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Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


    • I have, and it really matters how much you got it for. If it was below 25 bucks I reckon its alright for like… 2 hours worth of fun. But don’t expect a gta4 platinum kind of game.

  • Anyone else played Metro 2033? Rented it over the long weekend for 360 and was pretty dissapointed. I was a big fan of Stalker and Fallout 3, so I thought the setting would appeal to me but the whole thing was just so drab and clunkily executed. And the voice acting was ATROCIOUS.

    It’s gotten mixed but generally decent reviews so I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. Thoughts?

    • Why do so many people get it for 360 when the PC version is SO much better? I finished it 2 weeks ago on pc and enjoyed every minute of it.

      • Probably because so many more people own 360’s than reasonable gaming rigs! You’re right that PC is definitely preferable for Metro 2033 though.

        • This is why I got the 360 version, my PC is just a work laptop.

          But the things I didn’t like about the game weren’t specific to the console port, I think. Technically it runs fine and still looks fairly good on 360. But I’m sure the deadpan psuedo-russian is still shit on PC.

          Maybe there are some other shortcomings for the 360 version tha aren’t on PC.

          • Reviews that I have seen have mentioned a fair few negative points such as glitches and poor gameplay. It sounds like one of those games that does one or two things right, like a good atmosphere and pacing, but fails in a few other areas. Reviewers are probably seeing it as being almost a really good game but with flaws that let it down, whereas I’m seeing it as a pretty average game that has one or two interesting ideas. I think fallout 3 and stalker simply did the post-apocalyptic world better, and with better gameplay.

  • Hey Dave, can we get an update on the whole american posting thingamy jigamy? I know you said its being addressed, I assume this is done by some other webpage wonderkid when they get around to it. So, I was wondering if you can ask them to add some cool new features to AU Kotaku, I have no idea what new features would be cool as I’m not much of an ideas man, but I’d imagine something like instant posting without moderating for trusted posters would be cool?? Have you got any got any ideas you’d like to see happen/change on AU Kotaku??
    And, I’ve just realised I should have waited for the Ask Me Stuff post to post this! Whoops, but its already typed now.

    Oh, and I may be buying a piano tomorrow! *happy dance for me*

      • Haha! I’ve tried out The Grand, it is pretty nice but playing via plastic keys is just not the same. I then tried NI Akoustic Piano, which in my mind is far less expressive as The Grand. Anyways, I digress, some clown had put a nice black real yamaha piano, for a stupidly cheap price. I arrange to see it today, at 10am. But, as is typically my luck, of all days, my offspring was sick! Grrrr. I’m all mopey. I called them back, it has already been sold. So depressed… Oh well, I’m winning Powerball tomorrow night, so all will be good. 🙂

  • I hope last night’s little ad on good game for Bluebird AR was a onetime thing, I would hate to see the hosts have to play along with some crappy AR game while reviewing games and talking about real things, those games always turn into giant advertisements after a while anyway.

  • First of all, as i have really began enjoying looking at entries that didn’t quite win – i want to see the Starcraft entries of any non winners that want to show n tell
    heres mine:

    Pretty self explanatory! lol

    Other than that i’m thinking of opening up a small webshop selling tee shirts but i need a brand name that gamers will recognize but it won’t alienate everyone else. Something geeky, yet cool. Not all of my designs will be centered around gaming as well, so keep that in mind.

    I was thinking something from the periodic table… Maybe Phosphorus. LOL

    Suggestions anyone?

    • Sounds cool mate! How about Shirtanium? Element Zero? Cookies ‘n’ Me? Wildgoose T’s? Ukatok T’s? (kotaku backwards).

      I wish I had some web skills, I’m wanting to use some of my music to get in a game. Even willing to do it for free, but I’ve no idea how to market myself. I wish there was a list of indie game makers wanting free music I could click on!

