What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend, the most glorious of days in our calendar. It's finally arrived. And there's a bloody big Steam sale to boot. So question is: what are YOU going to play?

I'm going to be a little bit retro over the weekend. I've been spending some time playing the glorious F-Zero GX, having largely missed out on the Gamecube era as a kid. On top of that, I also came across a heavily overlooked classic: Blade Runner, or at least the adventure game based on the movie that Westwood Studios made in the late 1990's.

I have no idea if the latter will actually work at all on Windows 10, but I'm keen to find out. And I've been patiently waiting for the last episode of Dreamfall Chapters to be released before going on another adventure binge. My partner and I just finished playing through The Wolf Among Us, and April Ryan's latest adventure could be a good follow-up to that.

What about yourselves? What are you playing or doing this weekend?


    Overwatch! Almost 80 hours in and still loving it.
    I might play some Project Diva f/F 2nd as well to stop myself from getting rusty.

    Bought a 1070 and its being delivered. Hoped it would come today but unfortunately it wont till monday :( So i guess ill stick with Biker Mice from Mars for now

      My 1070 was late into my city but still onboard for delivery today. So hopefully I'll be playing Witcher 3 maxed out! That and probably overwatch

      My 1080 was picked and ready for shipment Tuesday morning but never left the warehouse, so mine away til Monday as well so very sad.

      But Marvel Heroes and Overwatch i imagine, with some Dead by Daylight (man that game gets the heart beating)

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    Found some Wii U games I bought ages ago but never played.

    So I'm gonna sink some time into Yoshi's Wooly Yarn and Treasure Tracker Toad.

      Both are awesome games, you're in for a treat. Yoshi is particularly fun as a co op game

    Battlefield 4! Got it for $7.95 last weekend and have been hanging to play it all week.

      Was that the PSN price? Got it digitally myself on Xbone ($4.50) and they made the second assault DLC free so it's a revisit to Operation Metro for me!

    I've been playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, and it's really good. I'm enjoying it!

    I should get back to Dark Souls III, but every time I go to use the PS4, somebody has switched the disk for Bloodborne, and switching disks... ugh :S

      Oh come on! What is this? Mass Effect 2/3 again?

      Switching disks isn't that bad, watch me.

      [Proceeds to press eject, only to have the disk fly out and sink into my neck.]

      Hug urrgh bluggh


    After I prestiged on Overwatch I decided to take a break so this weekend will have some Fire Emblem Fates perhaps some MTGO drafts if i feel like burning cash.

    Elder Scrolls Online
    It makes me laugh that people go for 30-60 hour games.... im about 1000 hours in and no where near max level.

    wish i saved 50 bucks for this steam sale

    Almost finished 100%ing lego the hobbit, then it's on to doing the same with lego Jurassic World. Probably some co-op in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 with the boy as well.

    Link to the Past on an emulator for old times sake
    Avoiding the Steam sale

    If I can get alone time without potentially spoiling my wife, Doom or Sunset Overdrive. If I can't, Wolfenstein: the Old Blood.

    Probably Overwatch, Odin Sphere: Leaf Raiser and Fire Emblem: Revelation in some mix.

    Maybe DOOM, maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Dying Light. Love this game. I'm only at level 11. Can't wait to get to The Following expansion. I hear it really changes the game up quite a quite a bit.
    Happy weekend everybody!

    The Last Of US - PS3. Only 40% in and it's a really addictive game. At the moment I wont consider it as one of the greatest games ever as people have been saying but I'm currently enjoying what I've played so far so I'll see what happens.

    Won't have time to play anything else as I'm still catching up on e3 talk show videos.

    Elite Dangerous - continuing on the Crab Nebula expedition. Maybe a little Destiny.

    lil bit of World Of Tanks

    lil bit of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages

    lil bit of Fantasy Life

    lil bit of Fallout 4

    lil bit of State Of Decay

    lil bit of Anno 2070 if I can get the STUPID THING WORKING

      Lil bit of Monica in my life...

      Lil bit of Jessica by my side...

    Continuing with Witcher 3 B&W. Also playing some Quake for something different.

    For me, I'm going to be playing FFXIV: Heavensward

    Just getting into Just Cause 3 and loving it. Gorgeous looking game.

    My wife finally finished one of her Kdramas on Netflix and ha already found another one so I guess I'll still be playing my 3DS. Therefore Fire Emblem all the way. If I finish Birthright, i'll move onto Revelations.

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