What Are You Playing This Weekend

Hello gang! Man, been a while since I've written one of these. I've missed it.

What have I been playing since I left the Kotaku hotseat? Not much to be perfectly honest. I've sorta been going back and loosely playing games I didn't have time for back in the day: Metal Gear Solid V, Grow Home. I loved The Last Guardian. That's probably the last 'big' release I played. I've also played a metric buttload of Super Mario Run. An embarrassing amount if I'm being honest.

And you've actually got me at a good time. For the first time I'm on trend. I just got a copy of Nioh and I'm super excited to play it. That's what I'm planning to play this weekend.

How about you?


    Picking at different Wii U games before the Switch comes out. Going through Yoshi's Wooly World with the wife, and maybe something else. Wooly World is great for co-op, but the levels are quite long, so we only generally want to play one or two levels at a time. Makes for slow going.

      The difficulty doesn't help either

    It's going to be Ark for me this weekend. Just got back in to it. I remember why I stopped playing but I need to kill time before the Switch comes out.

    I'm going to beat the last three key dungeons on FFXV because I hate myself.

    For Honor open beta for me!

    Started Nioh last night - I am hopeless at the bosses, but having fun with the rest. Also, the crafting/gearing system looks addictive as hell.

      I've gotten to the lady boss and she's got me beat as she constantly paralyses you. Luckily there's an article with some good tips that should hopefully get me through.

        Got to her tonight - found her a lot easier than the big Oni with the balls, tho I hadn't realised how big a difference stances make to damage output when I fought him. Make sure you stack paralysis resistance (I used the Archer armour) and learn the tells and how to dodge the attacks, and the paralysis won't be too much of a problem.

          Before her I never really blocked any attack, just dodged. Once I figured out her attack pattern it became easy. Stay close, bait out a combo while blocking. If she does the big spin, keep blocking. If she does her lame kicks, just step back and hit her with a high stance spear attack. Pretty much it.

    Still plugging away at darksiders 2 so hopefully some progress on that.
    Completed shadow warrior last week so need to decide if I want to try some of it at a harder difficulty or do some cheevo whoring in it

    going through Diablo 3

      Haha I started a seasonal hero last night, Haven't played it in ages previous to that. Still don't have reaper of souls but I don't think it's worth it for myself as I wasn't really getting into it anyway. I play for the story generally and I don't feel diablo 3 is a replayable story. The other elements of the game are great for replay-ability just not for me.

        Oh geese you are missing out in that case. Reaper of souls is pretty solid. Not to mention after you beat the game it becomes all about the adventure mode, and rifts and grifts.

        Diablo 3 has come a long way now, RoS is really good and now with the new updates its really worth getting back into

        @benredbeard yes thats what im going to aim to do this weekend - rifts and have some time in ad mode

    Continuing my play through of Final Fantasy VII

    I have one more case in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments then I will try and go back to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood which I was enjoying but struggling with. If that doesn't pan out, maybe some of my backlog of PC adventure games, or my biannual replay of The Dig.

      How's Crimes & Punishments? I played Testament on PS3 and it was pretty cool. I've got Crimes & Punishments from PS+ but haven't touched it yet.

        I'm really enjoying it. I love putting clues together to form deductions and then when you have potential outcomes, actually thinking through the logic of everything you've seen and heard to decide which ones are accurate.

    Wasteland 2 this weekend and for the foreseeable future.

    I will be continuing to plough through Nioh and also try to get a good feel of For Honor.

    I'm going to try and play the 20 year old Westwood Blade Runner game which I have the original game box with CD-ROMs!!!! The best part is that I've just found my Dad's old PC running Windows 95 and it boots up fine (after a bit of dusting etc).

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    Same thing I do every weekend. Try to get disappointment boxes!

    So Overwatch. Gonna play more overwatch

      I've got every New Year legendary that I want except D.Va, but every time I get that golden glow it turns out to be a non-New Year one... :-(

      I'd also like Bastion's rooster skin but I keep on getting emotes, poses and highlight intros...

      At least I got Winston's Sun Wu Kong and Tracer's Rose.

      But yeah, generally disappointment. My only consolation is that I have almost 10K in credits so I'll just buy D.Va at the last minute if the RNG keeps playing silly buggers.

        I've gotten no skins from the new years event. RNG seems to hate me as I always get snipers in Mystery heroes

    I finished wolfenstein: the new order last weekend. So i have to see if I want to tackle Hitman ep 3 or Brothers: a tale of two sons or Wolfenstein the old blood this weekend.

    Doing the unthinkable and taking a breather from Witcher 3 and playing some Hitman.

    For some reason I started playing Destiny again...what is life?

    I'm going to try Little Big Planet 3. My wife might actually give it a go.

    ...Elite: Dangerous...


    In the middle of some reno and will fire up the PS4 when I'm done with that I guess.

    Hooked up the ol' PS3 to my PC monitor so I'll be smashing out some Ni No Kuni and Sly Cooper. Maybe some FarCry Primal and Rise of the Tomb Raider if the mood strikes.

    Just finished Neverending Nightmares on Vita (it's alright but not great) and am now in the middle of Stein's Gate (it's so otaku it hurts. The MC is so well written too.)


    Still going on Yakuza 3.


    Maybe For Honor open beta on Nioh breaks.

    I'll be beating people unconscious with bicycles, eating ramen, maybe hit up some karaoke, see how I go.

    TLDR: I'm playing Yakuza 0.

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