      • Oo Oooo Oooo, I woke up this morning and I had a company name idea for you. Now I think about it, that makes you my first thought of the day. I’m kinda worrying myself too! :p Anyways, hows about this company name? “No Shirt Shitlock”

  • Have the final Silent Hill: Shattered Memories competition winners been announced? I’ve been checking the page incessantly since Saturday and seen nothing thus far…

    • Mmm, I was pondering if it had or not, and if there was possibly a mixup with my email addy. Otherwise I remain patient ^_^

  • Video Game books! What have you read and what do you think of them? I’ve read:

    Opening the Xbox – Dean Takahashi
    An interesting look at the politics and lobying that went into the creation of the original Xbox. There’s even a section dedicated to Seamus Blackley’s infamous ‘Trespasser’

    Game Over: Press Start to Continue – David Sheff
    An incredibly well written and researched look at the history of Nintendo.

    Ultimate History of Video Games – Steven L. Kent
    Has a lot of quotes from the video game alumni, with a strong focus on 8 – 32bit era.

    Masters of Doom – David Kushner
    A great look into the phenomenon that was id software. The book gives you a real sense of the impact these guys made at the time, and if your old like me, will bring back memories.

    Trigger Happy – Steven Poole
    A little outdated now, this book analyses games from a semiotic perspective.

    Lucky Wonder Boy – D. B Weiss
    An interesting if somewhat perverse examination of one mans obsession with retro video games.

    Anyone know of any others that are particularly good … or bad 😉

    • Playing Mechwarrior got me hooked on the Battletech novels.

      I’ve got about 38 of the 40ish now, and unless you’re prepared to go online… they’re damned difficult to find.

    • I read the Warhammer 40k novels, just cause really i’m a warhammer buff. I find the origins of all the primarch’s sons interesting, but revenant’s epic fan-fiction on warhammer is easily one of the best pieces of warhammer writing i have ever read.

    • I really want to read Masters of Doom, had a uni lecturer that used to go on about it a bit. I’d also like to check out the Halo novels and the Mass Effect ones. Both feel like worlds that have some good potential for back story.

    • The World of Warcraft books are an excellent read for everyone. An interesting set of stories for non-players and a great bit of background for players. I hear they made a great LOTR book series aswell as 3 movies, fancy that.

      A quick question for all, is there any interest in a meet’n’greet ? Open to suggestions, it’s a pity we don’t have a gaming bar/pub in Sydney. I’d move in and pay rent.

    • I have a housemate with a Wii and we were really looking forward to playing it, but then we heard that the local multiplayer isn’t so much co-op as it is an arena where you can fight one enemy. I may still play it when he isn’t but I was pretty disappointed.

  • SO what are peoples predictions for Bungie to make with their deal with the devil Activision? Eurogamer had an interesting idea of a MMO. I hope it is definately not that.

    • It’s pretty hard to say at this point. I’d doubt that Activision would want them working on an MMO, since it would just be competing against World of Warcraft anyway. If they choose to play to their strengths, which I’ve heard is on the cards, I’d probably guess they’d go for a first-person something. I say something because I don’t think they’d just make another Halo-like. Maybe something more along the lines of Deus Ex (first person elements, but with more open-world and choice-making).

      But then again, I’m just speculating.

  • So I’m pretty keen to check out some Castlevania games, but I’m not really sure where I should start. I’ve played the demo for Symphony of the Night on 360 and was pretty impressed, but that is the extent of my experience with Castlevania unfortunately.

    Any suggestions, fellow Kotakuites?

  • I can’t decide on whether or not I should get Monster Hunter Tri….
    How tedious is it; I like long rpgs and have played all the Final Fantasy games with the goal off collecting everything in each, so I do enjoy the grind in order to be a stronger character. Having no exp points is cool and I am big on busting out the pen and paper to plan strategy and set-ups, so I can see myself enjoying the concept.
    I am not a fan of action-rpgs and hack-n-slash games bore the crap out of me – is there a moves list or combos particular to weapon type, what about elements and weapon effects?
    My biggest concern is that I have never played a MMO and I don’t know anyone with a Wii, so I am worried about the online game. Will I get much out of the single player game or do you have to go online to complete it?

  • I continue my endeavour to gather the Kotaku’s Starcraft II beta community!

    If you’re in the beta, whether it be from being selected or from pre-ordering, get some replies going. We could hopefully have some awesome FFA’s or 3v3’s.

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