Reader Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii)

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a reboot of the long running Silent Hill franchise offering a new take on the original title.


Not A Remake: Shattered Memories takes some basic themes of the original titles and goes in an entirely different direction. The Silent Hill fan should be pleased with being able to play something new and innovate with this ageing franchise. The ability to shape the story with the choices you make will draw you in an unnerve you.

Wiitastic: The latest iteration can be found on the PS2 and PSP but the Wii version is definitely the one to play. Fantastic use of motion controls and the Wiimote speaker too. One of the better examples of how Nintendo’s unique features on the Wii can further immerse you in a game.

Mature: Shattered Memories not only deals with some mature themes but conveys them to the player in a very mature fashion as well. One of the strongest aspects of the title.


The Not So Great Escape: The ‘nightmare’ sequences in the game are just that. Clunky controls paired with the nightmare on screen makes deaths quick and frustrating. An intentional design choice perhaps but it will leave you angry rather than scared.

Buggy: The second time the game crashed on me it corrupted my save. A half hour away from beating the game I had to start over. The game would crash on me two more times after that. Playing an import of the US release I hope the local release irons out some of the bugs I encountered.

I’m of two minds with Shattered Memories. The atmosphere of the game is a great return to form for the series but the gameplay during nightmare sequences are a real turn off and a detriment to the game. The bugs don’t help either. I hope Climax get another chance with a sequel to tighten up the gameplay as the formula established in Shattered Memories is a winning one.

This is a great game for a fan of Silent Hill or for anyone looking for some quality mature content on their Wii. I was able to overcome some gameplay issues and enjoy this game and would recommend readers out there to give the title a chance too.

Reviewed by: Kenneth Barmby-Spence

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