Xbox Wanted “Test Subjects” For Alan Wake Experiment

Xbox Wanted “Test Subjects” For Alan Wake Experiment

Xbox Wanted “Test Subjects” For Alan Wake ExperimentRemember that mysterious experiment for which Xbox Australia was seeking “test subjects” last week? We were all trying to guess what it was about. Guess who got it right?


As I wrote at the time: “OK, my guess is Alan Wake. And Xbox are theming this event as some of psychological test. Curious.”

The event took place on Monday night and InsiderX, Australia’s official Xbox blog, has spilled the beans:

Full details are still to come out but I can give you these hints: * Alan Wake * Heart and brain activity monitors * Quarantine station

They’ve also posted some pics, such as the one above of one test subject playing Alan Wake in the Quarantine Station’s infirmary. Click the link below for more.

The Project [InsiderX]


  • I know there was only 4 guys but any chance they are Kotaku readers??? Any details from the ‘inside’?

      • Actually Dean, I was one of the test subjects, we’re not under a non-disclosure or anything so we can talk freely about it (and considering this is all part of the PR push for the game, they’d probably encourage us to, heh).
        I’m also known as “Blunty3000” on youtube, and within a week I should be getting my hands on some of the footage they shot while they were putting us through the experiment, and I’ll be publishing my own video about the experience. 🙂

  • gloating much there Davey boy?

    i wonder if the subjects managed to stay A.Wake during the test?

    Get it?


    hahahaha i slay myself…

  • I know the woman who built that site!

    Didn’t help me getting into the test though. If its not WHAT you know and its also not WHO you know, I’m not sure whats left…

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