LunchTimeWaster: Kill Them With Words

clockwords picI'm a sucker for word games. Scrabble, Boggle, Fictionary, Typing of the Dead, you name it, I'll play it. Oh look, here's another one.

Clockwords uses words as ammunition. Type any word to fire your lexicon cannon at the advancing enemies. Bonus damage is awarded for using the highlighted selection of letters. Typically these spell a word, so half the challenge is unscrambling that word quickly.

It's well-presented, with some guff about rival inventors and mechanical spy-spiders, and quite addictive. For a word nut like me, anyway. Clockwords [Gabob]


    So it's a Tower Defense-esque word game. awesome!

      That's a stretch, but yeah, sort of.

        It's the first thing that came to mind when I fired it up..

        I suspect my productivity is gone for the rest of the day now however. Damn my weak willpower!

    Quite enjoyable, but for me, it very annoyingly kept locking up Firefox for 30sec or so at the start and end of every level.

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