LunchTimeWaster: Bah, Kotaku Is An Invalid Word

Oh look, there's a new version of Clockwords, the tower defence game where you type words to kill the advancing enemies.

I've featured this as a LunchTimeWaster before. But they've added in a story structure now, along with different types of ammo you can buy for your letters - some freeze enemies, some set them on fire, others will shoot multiples.

Sadly, Kotaku is not accepted by the in-game dictionary. Harrumph!

Clockwords [Gabob]


    it's a pitty you can't copy and past otherwise i would put the longest word in the english language, which has 189,819 letters, and is spelt like this:

    Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylala… (Snip! - Ed) ...ylglycylprolylvalyll

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