What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Let's be honest. Everyone's going to be playing the same thing at least once. Pokemon GO.

But other things exist, right?

There's a Facebook event organised for a Pokemon GO walk in Sydney. It started out with a handful of people. And then it grew into a handful more.

Now more than 10,000 people have registered their interest. I doubt that many will show up, especially if the weather continues to remain grey and gloomy. But then people have already been braving the cold and the wind for Pikachus and Charmanders.

The appeal is insane.

I've also started exploring the MyLeague mode of the NBA 2K series. I'm one of those people who only just played the one-player story mode, and it's a little tricky learning which players I need to be controlling at which times. I'm playing on Hall of Fame difficulty, but I'm not defending very well. Maybe I'll get better over the weekend.

What will you be playing? Besides Pokemon GO, obviously.



    I might also chug through a bit more Force Unleashed now I got around their stupid no download thing for digital copies. That game is ridiculously fun. I was holding a resistance dude over a railing and he was trying to shoot me and any time he'd shoot he'd do like three back flips. So it ended up me moving him slightly after each shot to see if he could hit me, if he could I'd set him down at the other end of the bridge I was on and be on my merry way. Cut to 10 minutes later and he nearly gets me, but I'd accidentally moved him in the way of a tie fighter ... things didn't end well

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    Finalled got my platinum trophy for Broken Age (man that speed run is pretty tight).

    Got my promotion in Overwatch - currently level 105 and got my second D.Va Legendary skin (June Bug and B.Va FTW).

    Probably play some Table Top Racing on PS4 with my mate.

    Probably play some more Persona 4 Arena on PS3 (just in it for the story).

    Definitely, hopefully finish Fire Emblem Fates Birthright (sitting at about 63 hours so far).

    Persona 4. PS2.


    I'm about to go up against Rise's dungeon boss but the dungeons in these games are an absolute slog.

    What Personas should I be looking at fusing at around this stage of the game? I'm around Level 30 and I know there's no real best Personas but still, I'm confusing about the fusion mechanics and really don't want waste one I'm doing really well with.

    Yukiko, the band camp girl, and Uncle Detective are my current high level social links.

    But, those dungeons. I NEED to know how I can readily regain or conserve SP. I'm sick of wussing out to an early dungeon and casting 'Invigorate 2' over and over.

    Please, no spoilers.

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      With my personas I was just fusing to make sure I had a well rounded team with as many spell types as possible. You'll always end up fusing - even your current top ones. Just make sure you have each strong spell.

      For SP I just used to use stuff from the vending machine to top up, it was always a bit of a struggle but I did the dungeons first go.

      Been a little while since I played P4G but as I recall at that level the fusions weren't terribly important. What I found to be more important was properly identifying and hitting enemy weaknesses, preferably with area attacks. In the early dungeons I also seem to remember that there are no easy ways to regain SP. I don't think you can change the difficulty mid-game either, right?

        I'm currently about to go against a boss I've read about which apparently is weak to ice attacks, I'm rocking the following:

        King Frost

        And a few others (twelve all up). I'm without Yosuke so not concerned with wind attacks. Chie = ice, Yukiko - fire, Kanji - lightning. I'm going in as ice as well. So you're saying I should - later on - concentrate on fusing personas that each have a proper spread of different attacks? I haven't even given a proper look at physical-attack-leaning or healer personas either.

        My issue with SP is manageable, but yikes I could be spending my yen on more important things than vending machines surely? I apparently need to farm a certain enemy's drops to get the merchant to create a certain item that replenishes SP now.

        I'm doing beginner difficulty so I get the 'heal everybody at once with HP and SP' item whenever my character dies. I'm down to four left though.....

          Yeah, my strategy was to try and have at least two party members (including MC) that could cast any given element. That usually meant that MC had to fuse a persona that would have at least three out of the four elements, preferably four. There's one party member that you haven't got yet that I'd give a quad element + light/dark + almighty. It's a little tough to fuse one of those up at low levels though.

          For your boss fight, I can't spoil it, but you'll find that there is a part of the fight where ice is definitely not a good option and you won't want anyone weak to ice in your party without appropriate protection (although guarding can reduce the damage to Yukiko for example). Physical attacks are a good way to go, and you'll also need to keep healed up, guarding whenever a 'big attack' is telegraphed (you will get at least a turn's notice). If you can guard during the big attacks, keep healed up and just keep on hitting with physical, you should be OK.

    Continuing on with Valkyria Chronicles if I have a chance. My wife will probably want to play Lego Dimensions and continue collecting the gold bricks so I may be stuck playing that.
    Otherwise in Birthright my main character and his waifu Hana are about to defeat his brother. Sad times ahead.

