Aussie Nintendo Store: Back To School, Kids

Another slim update for Australians this week as we again miss out on half of the games offered to our European cousins. The main title we're missing this week is WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, though we should get it eventually, along with the main DS game.

Virtual Console is the lucky platform this week with a big release in the form of The King of Fighters '95. As with all Neo Geo releases, it's slighty more expensive at 900 Points. Chalk up another great fighting game on the Wii.

DSiWare contains the bulk of the releases for another week with three new titles. EA brings its popular mobile and iPhone game Surviving High School to the DSi. It's a text adventure slash dating game for teenagers which centres around all the drama that is high school. Why anyone would want to go back there is beyond me, but who am I to judge? Surviving High School is 800 Points.

VT Tennis is the second game for this week, and a kind of de-badging of Rafa Nadal Tennis. Unfortunately it brings its complicated control scheme with it. For 500 Points, it might be worth it to try out, but there are better tennis games out there.

Last but not least is DodoGo! (800 Points), a very competent Lemmings or Mario vs. Donkey Kong clone that replaces Lemmings/Mario with dodo eggs. (Of course! - Ed.)

So apart from the previously mentioned WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase which we will get eventaully, we miss out on 5 Arcade Gems for WiiWare, plus Save the Turtles and Simply Solitaire for DSiWare.

Virtual Console The King Of Fighters ’95 (NeoGeo, D4 Enterprise – 900 Points)

DSiWare Surviving High School (EA – 800 Points) DodoGo! (Neko Entertainment – 800 Points) VT Tennis (Virtual Toys – 500 Points)

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


    Buying DodoGo! If they can be bothered to release it in Australia when so many other small developers think it's too risky and might not be worth it then that's enough for me.

      Does anyone have an idea when Cave Story WiiWare might be released in Oz?


    Why is it nearly always only the shovelware garbage that makes it over here?

    Hey Team Kotaku, you guys should do an interview with someone from Nintendo Australia, so they can explain why we get so totally shafted over here. (I mean, its digital distribution, so it costs them nothing extra to release the same games for us, and it nets them extra sales! I mean, sure NoJ has always treated us like something they scraped off their shoe, but I've never known Nintendo to show such an allergy to free money, so what gives??)

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