privacy rights, and other civil liberties, as well as strong copyright and patent reforms.

      This means we are totally against internet censorship, for an R18+ games rating, and for allowing file-sharing.

      For more information, go to http://pirateparty.org.au.

      We're not running in the SA election, but we plan to run in the next federal election, so we need another 60 or so members to register with the AEC, and membership fees have been waived until we get our membership numbers up to 500.


      David Crafti
      Pirate Party Australia

    support from the pirate party maybe we can get them to loot raid and pillage for us

    Fingers crossed!

    I never know there was an Australian Sex Party and an Australian Pirate Party.

    I'm holding out for the Australian Beer and Pizza Party.

      all jokes aside sex party is my preferred party thier platform of civil liberties opposition to censorship and thier stance on the fundimental importance of a secular parliment are views i share

      There actually is/was a registered "More Beer" party.

    I'm not sure having the support of a party that calls itself the "Pirate Party" is a good thing...

    Best of luck guys!

    best of luck G4C!!!

    Good lucks lads.

    All the best from me and my mates.

    Even if they don't win the election, they will at least bring this matter to the attention of others that're perhaps not as interested in what Gamers4Croydon are trying to achieve.

    Eitherway, the more expsure this issue has the better.

    Go Gamers4Croydon!

    I like their stance on this one issue, but as a founding principle for a party wanting to control an electorate.. Im afraid I have sincere doubts of their success.
    I also think perhaps Kat Nicholson was not the best front person either. She is intelligent, educated, has great views I agree entirely with, however she lacks experience politiking and general charisma.
    In interviews and such she seems a bit stilted and unsure of herself, which unfortunately in this climate and society will affect an outcome.
    I hope for the best, and good numbers would in any way put pressure on whoever does win to make changes.
    Personally, I hope they win.
    Give em hell guys.

    Good god, fingers crossed... I don't know what the plan is if this doesn't happen, but still.

    Unfortunately, I don't see G4C winning any seats.

    That said, I don't think it likely that Atkinson will either.

    Now, of course, the latter, even if true, could still be bad. If the replacement is popular, but also anti-R18... that's bad. If they are pro-18, then we still might see another Attorney General come out as anti-18, and G4C might need to be recreated in another state.

      They'd still be a politician. Opposing R18 after a 25% margin A-G lost his seat over R18 would be political suicide. There are many more levels to this campaign than just Croydon.

        You will find that if the AG doesnt win his seat, either labor will have to pick a new AG or if the liberals win they will pick one of their own, as far as i know G4C has no chance of becoming AG ever, i think its more of a chance to get Michael Atkinson out of his seat, there for getting him out of AG position.

        i think the whole election is going to be close. nobody wants either Rann or Redmund but really, what choice do we have?

    Cripes. I'm nervous for them. Good luck.

    They might have more success if they ditched the stupid gamer in jokes and the like and actually focused on convincing people on their issues.

    Hope they use jedi mind tricks on him.

    Bloody hell i'm sick of this issue now. I hope the government just give in to the 18+ and end it all. Jesus Christ people! The whole world doesn't revolve around Australian gamers getting an R18+ classification. How many good games are refused classification anyway?

      fallout 3 , grand theft auto, left 4 dead ... do i really need to keep going

      Over 30 games, I heard. Look it up on Wikipedia.

    Good luck G4C. Even if you don't win tommorrow, you've started something, and that's what counts in the end.

    There is a good chance they wont win, but right now the election looks like it could go the Liberal's way anyway. So even if they dont win, chances are, they'll steal votes from labour enough for the liberals to win atkinson's seat.

    Good luck guys! Hope we get this!

    Here's wishing you the best, G4C.

    Gamers4Croydon do not need to win their elected seat to oust Michael Atkinson. If Mike Rann loses his position as SA Premier, the incoming Premier will elect her own cabinet, including a new Attorney General.

    It doesn't matter if you live in Croydon; a vote against Labor is a vote against Atkinson.

      Bit late to say this after the ballots have closed...

      But voting AGAINST Labor (in your own area if you don't live in Croydon) isn't the right choice to go about it.

      If one person has the opinion that they want a R18 rating but live in Henley Beach, they shouldn't vote for Liberal JUST because of that. They should vote for who they believe is the best choice for the seat their area lies within.

      Encouraging people to vote against Labor in different areas even if Labor's promises etc.. are better for one area to another is the wrong attitude. Either way, good luck to G4C, not long before results are revealed!

    That last sentence is SPOT ON!
    The fact is that Michael Atkinson is so immature and blind to the issue that it has pissed everyone off.

    He won't acknowledge it and all his references are games that have been refused classification everywhere else, in territories that have a R18+ rating or a similar rating for adults.

    The fact that other persons who are against an R18+ rating can talk about this issue or sit down in a mature and appropriate matter says a lot about who Michael Atkinson is and how serious he takes his job.

    I pray for success for G4C - less than 24 hours for the result!

    It's a shame that an issue that affects all of Australia will be decided by votes from one small part. I live in Brisbane and wish I could do my part.

    GL G4C

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