LunchTimeWaster: Red and Green Vs. Blue

LunchTimeWaster: Red and Green Vs. Blue

I really like this puzzle game, not least because it sports an unlikely combination of elements from Tetris and ancient Psygnosis platformer The Killing Game Show.

Crushd gives you a Tetris-style well. Green blocks drop from the top of the well, each supported by a line attached to just one segment of the block. You can click on any segment to destroy it; click on the supported segment and the whole line will fall to the bottom of the well.

At the bottom of the well is a red block that paces left to right. It can “climb” green blocks, but only if they are a height of one block. The aim is to enable the red block to reach the top of the well.

You must let the falling blocks land safely, so as not to crush the red block. And once landed, you must destroy the right ones to allow the red block to keep gaining height.

It gets even more difficult once the well starts filling up with water…

Can you guide Mr Red to the very top of the well?

Crushd [Jonathan Whiting]

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