Atkinson's Successor Named - Pro R18+?

Gamepron reports that Mike Rann, who remains SA Premier after the recent election, has announced his new cabinet with John Rau in the position of Attorney-General. Michael Atkinson, long opposed to an R18+ rating for video games in Australia, decided to step down from the Attorney-General position after winning his election over the weekend, but will remain on the back bench until 2014. As for his stance on R18+...

Chris Prior of the Gamers4Croydon party has this to say on his Twitter:

New SA Attorney-General is John Rau, a supporter or the R18+ classification for games (and a nice guy, to boot)


    Need more info on his thoughts!!!

    has kotaku tried to contact him?

    might be interesting to see what his stance is.

    Chris Prior's twitter states that Rau is for the rating.

    According to Chris Prior's (Gamers4Croydon) twitter, he's a supporter of R 18+ games.

    is it just me or does he look like Michael Atkinson's younger more attractive brother

    i could be wrong

      When I read this I got a mental picture of them both in high school: Steve was always the popular jock who went out with all the hottest cheerleaders, while Michael was the gangly hall monitor and captain of the chess club...

        Where did I get steve from? I mean John obviously..

          you got him from me.

        The thing is, most of us here would have been, or still are, gangly hall monitors and captains of chess clubs ;)

          what evs dweeb

        Jock... cheerleaders... so he went to highschool in america?

          In my mind, yes. I blame it on a childhood full of clichéd 80's movies about karate and time-travel

        Being captain of the Chess team was one of my favourite things about school! :D

      At least he doesn't have the paedophile-smile.

    according to a twitter tweet he supports R18+ and is a nice guy, i think we have found our jesus :D

      Yeah, and this guy actually exists. And he's not some shonky builder either!

    Hoping his love for books has more influence on his decisions than his kids do!

      An intellectual? Oh, mercy, we are saved!!!!

        An intellectual...? That's just down right unaustralian!

    Dude kind of looks like the Canadian PM... lets hope he's not as conservative as the Canadian PM.

      Not all self-labelled "conservatives" are socially conservative (i.e. anti-gay, anti-drug, anti-games, pro-religion).

      The Canadian PM certainly can't be called anti-gay, and Canada's marijuana laws have been loosenned up recently.

      "Conservative" is a very broad label which means different things in different countries. Even in one country, lets take the US as an example, there are many different types of "conservative" and all of them disagree with each other. You have everyone from Cato-Institute-style Libertarians (or classical liberals) to hardcore Christian Coalition types. And they agree with each other on basically nothing.

      "Conservatism" is an electoral coalition at best. It is not any ideological commonality. It basically refers to "anyone that the academic left does not like."

    I found this, a question Rau asked Atkinson years ago in parliament:

    My question is to the Attorney-General. Can the Attorney-General inform the house whether he will support moves to introduce an R rating classification for computer games sold in Australia, or will games that are unsuitable for minors continue to be refused classification?

    Now, not to get my hopes up too high, he does sound critical of the lack of an R18.

      @Joshy206 - don't forget they're on the same team so being critical wasn't an option. Reads like he was trying to save face whilst appealing to the youngsters. A nothing question, really.

    theyve still got to convince the other attorney generals, contrary to popular belief there were other attorney generals that weren't sure about 18+

      Hopefully the overwhelming support from the discussion paper submissions will sway any who are on the fence.

      yup but the thing is do they want to cop the flak that atkinson caught

      atkinson was there bulletproof armor they knew hed never fold so there views on it were basically irrelevant

      though now if they want to prevent the R18+ rating theyll have to come out of the shadows which can mean G4C can become Lets try and get all friendly AG's

      although i still believe the fact that we need a unanimous ruling from them must really be conteractive to them doing things of a countrywide scale

      As far as I'm aware, the only person claiming such was Atkinson himself. Somehow I can't help but doubt that.

      but they'll vote whichever way makes them look good. all the blame went to atkinson, and i dont think people want to see a repeat of that.

      This was a farication crafted by Atkinson. The other A-Gs were previously pro R18+ (a couple were pretty outspoken about it) but kept quiet about it in the leadup to the discussion paper because they didn't want anyone looking to submit a response to think the debate was a foregone conclusion.

        Ugh, fabrication^

      Considering the amount of public backlash Atkinson faced for what was a PERSONAL VENDETTA and not a party position, I like to think that the AGs will instead not bring personal beliefs into the issue and just look at the facts from the discussion papers + public response on the issue

      Of course, in this unrealistic reality there is also universal health care, Morgan Freeman is the voice of Melbournes public transport system and Federation Square is NOT an atrocious piece of architecture.

    Hopefully what the Twitter post says is true, this whole thing really has turned into a bad joke.

    His mugshot doesn't make my stomach churn. That's a plus.

    Going with the general theme of these comments. Personally i think he looks like the Russian PM Vladimir Putin.

    Anyway i think its the closest we will ever get to the "mythical" R18+ classification as there is still a high chance that another AG will choose to veto and we are back to square. Fingers crossed

    "a supporter or the R18+ classification for games"


    I'm trying not to get excited... I wonder if this guy knows that if he changes Atkinson's vote, he'll be not only a hero to gamers, but sort of making history?

      He might make Kevin Rudd cry, too.

    As long as he doesn't hate the gaming community. We just want someone who is willing to hear our views.

    Well now the opinions will come out.. woulnd't it be funny if ALL THIS TIME we have bagged and bagged Atkinson and some other ultra-conservative A-G announces their opposition to an R18 rating... *shudders*

      That wouldn't be funny at all, it'd be bloody terrible.

      Seriously though, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy's feelings about the issue change now that he's in a position to take heat for them. Lets hope he's got some backbone.

      I think many kept silent for the risk of making GAMERS look bad to the collection of A-Gs.

      I agree - it wouldn't be funny at all.

      But then it would be time for this new person to receive emails from the electorate and have pressure put on them to consider the facts in a fair and balanced manner, and not disrupt the will of the people because they're inconsiderate and unknowledgeable about the matter.

    We can but hope this guy realises that to protect the children games must be classified correctly AND should the R18+ rating be introduced then non-gamer parents must be educated (I made a few suggestions in my submission)

    I'm going to miss you Michael.

    Even if some other AG doesn't like the idea of R18+ games, hopefully he or she is open to discussion and willing to listen to reason and common sense, unlike Mr Atkinson.

    Confirming what Mr Prior has said

    I'm still alittle skeptical. I won't believe he's pro R18 until Mr.Rau says it himself.

    This gives the tweet slightly more context:

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