What Are You Playing This Weekend?

With my 360 off getting repaired, I've been spending a lot more time with my PS3 than I normally would. Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and Yakuza 3 have all occupied my time in recent weeks, to varying degrees of enjoyment.

But the most pleasure I've had is revisiting Valkyria Chronicles. I downloaded all the DLC and started a new game on the hardest difficulty. It's a total and utter bastard. But otherwise, reacquainting myself with Squad 7 of the Gallian militia has been just the tonic after the previous JPRG I played.

I'm also going to be checking out Just Cause 2 for some crazy antics before heading into yet another JRPG in Resonance of Fate.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Final Fantasy XIII. I'm up to the chapter 9 boss. He kicked my butt last night, but I formulated a strategy in my sleep, so I am going to show him. Then maybe some RE5 so I can access Josh, I mean that separate ways rip off...

    Burnout Paradise and MW2

    Hey Dave, can you let us know what Just Cause 2 is like.

    On topic, This weekend I'll be venturing to Pandora and spending some time with James Cameron's Avatar. After that I'll be heading for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

    I'll probably squeeze in some Lazy Raiders as well to break things up a bit. Great little game but I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone that couldn't handle that rotating Tetris Kotaku linked to a while ago.

    Final Fantasy XIII. Might throw some Bad Company 2 in there if I can actually connect.

    Gonna jump into Yakuza 3

      Should've been called Legal Guardian 3.

      But I must admit I've enjoyed playing it so far. Just wish it would hurry up and get a bit more gangsta and a little less babysitter.

    I picked up my Black Wii last night, so it's going to be new Super Mario Bros FTW!, also due to my internet cap moving to a 50GB plan, I'll be downloading all the content I have queued on my PSN account.

    Just finished Heavy Rain last night. Was playing a bit of SFIV with my TE stick this morning and if there's time, will probably get stuck into Bioshock 2.

    Hard mode for a new game? I thought difficulty levels only existed for skirmish battles. Is there new DLC for difficulty levels for the main game? >goes to Wikipedia<

      Yes, I meant the skirmish battles. Poor phrasing on my part.

    BC2 (PC). Oh, and the clipal 500 :) Might record it to my PS3.

    I am actually playing DoW2 Chaos Rising which has surprised me so much. What an excellent game! I think in terms of gameplay, intensity and story it is so much better then the vanilla Dow2. Easily one of my favourite games this year (so far - right up there with Mass 2).

    Also planning on getting some BC2 MP in as well.

    Digging out some recent oldies this weekend. Advance Wars: Dual Strike for a long car trip today, then tonight or tomorrow I'll bust out some Company of Heroes multiplayer with my bros.

    Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising. It's totally rad. There's nothing like the sound of a Dreadnaught Assault Cannon in the morning... FOR THE EMPEROR!

    I'm continuing to work through my Evil Fallout 3 character, as well as my Infamous-difficulty Far Cry 2 game.

    Oh, and I discovered Doodle Jump, which will most likely be my most played game for the weekend if my wrist doesnt snap.


    FFXIII. Might also play some Megaman 10 and ODST or Modern Warfare 2 if either of them show up soon enough (ordered 'em online to get them both like $40 cheaper than even GAME is selling them for).

    My Final Fantasy copy hasn't arrived yet, so, some Bioshock 2 multiplayer will suit me just fine. I'm a little bit disappointed that it just seems to be an unlock code for the Sinclair Solutions Test Pack, unless it was in an update I didn't notice to the game.

    And possibly some of the Just Cause 2 demo.

      Most multiplayer DLC works that way. The content is pushed to every player via a title update then unlocked for those who purchase it. Otherwise it would create problems for matches involving players with and without the DLC.

        Thanks for the reply, David. I'd figured that out but yeah, couldn't actually remember a title update. :)


          Though this seems to say it *was* already on the disc 'to keep the player base together'. Surely they could have made a patch that included the more data as you suggested to keep us together?

            I hadn't seen that quote at the time. They don't actually say it *is* on the disc, but given they don't say it *isn't* you'd have to assume it is. Poor form, 2K.

              Poor form 2K, is the multiplayer community that doesn't have a HDD to store DLC really so big that they would affect the online experience? Do people without HDD's even buy points? Why not just allow access to the content from launch.. or a FREE unlock?! The argument of restricting content until a certain date to keep the game fresh and new can still apply, no need to charge people for it though.
              The one thing that I'd imagine splitting the community is price, and not users available storage space or their download quota.

    I loved Valkyria Chronicles haven't gotten the DLC yet but when I have no more new games to play I think i'll revisit it and get the DLC. Currently playing Yakuza 3 and loving it!

    Did anyone else sign up to the FF14 beta?


      Oh, there's a EU section?
      Despite registering for a european account and inputting the FFXIII code in that account, when they sent me the email to apply for the beta it linked to the NA application, which refused my euro account, so I thought it was NA only.
      Way to give the wrong link, Square-Enix.

        ...Or not. It's still refusing it.
        Probably should have tried before just seeing the /eu/ part and making that comment.

          Yeah I'm having the same problem. It wasn't accepting my eu login, so I went in a set up another one through the beta application website, but now that won't accept my code...

      I was going to, however EB gave me a 360 code instead of a PS3 one, and I tried the 360 one and it turns out its already been used. EB are hopeless. -.-
      I'm going back this week and damnding a PS3 code, I really want to have the chance to try out the beta.

    Final Fantasy XIII, and maybe some Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I'm up to Chapter 5 in FFXIII. I don't care what the haters say, I'm having fun with it.

    Second playthrough of Mass Effect and possibly some Assassin's Creed II.

    Yakuza 3 fo sho I sooo hope they release 4 in english or im gonna be pissed

      NO, that's a terrible idea! One of the best things about Yakuza is the Japanese language track! There is nothing worse than listening to shitty american voice overs in Japanese games! That being said, the voice acting in FFXIII isn't too bad. Although the young red haired chick, Vanille is pretty bad. Which is unfortunate because she is an Australian...but I think that's her downfall..she is trying to do a different accent but her Australian accent keeps creeping through.

      Anywho, I'll be digging deeper into FFXIII, playing some BFBC2 MP and a bit of Lego Rock Band thrown in for good measure.

    Bought Yakuza 3 while it was on launch-window sale, but I think I'll leave it for a couple of weeks until God of War 3 has come and gone. Nothing else gets played when a new GOW game comes out, so best to keep the decks clear :)

    Will be having another run through Heavy Rain (I'll try not to get you killed this time, Norman, I promise), and maybe start New Game+ in Demon's Souls.


    Also the RUSE beta, giving that a shot.

    Also a touch of Advance Wars DS, some Animal Crossing DS and possibly will start HL2 Episode 2.

    Chaos Rising, Lego Universe Beta and R.U.S.E Beta. There will probably be some Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer in there as well.

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