      In my game Hana married Ryoma. Orochi best girl.

      OK, I like Rhajat (she is so similar to Tharja from Awakening) but her VA is way too deep/smoky-voiced for my liking.

        I've decided not to bother with my super powered children in this run. I'll wait for my Revelations run.
        The girls in Birthright are great. Orochi, Oboro, Kagero, Setsuna.
        Then you get to the guys... They are mostly moody,sullen, miserable people especially Takumi and Hayato. No waifus for them!

          Lol, Dwyer is the most emo of emo guys. He's Jacob's son.

          My most OP children are Spear Master Shiro (Ryoma's son), Hoshidan Noble Kana (Corrin's daughter), Sniper Kiragi (Takumi's son) and Paladin Sophie (Silas's daughter). I've found that the archers in Fates are extremely OP compared to Awakening, whilst magic has been toned down.

          Mitama is surprisingly crappy compared to how OP her father Great Master Azama is.

            Nah reclass Mitama as soon as you get her with the great lord seal. She's has better stats to be a physical attacker and not a magic user

    I'll be playing my standards - Overwatch and Hearthstone, of course. But on top of that I'll endeavour to finish Furi and will probably give Evolve a shot now that it's free to play.

    Inside, seeing as it saw its PC release yesterday. Furi and Gat Out of Hell, as they're free on PS+ this month. Destiny, as I still need to finish the Mountaintop quest chain.

    Pokemon Go
    Up to the final challenge (at least that is what it is called) in you must build a boat so likely finish that off
    AC:Black flag installed so might start that

    Same thing we do every weekend Pinky...Play Overwatch/Fire Emblem when I actually have some time...

      Try and take over the world....????

        Of course. I thought that was a given. It's what takes up all my time!

    @alexwalker i find the trick with defence (and offence) in 2K on higher difficulties is spacing, just try and stay in front of your direct opponent (as you would in a real game) try and keep under about a meter in front with your hand up in the player grill and they wont take many shots (unless they have to due to shot clock etc). Cant get away with the easy steals and blocks like you can on lower difficulties, you have to get those from playing help defence (double teams or playing the passing lanes)

    I usually try and stay on the ball handler when playing defence for this reason (to try and force shots or provide double teams etc) but if I'm playing a team with a big inside presence I'll switch to the big and patrol the paint (keeping between their big and the basket to avoid easy post moves or cuts to the basket)

    also try and switch up your defence sets every so often ( a couple of time a quarter at least), it'll keep the offence guessing and wont let them get in rhythm (making the shots less likely to fall)

    well I was going to keep working my way through Witcher 3 and maybe start a new run of XCom2 this weekend (with all DLC). But Alex has just refuelled my desire to get back and play some more NBA 2k so thanks to Alex for that.

    Go Celtics.....!!!!

    Maybe I can try and replicate next years team including Horford (or make the trade for Jimmy Butler that seems to be more and more likely to happen in real life as time goes on)

      I think 2k actually have the rosters updated but i havent played for a while.

        Yeah not sure as I haven't played it for a while either, think Horford only officially signed today (7th is the first actual day they can sign, other days are just for offers and verbal agreements). not sure if they would have updated it as yet, just in case one of the proposed trades/signings ends up like DeAndre Jordan last year and pulls a swifty!!

        I'll know soon enough when I get home, after no doubt suffer through PS4 updates (I usually game on PC and save PS4 XBone for multiplayer or exclusives so haven't had the PS4 on for a while) and then a painfully slow 2k update after that.......so maybe, like next week I'll be able to play!!!

    Pokemon Go might get a run, no doubt other than that i am busy with work this weekend so not much time for anything else.

    Dying Light: The Following. Finished the main game earlier in the week and had an hour with this. Pretty cool so far. It's a bit of a game changer.

    Finally bought Until Dawn so I'm looking forward to that!

    Also will be jumping back in to Red Dead Redemption now that it's backwards compatible.

      Until Dawn is actually pretty fun! Think of it like one of those "so bad it's good" teen horror movies but in game form and you'll love it.

      E.g. "don't get naked, that means you'll definitely die!", "the call was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!", "let's split up, that's a great idea". That kind of thing.

        Yeah I'm a massive fan of Horror movies both legit and cheesy so I'm probably gonna enjoy myself :)

    I've recently gotten back into The Witcher 3 after upgrading my GPU and monitor, so I'll probably continue playing that. Finished the main game and bought both expansions.

    Partway through Hearts of Stone, so I'll finish that and then move on to Blood and Wine.

    Man I'd forgotten how much I love this game.

