Reader Review: God Of War III Community Event

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This review was submitted by Jason Ranieri. If you’ attended the God of War III Community Event, or just want to ask Jason more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

God of War III Community Event

Last week I won a competition to go to a God of War III community event. It was filled with (obviously) press from all the main contenders (Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot etc) and winners from the competitions the respective sites run. This mixed with an assortment of booze, nibblies and plasmas running some hectic Kratos action.

The night introduced us to two of the key players in the GOW franchise: Bruno Velazquez, lead in-game animator, and Jonathan Hawkins, senior designer at Sony Santa Monica Studios. They ran through the evolution of Kratos and managed to get through it spoiler free. Kudos.


Kratos made an appearance all beefed up and looking bad-ass.

Bruno and Jonathan were down to earth guys just doing what they loved and seemed to be very appreciative of the gaming community as a whole. They politely answered our questions and jokingly dodged any give-a-ways for a new GOW game. (Did someone say prequel?)

Goodies bag! We walked away with a special edition God of War III in its own authentic wooden box (complete with bloodstains) with art-book, media CD (containing all concept art, trailers etc) posters and a cool coin with Kratos’ head on it. Lucky I kept my receipt from my GOW purchase days earlier!

We got an insight into where Kratos came from, and how he was developed as a character. It was very interesting to see Kratos develop from unlikely hero carrying a puppy into the badass that we all know and love. Yep that’s right, I said puppy.

That Junglist checked the spam email, otherwise I would’ve gotten there and been brushed at the door.


That I didn’t win the raffle of the awesome poster signed by all the developers.

The space was a bit cramped but now I am just nitpicking.

Overall the night was a great success. I got to put faces to some of the reviewers that I have been reading for years, while enjoying getting some inside information on one of my most beloved franchises.

Thanks again Kotaku.

Reviewed by: Jason Ranieri

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    It was a good event. I even got to ask the developers what they thought of GDC at the end; nice blokes, and they deserve all the success they get.

    Mummy, what's a liggarati? ;D

    Twas a good night, I learnt alot and I have nothing but respect for Johnathan and Bruno. Even when he was being pulled away by PR reps, Johnthan took the time to fully answer my question. Thanks for the ticket, Kotaku!

    Twas indeed a great night!
    Im pretty sure there was some fecal matter running down the side of my leg, upon witnessing that GOW III box.
    Thanks Kotaku and all involved for giving me the chance to attend...and yes, that includes the fecal part.

    Awesome night indeed, and thank you to all involved. My boxed copy now has a place of pride in my gaming collection!


    Was the artbook y'all got the same as the GoW3 Ultimate Edition one? Cardboard-y-paper, a little bigger than a CD?

    If not, I'm seriously annoyed I didn't enter the competition.

      It's not really an artbook that came with it, it's specifically more media oriented, it's about 5 pages that fold out like an accordion, where there is a bunch of text on some outlining the plot of God Of War III and such. The rest of the pages are nicely covered with images from the game and concept art. On the front page there is a wax mark of the God Of War symbol/logo...

      It's alot larger as well, the box is about 20cm x 25cm, so it fits just inside those dimensions.

    Hey, to the guys who got the wooden box press kit, quick question: Did it only come with one disc, which contains the game and bonus stuff, or a seperate disc and seperate game?

      Yes, we got media kits.

      We got the usual, plus 2 discs.

      A DVD and Game disc.

        Oh man! :(

        I won the same media kit off, but I didn't get a media disc :(

        Does your GOWIII game say anything on it? Mine says "Review Code", I wonder what it means............

          Review Code is nothing different really from the final release. It's basically something to signify that it's not a "retail" copy, and thus technically shouldn't be sold.

          Perhaps you contact Sony and see if you were meant to receive it.

          The media disc is a bunch of screenshots, there are some high res images also which would make some nice photos...

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