What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'm finally going to do it. I've waited way too long to play Dreamfall Chapters. But it's finally out. It's finished. And while I doubt I'm going to work my way through the whole game, I'll be damned if I don't play at least the first chapter.

But what are you playing this weekend?

I'll undoubtedly be doing a little bit of Pokemon GO in the city, since I'm scheduled to do a little bit of ice-skating. I have no physical co-ordination whatsoever, so I'm sure I'll be terrible and end up facepalming several times. But it'll be fun. And since the pop-up rink is smack bang in the middle of a few Pokestops, I think I'll have a good amount of fun.

My partner and I also just finished Inside, which was an ... intriguing experience. I don't think I'm as high on the game as a lot of others seem to be, but that's a topic for another day.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    Inside, as it's out on PC now, some Destiny Crucible to finish off my moments of triumph, and some Furi and Gat Out of Hell as they're free on PS+. ie. Exactly what I said I'd do last week.

    Which probably means I'll get to Monday with none of that done, and another 32 hours sunk into Factorio. *sigh*

    I have no physical co-ordination whatsoever, so I’m sure I’ll be terrible and end up facepalming several times.

    Others will be facepalming. You shall be faceplanting.

    Meanwhile I'm going to get back into Stardew Valley. I sunk 30 hours into the game and then deliberately took a bit of a breather. The gameplay loop is just too perfect. It's too easy to get trapped and it becomes hard to judge if the game itself is enjoyable or if I'm just stuck in the loop.

    The entire time I haven't been playing, I've been wanting to get back into it. I wanted to start working on relationships with villagers. I wanted to explore more. I wanted to farm and pet my chickens and fish. I wanted to play the game. So I'm going to do that.

    I am going to Melbourne for the weekend, but late Sunday night I will be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition that I recently got in the Xbox One sale.

    I found Kirk Hamilton's guide very helpful and so far I understand all the events of DA:I. By so far, I mean Prologue. :p

      DA:I is a pretty awesome game, with some pretty cool lore behind it. If you get right into it, might be worth going back and playing Origins when you're done as well - it's pretty dense and text heavy, but it's such an awesome game that it's totally worth it :) either way, have fun with Inquisition! Some of the best characters in any game I've played are in it :)

    pokemon go proabably, try and slip in some rocket league if my friends are online. wouldnt mind some GTA V, but not likely.
    just got the latest humble bundle so might check a few of those games out too.

    I promised my wife I'd finally paint the kitchen like I've been putting off for 6 years so probably nothing, but if I get a few guilt-free moments here and there I hope to spend them with Sunset Overdrive. The more I play it, the worse I feel for completely missing the boat on this one. I hope there's a sequel.

    Most of the heat has died down, gonna check out the Division again

    Continuing my run of 100%ing Lego games, finished off Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World this week, so now it's on to finishing off Lego Marvel's Avengers and Lego Dimensions.

    Also, I imagine I will head outside for a while to catch all teh pokemans.

    Edit: I probably should have a crack at Inside too, bought it like a week ago and haven't touched it yet. Maybe some more SteamWorld Heist too, if I have enough time.

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      Beware Lego Dimensions. It's actually very hard to 100% without a big chunk of the characters.
      for example, we needed a swimmer so we bought Aquaman but realised there is a good brick location underwater that also requires a Chi character meaning that we needed the Chima character Cragger to 100% the world

        Appreciate the heads up, but I knew what I was getting into before I picked up the game at launch and had already planned on eventually collecting everything. Got a fair chunk of characters so far, and plan on picking up the remaining ones over the next month or so.

        Looking forward to the season 2 releases too (except the 2016 Ghostbusters that is, ewww!)

    I finished Inside yesterday and was blown away. Currently on my second playthrough, searching for all the collectibles. Such an astounding game.

    Other than a bit of Overwatch, I plan to start SOMA. Picked it up for around $7 on PSN earlier this week. Thought it had to be an error, but nope. So happy.

    Mostly Star Ocean V and trying to finish Fire Emblem Revelations but Furi is sitting there, tempting me with it's frenetic combat and absolutely amazing soundtrack.

      How are you finding Star Ocean? I was fascinated pre-release but after seeing the kind of "meh" reaction to it is completely forgotten it even came out

        I'm enjoying it but it's probably not what I'd call a "must have" JRPG, probably more just a "popcorn" JRPG. I've only played SO4 before it and while there are improvements there are also some steps back which make me feel it's not quite as good. If you're curious about it though I'd probably recommend waiting for a while until it goes on sale or gets a price drop.

          Ah fair enough. I still keep going back to Xenoblade X at the moment, so by the sounds I'd probably be underwhelmed if I moved to a different JRPG regardless haha. That game is so good!

          I'll be honest, it was the Japanese collectors edition that made me want SO5 even more... Man, all that looked so nice!

    Finished Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, now I'm into Conquest. Oh boy, I'm glad I chose casual and not classic!

    On PS4 I might play some Overwatch.

    About halfway through Persona 4 Arena's story mode on PS3. It's not bad, but soooooo long!

    I booted up dawn of sorrow a couple of days ago, it's about time I replayed that. Good times.

    And Saturday night is retro gaming night now that I have three arcade sticks for the wii/u. So much VC goodness, but I'm feeling metal slug atm. That or some brawlers...

    Or maybe the oldschool castlevanias (rondo, super, rebirth).

    Some co-op Enter the Gungeon Saturday, Overwatch Saturday night then finishing the weekend up with two D&D campaigns.
    Nothing new in my horizons this weekend.

    Fallout4, Total Warhammer......unless i win a Legion beta key

    Doing a Pokemon Go walk around the cith with the wife.
    Also I'm at chapter 11 (I think) of Valkyria Chronicles. I hope to finish that too at some stage this weekend.

      Also, marrying off all my guys in Fire Emblem to get all strong babies.

    I opened up the Xbox store to buy Red Dead Redemption but it is $50 - no thanks.

    So not RDR. I upgraded my PS3 from 160GB to 500GB so probably downloading lots of games to that - then I should finish Transformers: Devastation on PC.

      Just go and buy it on disc. according to Rockstar it'll work.

      If you already own any Xbox 360 disc-based version of Red Dead Redemption, you will just need to insert the disc into your Xbox One on Friday and the console will begin downloading the game to your hard drive.


      You can pick up a second hand copy at EB for 17 bucks.


    I finished Dark Souls 3 for the first time and immediately rolled a new character to go through again. So going to try and finish that playthrough as much as possible

    And continue on with Final Fantasy IX, god I love that game.

    was going to play doom but my save file became corrupted after a blackout.... have to start all over again

    Bought Doom off Green Man Gaming this morning so I'll be diving in to that when I get home. Will probably play some Until Dawn and, if I can be bothered taking the dog for a walk, some Pokémon Go.

    Howdy all, long time reader never really posted anything for awhile though until now!

    Anyway this weekend I will be mostly working and trying to fit in as much Pokemon GO whilst doing so also I'm still on Chapter 12 of Uncharted 4 I want to finish it and palm it off to someone else as I am preparing for No Mans Sky & World Of Warcrafts next installment and I honestly hope last installment, the game was amazing over the years but I think it is time to either let it die or make a follow up game

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      Know that feeling Chandler!

      Bring me WoW2 already!

    I finally got round to starting GTA V on pc this week - its a blast, so i will be playing that when i have some free time, as well playing the old game Blitzkrieg and Panzer Command Ostfront - again hopefully i cna find the time for this

    Picking up my MH 3DS, and settling in for long hours playing Monster Hunter Generations (it'll feel so good to get back into MH, last one I played was MHFU) and watching EVO streams and highlights.

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