What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For the first time in a long time, I'm really not sure what I'm going to play. I finished Zelda, I'm finished Super Mario 3D World, I'm just about over Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I don't know if I want to go back to Pikmin 3 or Tearaway. I'm at a bit of a loss!

I think this weekend I might focus on a few PC games I haven't checked out yet. I might buy Nidhogg, or play The Wolf Among Us. Or maybe I'll actually finish The Walking Dead finally. I have this crazy idea that I might start a clean run of Dark Souls, but I'm hoping someone can talk me out of that...

What are you guys and girls planning to play this weekend?


    Nothing! Going to Big Day Out on the Gold Coast this weekend! Going to see Arcade Fire! WOOOOO!

      What about Friday?


      Im one of those people who bailed on this due to blur not coming.

        I'm an Arcade Fire fan boy. Would've preferred they did a show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre or something, but since this is the only chance to see them without going to an interstate side show! XD

    I thought I would be playing Broken Age Act 1, but I already finished it by accident, its pretty short.

    and that hateful hateful game Spelunky... BECAUSE DAMN YOU IMMA GET OUT OF LEVEL 1 SOME DAY AND THEN YOU JUST WAIT

    I've got to get a bit more organised with the "moving to Dubbo" thing that I'm doing but largely tomorrow will be about board games.

    I might try to play some Brothers or maybe finish the COD4 campaign again (I got past halfway at the start of December and then went overseas and haven't played since I got back).

      Have you finished it (COD4) before or is this the first time?

        Finished it back when it first came out. I rebought it during the Steam sale and figured I'd find out if it was still any good.

        It kind of is. Mechanically and whatnot it's a very sound game. Unfortunately, the difficulty on Veteran is pretty bullshitty. Enemies just do too much damage and there are times where you basically just have to rush the checkpoints instead of doing the whole point and shoot thing.

        Also I dislike grenades. Greatly.

          LOL. I tried to do it again on Vet (after finishing on normal) and the TV station level - I just couldn't get past the endless hordes!!

    When I run out of games to play I fire up an emulator, and go play the classics.

    Just got Creed4, loving it.

      Thinking about getting it today...hmmm...have you played any others in the series? I've never actually owned any of them, just played bits and pieces on friends consoles.

        Yea I've owned and finished them all, Loved the first one ay, I have enjoyed all of them but 3 was a bit of a let down compared to the others, really liking the new Piracy though, doesnt even feel like Assassins Creed game....yet, I'm about 15% through story.

        I've played 1 & 2, half hour of 3 and apparently 4 is the best. Played 4 for at least 5 hrs. It seems that way too - there's a lot more non-B.S. assassin things happening, like ship battles and exploration.

          something something animus....something something desmond....something something templar

            I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the CLANG and the BOOM with the POW.

    Muramasa Rebirth Cat dlc

    Devil Survivor Overclocked

    Mass Effect 3 (1st play)

    Skyrim Legendary if it arrives

    I'm currently on Shadow Moses Island for Metal Gear Solid 4.

    If I can finish it this weekend, I can finally get started on Dynasty Warriors 8.

      I like your choices!

        I love it too! It'll be my first time playing any Dynasty Warriors game too.

        Played it for an hour and I'm liking it so far.

        MGS4 will never get old. It'll be in my Top 5 games of all time forever.

          Not sure which MGS is my fave.
          Hard to get over my initial reaction to 1 & really love 3.

          DW is great fun. Mindless but fun!

            Is there a big difference between DW7 & DW8? Or is it more or less the same game?

            Or am I better off trying out Warriors Orochi instead?

            Just trying to gauge what to try out next.

              Warriors games are notorious for taking baby steps. Kinda like Pokemon.

              You're best off playing the latest edition.

              The only diffence between WO & DW is characters really. WO also contains Samurai Warriors & a few originals.

              Personally prefer Orochi.

    Well I finally got around to finishing the Year of the Snake DLC for Sleeping Dogs (kind of amusing that it's set on New Year's Eve 2012 going into 2013 and I only just got to it in January 2014) so that frees me up to start something new, most likely Tomb Raider if I don't decide to revisit GTAV for a bit. I'm also sorely tempted to start a new playthrough of Skyrim, though I also have a half-finished playthrough of Fallout New Vegas that sorely needs my attention. I've also been wanting to do a fresh playthrough of Walking Dead before I start season 2.

    So... something.