      I rebought it on PC so I could enjoy it with my new 1070. Such a good game, just a shame the combat is a bit boring (after playing Dark Souls). Also, why does it is always have hurricane-level wind?

        That's exactly my situation (except without rebuying it). I have to say, a 1070 sure does make it look preeeeeeetty!

        To be fair, all combat seems a bit boring after DS haha. As far as mainstream RPGs go I think it's honestly not too bad. A big step up from The Witcher 2 anyway!

        As far as the wind goes, I'm surprised there isn't a mod to reduce it. There's plenty to increase it though.

          I can't make the 1070 choke at 1080p, its a nice overkill until games start to overtake it - probably sooner than later. It's nice to see it making mincemeat of my backlog!

            That's why you should upgrade to 1440p ;) That's how these justifications work right?

    TF2, they've released a major update and I never understood the Pokemon thing, so I'm not playing that. Also Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Fire Emblem: Fates.

    Pokémon Go, Fire Emblem Fates, Rocket League, CS:GO and probably some more Undertale

    Hmm, well there's some RPGs I could be doing. At the moment though I'm spending a lot of time in Competitive mode for Overwatch. Although I'm thinking of quitting that soon.

    I'm just stupefied over the player base. It was annoying enough in Quick Play, but in Competitive play, how the fucking hell do you still not know how to play the game? I'm still getting players who are just clueless over the game. Who still don't know what the point is. Who play characters to improve their K/D ratio. Who still believe that characters are unbalanced and blame their team for when they fail.

    No Torbjorn, building a turret in response to a Reinhardt will not suddenly cause a switch to victory. No, Winston is not a hard counter to 4 Reapers. Widowmaker, when I shout 4 times that a Reaper is sneaking up on her, I'm not suggesting you try and kill as much people as you can before you die, I'm suggesting you change positions.

    You would think this would be a mode where everybody would be on voicechat, but they rarely are and if they are they're never making calls. I feel like I'm the only person pointing out which hero is coming from which direction. Which feels pointless cause they still ignore my shouts and get knocked off the map by Lucio.

    Then people who have chat then start shitting on me for talking, for daring to try and win the match with my team, for daring to try strategies and team work instead of lone wolfing for my precious K/D ratio. Then they start mocking my call outs by imitating generic army lingo. Like, if my team aren't going to try, why the fuck should I?

    Do you know why I'm trying? Because there's a ranking system, it's there for a reason. Doesn't help that it's one of the most bullshit designed ranking systems ever. You barely rank up by 1/15 of a level whenever you win. You pretty much have to get a 10-15 win streak just to rank up once. Then you enter a match with stupid teammates who can't even get the first point and you drop a full level. A full night of hard work can be removed by a single loss.

    I was placed at rank 65 (even with 3 games of bad teammates), I managed to rank up to 73. Now I've de-ranked down to 63.

    Why? Why are you in Competitive play? I know that your exp level isn't a measure of skill but a level 20 non-prestiged player in ranked play is just going to waste my time. Just stay in Quick Play. It's there for a reason.

    I don't mind losing a good game. But I get absolutely angry at people who just don't know how to play, don't even try, have no desire to improve, and taking up space in Competitive play.

      I was proud to lead a team to victory on Ilios last night in Quick Play. I was level 100 and was the last to pick a hero. I picked Lucio. My team mates had chosen, Bastion, Reaper, Reaper, Soldier 76, Bastion. They had a combined level of about 50 between them. What a game, though! I played like I'd never played before, and it helped that the other team were almost as green as mine (although they also had a Lucio, at least). At one stage our team had three bastions trying to sit on the Ilios Ruins map. It was gloriously bad, but great fun.

      I've played two comp games so far and won both, but boy, the intensity of those games was like nothing else. No-one on voice chat but everyone at least knew enough to play in a co-operative way. Picking the right mix of heroes etc.

      Hopefully comp and quick play will settled down after a while, but I agree with you that the comp ranking system is pretty bizarre.

    I might play some Red Dead or maybe The Last Of Us (again).

    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Red Dead Redemption
    Rocket League

    Still halfway through Inside. So that.
    Maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Kings quest chapter 3... loving it at the moment mainly because of the Nostalgia, but it also has some great/funny moments.
    Maybe a bit of F04 Far Harbor if I finish that

    Got stuck on Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. He's going to die this weekend come hell or high water.

    And I'm heavily into Final fantasy IX again, there's my weekend sorted.

    Pokemon Go if I have to walk anywhere, just want to get to level 5 if I can.

    Otherwise Overwatch, Evolve (FTP on PC, I have on xbox one but the load times and game in general has improved), some Ark Survival Evolved and perhaps rocket league / download Red Dead.

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