What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I don't know if we're going to gun through all of the books, but my partner and I knocked off the first couple of hours of Dreamfall Chapters earlier this week.

I've been waiting too long for Dreamfall Chapters to be finally released, so it's nice to be able to play through it again — even though Zoe doesn't have the immediate charm of replaying as April Ryan. But what are you playing this weekend?

Something else that I might check in with briefly is Planet Coaster. I haven't touched the game over the recent set of releases, but I'm keen to see how it's coming along — and what kind of abominations the community is creating.

Starbound is also finally launching this weekend. That game seems like it has been in Early Access since forever, but then again I'm pretty sure it was one of the first titles to launch through Steam's Early Access program. That's going back a few years, now.

What will you be getting up to?


    Most likely Starbound, setup a dedicated server last night in preparation for 1.0 release.

    Haven't got anything new, so most likely Overwatch. Maybe a second playthrough of Uncharted 4. Possibly some mortal Kombat X.

    DND starting new game on Saturday as DM (my first time :o) , Ark, WoW and maybe some Overwatch if I get time.

      Good luck with the D&D. Remember the golden GM rule. Nothing is set in stone until it comes out of your mouth.

      Oh and I'll be playing Crusader Kings II. Continuing my campaign with the "McCracken" dynasty. Starting out as Count of Clydesdale (Glasgow) and brawling my way down to conquer Britain. I already am Duke of all but 1 Duchy in Scotland.

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        @bibsta I think the golden rule of DMing is to make sure the players are having fun. As @beeroniuous says, you can fudge, cheat, houserule etc to your heart's content as long as the players are enjoying the experience. It also helps if you have a player who knows the rules inside out who can help you out with rules queries while you concentrate on the story and NPC interactions.

          Yep got it covered there, been playing with my cousin for the last year or so who has been DM for years. He's handing over the reins to me while he plays new daddy :) I've put a lot of work into the story but I'm fully ready to shift and adapt certain things depending on how the group handles it.

          What's the point in playing D&D if you're going to fudge your dice?

            Ha ha, but only the DM knows if he/she has fudged :-) That's the whole point of a DM screen.

              Then you're not fudging dice, you're just choosing when something succeeds or fails.

                For me personally I'll use the actual dice rolls except in critical situations that might lead to the death of a character. In other words, I'll give characters a bit of plot armor, but the key is not to let on to players that you are fudging the rolls. If the players believe you are disenfranchising them then you may as well be LARPing.

          It can also help to have noone that knows the rules. To keep things moving and not get bogged down in the nitty gritty. (Nothing worse then a player that interrupts every scene saying "actually that X is X") When in doubt the +2 +4 and -2 -4 to rolls works a treat in a bind.

    Continuing my playthrough of Witcher 3, and probably some Smash.

    40K Kill Team Heralds of Ruin! Not a video game but tiny scale 40k (about a dozen models each, campaign/exp system). My pirate Orks are going to try to crush Tau again!

    PS3 - trying to finish up story mode on Persona 4 Arena. Surprisingly good for a fighting game!

    PS4 - maybe some Skylanders Trap Team or some Magicka 2;

    3DS - getting near the end of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. Then on to Revelations.

      How can you finish Fire Emblem? I keep getting sidetracked with creating super children...

        I spent about 70 hours on Birthright doing just that. So far my Conquest playthrough is at about 35 hours at Chapter 21 (all paralogues done). If I can grind in Revelations I'd expect another mammoth run.

        For the record, my best super-children are Velouria - Wolfssenger (Keaton + Camilla), Forrest - Strategist (Leo + Felicia), Ophelia - Dark Knight (Odin + Elise) and Shigure - Kinshi Knight (Laslow + Azura). My Kana is pretty awesome too, with Ophelia as her mother. I still feel a little ashamed that MC got it on with Elise's daughter. It's like cradle snatching twice over!

    Will try and make a dent in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Might also start Far Cry 4. Excited!

    I'm up to Mega Man 4 in the Mega Man Legacy Collection, and I'm almost done with the final campaign in Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist, so those should keep me busy for the weekend. Maybe I'll throw some Mirror's Edge Catalyst collectable hunting in there too.

      Hah, yeah I've been casually, gradually playing through the MM Collection. Finished the first two a couple months back, might give the third a crack this weekend.

    THE BIRTHDAY PARTY GAME for my little girl :D

      Happy birthday to her! How old is she?

        She is turning 2 so the first one she will have a proper idea what is going on.
        It is pretty exciting
        Family this weekend and then a shared party with her cousin (who is turning 1) at the zoo

    I was about 60 hrs into Skyrim and had to take a 3 week break from it. Started it up today and was completely lost. I didn't want to start all over again so I just deleted it off my PC and now plan to start both I Am Setsuna & Star Wars: The Old Republic. I haven't played an MMO since I finished Guild Wars 2 years back, so looking forward to it.

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      I'll be honest, that comment took a turn I wasn't expecting when I started reading it.

    I have a boatload of neogeo games, some friends, beer, and two arcade sticks.


    Friday night fights!

    I finished Sunset Overdrive but I plan to revisit it to unlock a few achievements I'm close to before putting it aside for good. After that I want to start on Wolfenstein the Old Blood and/or continue with Doom. My wife has finally overtaken me in Doom so I can play without spoiling her!

    Since the internet didn't get connected at my new place last week, it will be an offline-only weekend for me.

    Will probably get into some more Red Dead Redemption, or delve into the boxes of my DVDs/blu-rays that have been in storage for the last 12 months :)

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    Picked up S O M A cheap on PSN so a bit of that. Booted up last night .... Dripping in atmosphere ! ( get it)

      SOMA Is really good! Best game I have played this year.

        Yeah loving it, the audio in Frictional games is awesome albeit creepy as hell!

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    I've recently dived back into Bloodborne. Even though I've finished it once before, I still find it both tough and scary. Oh yeah, and I'll break that up with some UC4 online and maybe check out the new Star Wars BF modes.

    Assassin's Creed Unity, strangely enough. Picked it up on one of the "summer" sales for like $12, so never played it while the drama was going on at release, but was always into the setting. Turns out all the glitches and problems seem to have been fixed, cause I'm having a spectacular time running about Paris, really looking forward to more. First real Creed I've played since 2; tried Black Flag when it was free months ago but that one really didn't grab me the way it seems it did a lot of other people, bowed out a few hours in.

      I picked this up on the recent Xbox sale - pretty good so far, it's more AC but I've had enough time since I've played one last

    The reinstall Windows 10 on a new SSD game. That and random things testing my Steam Link, which game in this morning!

    I'll be working a bit but I'll try and fit in some Super Mario Galaxy 2 I picked up for the Wii U.

    And Overwatch. Always some Overwatch. About to hit level 100.

      Those last few levels seem to last for ever. I might check it out now that Ana has been added. I'm at about level 103 so I should be able to get some Ana loot boxes (fingers crossed).

    Time to start getting all the bits and pieces from the free play of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    I'm riding the High of Evo still, gonna go to Street Fighter V tournament in Sydney

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    I am Setsuna, started last night and want to put some hours into it this weekend.

    Pokemon Go probably in between doing some blogging so not a very fun gaming weekend for me. Kids may not even get their usual PvZ GW2 time this weekend which will make things interesting.

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