What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I came back from overseas last weekend, so I have some catching up to do.

Basically that means I'll be playing a ton of Pokemon GO.

I know, most of you are probably over it at this stage. I get that. I don't even really know if I enjoy it, but I'm slowly succumbing to the mind-numbing need to level up. I also have a group of friends who are completely obsessed with the game, so I'll most likely get dragged all over Parramatta this weekend on Pokemon missions.

If I get the chance I'll probably also play a bit of Overwatch.

What are you all playing this weekend?


    I'll be playing the switching my console region to snag games that Devs can't be arsed to release in Australia game...

    Also Rainbow Six Seige because that's free all weekend and is basically counter strike without the criminal element

      US or Japan (region)?

        Thinking about Canada (similar exchange rate, only 5% sales tax makes it the cheapest option right now)

        Haven't checked out Hyper Light Drifter - I want SuperHot and I've decided that the developers (who keep claiming in Twitter that they're trying to get their game thru the ACB) are just jerking everybody's chain

        Sony somehow pulls a steam and doesn't care if the games are rated here or not

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      Referring to hyper light drifter? If yes, I feel your pain brah

        Hyper Ligh Drifter is available, isn't it? It's on the PlayStation store.

          Not on XBL yet. I have a PS4 but my mate is using it...

            Oh damn... I remember Oxenfree took ages to come to Xbox too. And the Gone Home console version. Stupid Australia...

    Pokemon.........Blue. Going to investigate that tower.

    Monster hunter. So much monster hunter.

    Also doing a drunken light gun games night. We have everything made for the wii on one TV: Ghost squad, overkill, dead space, and darkside chronicles.

    And the other CRT TV has the PlayStation with point blank and a couple of time crises.

    Pew pew!

    Finishing off Hyper Light Drifter and then tucking into Furi will be my main goal. On the side will be the new Shiren game and some Final Fantasy Explorers.

    Might get in some Pokemon Go time. Family stuff happening....although some of it will be in a park...

    Probably going to finish up a few easy achievements in Sunset Overdrive then move back onto Doom now that my wife is done with it.

    Stardew Valley is still amazing, so I'll definitely try to play some of that. The hard part is remembering to do something other than play Stardew Valley.

    Then again, I watched a Trauma Centre: Second Opinion speedrun last night and now I really want to scratch that itch. Under the Knife was one of my favourite games when it came out. Second Opinion... not so much. Still, that series was amazing and I want to play it.

    well, now I'm done with dark souls 3 I might play some more fallout 4. slowly crouching my way through far harbor with my silenced pistol is fun. Other than that gonna get a tattoo on sunday

      What tattoo?

        I'll be honest, no idea yet. One of the shops in FItzroy is having a flash sale, so it'll be you select something from one of the artists available designs and it'll start from $50 depending on the size and complexity.

        Basically just a huge heavily discounted sale and a very loooong day for the artists.

          Which shop?

            Heretic Tattoo - https://www.facebook.com/HereticTattooMelbourne/

              Thanks Tofu, looks like i have plans for Sunday now...

                WOO! If you see a big bearded dude knitting a baby blanket, there's like a 90% chance it's me waiting

    Saints Row IV, it's a lot of fun.

    Also working on costumes for PAX.

    I'm thinking a mix between doing the accounts, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and airbrushing some 40k gear.

    Overwatch, and some Alienation with a mate. I have been having strange Fallout 4 cravings though... or at least, RPG cravings.

    Also Yousician. Trying to learn a musical instrument in adulthood is balls up hard.

    What do you play Overwatch on, Mark?

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    Finished Persona 4 Arena. Might go for a few of the remaining trophies.

    Skylanders Trap Team. Picking me up my last trapmaster element I need today (Magic) with the exception of those rare (read EXPENSIVE) light/dark ones.

    Fire Emblem Fates Revelations - grinding and super-children ahoy!

    Miku? Miku.

    Ya know, I actually have no idea. Might restart Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect.

    Ugh... Eden Prime and the Citadel though...

      For me it's that bastard Krogan Warlord when you rescue the tentacled one. On insanity he can basically one-shot you if you aren't fast and lucky.

    Playing the wait for No Man's Sky game.

    Also, probably some Pokemon Go.

    Hyper light drifter PS4

    I'll try Overwatch and hope there's no "rubber-banding".

    Hyper Light Drifter. I beat the boss in the west and collected, uh, two diamonds? I'm really curious as to how long this game is.

    Also halfway through Just Cause 3. I really like the mechanisms of the grapple and wingsuit and everything. Frame rate is often very bad though.

    Metal Gear 3 & Undertale.
    Just finished 999 so might try another play through of that.

    I've had to RMA my new 1070 so not much this weekend. Now that D.Va has been buffed I would have wanted to play some more of her in Overwatch. Might get back to the 3DS to play some BoxBoxBoy! instead.

    Monster Hunter. Also Destiny, as I knocked off Flawless Raider on Monday out of curiosity/boredom, and now only have one trophy between me and platinum - I look forward to being the one person in Salvage capping the relic...

    Monster Hunter, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Might do some Warframe too.

    This weeks earlier article about what people are reading got me in a reading mood -.- however it is Eldritch Moon prerelease on MTGO this weekend so I'll more than likely play in a league or two.

    Ark! New update bringing in primitive mode. Should make the game more difficult. Cant wait.

    And pokemon GO when I need to get the blood flowing in my legs again.

    Yeah, well I'll be towed around behind a bike on a platform playing drums, which will connected to a PS4 that I will be playing Dark Souls 3 with, whilst on a Pokemon Go binge — which is an ongoing passion of mine — just in case you've never heard of it?

    Then, on top of that, I've got to mow the lawns, which should prove challenging...

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