    Diablo 3, although I'm getting annoyed by people joining and skipping all dialogue.

    and maybe some Halo: Reach and/or ODST.

    Nintendo party tonight with my brothers

    On Sunday a friend is coming over to do a marathon of Dark Souls.

    Can't wait!

    I'm going to finish AC:IV Black Flag.
    Then I'm going to finally update my mods of Fallout New Vegas and do something I've always wanted to do.
    Psychopath run.
    If it moves and breathes I kill it (except for children because they're invincible).

      That's pretty much my plan. I haven't touched AC:IV in a week or so but have just finished modding New Vegas and got one shotted. Vastly different game when you're actually in danger of dying from anything. I modded Fallout 3 as well for the first time a little while ago but I've just played the opening few hours of that so many times that I just need a change of direction

      Simple: mod the children.

    Bioshock Infinite - a quick check on GameFAQs reveals I am just over halfway thru - astonishing for a game I bought about two weeks ago.

    Also got a really hard boss on Shadows of the Damned (that last sister) that I'm trying to knock off!

    Also RDR is a strong possibility - I've been going around helping all the strangers before embarking on the final bunch of missions - that task where you had to gather flowers for that old guy made me jump out of my seat!

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist, then board games all Sunday. Got a new copy of 7 Wonders I'm keen to play

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Saints Row 3 and maybe a little Tomb Raider for dessert

    Continue The Last Of Us (3rd time through, first time on New Game +). Skyrim (still). Maybe a bit more of Persona 4 Golden, too.

    FFXIV with friends, and working out a fun challenge run for Dark Souls. Then it will probably be a mix of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Muramasa Rebirth here and there.

      Just finished bravely default. Was great

        You didn't find the post bit repetitive?
        I really loved it, but I think they went too far.

          A bit, but I turned off the random battles and just did the boss ones too see how each "bit" was different from the one before. Still better than anything else squeenix has made since TWEWY anyway.

          Last edited 18/01/14 1:00 am

    I bought 'The Last of Us' (finally) yesterday. I've heard it got good reviews.

    Assassin's creed lib HD on steam. Came out yesterday. Then probably a hardcore co op run on dead rising.

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - This game is brutal on the highest difficulty, some of the tracks have some horrible glitches that can come about that you have to try and stop happening.

    Overall it is a good game, the leveling of the karts is abit too grindy and just that difficulty can make it feel like a chore, like Blue Shell rubbish.

      Just stick with one kart & you'll have reached max level in no time.
      I really reakly love it. bought it a 2nd time on Vita so Icoukd unlock the last character.

      so much fun!
      Better than the last 2 Mario Karts by far!

      I only found a few glitches, found i could avoid them if I was careful.

        Oh I know it will happen eventually, but I would have liked to level up everyone, but it jut takes too long per character based on the amount of races there are. Perhaps will only have 5-6 fully levels by the time I'm done.

        Skies of Arcadia is the worst track I've found so far, perhaps Golden Axe also, a lot of times there will be no transformation and I'll be in a loop of a car or boat trying to fly.

        Opened up Expert difficulty, currently in the second league redoing events... Might move onto ghost laps next

          Really, skies of arcadia? I remember a water part being odd, not consistently though. I think I just went a different way.

          Golden axe, yes. Always have trouble on higher classes getting through the damn snake moutj after a jump.
          Eventually I figured out the sweet spot though.

          Tr car/boat glitch ive hadrandomly on different tracks. Never thevsame place twice.
          worst glitch i got was the space level, fell off the side as a car & respawned in flught area, kept falling to my doom, had to reset.

          What console you on?

            For Skies, it is the plane transforming back into a car just before the boat section, if you stay high it may not transform properly and then the respawns are screwed after that and normally I'll try to stay highish to get a stunt boost.

            Playing on the Vita... I am enjoying my time with it (via PS+), so much that I am considering double dipping for the PS3 version also.

    Broken sword 1-3
    just finished the wolf among us (highly recommended) - waiting for next one in FEB
    bit of a rip off thought $25 per episode - 5 episodes $125 ... each title takes abou1-2 hours to finish....

    The next big thing
    AC 4

    Zelda OoT 3D. playing it for the first time (technically) I played OoT master quest back on the GC with Wind Waer but I have never played the original. I was tempted to jump into the Master Quest 3D included on the 3DS (i picked it up off a friend who had already unlocked it for me) but then realised they bundled hero mode and master quest in one so i went back to the original.

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