AU Diary: My Steam Summer Splurge

AU Diary: My Steam Summer Splurge

It could have been worse, I suppose. I could have spent way more money on way more games. But, hey, the sale’s not over yet.

There’s a monster sale on at Steam until July 4 where a sizeable chunk of the catalogue is reduced in price from 25% to 90%. Plus, Valve is offering further daily specials on selected titles.

It’s proved impossible to resist.

As of this afternoon, my purchases stand at:

* Aliens Vs Predator Classic 2000 – because I loved it way back then and no longer own the disc.
* Alpha Prime – because it was cheap, looks vaguely like a rough mix of DOOM III and System Shock 2 and was developed in Poland.
* Cryostasis – because it rips off The Thing and hopefully, like Alpha Prime, has that quirky Eastern European sensibility I dig in a PC game.
* Darwinia – because it was part of the ridiculously cheap Introversion Pack.
* DEFCON – see Darwinia.
* Gothic II Gold Edition – because it’s an RPG series I’ve never played.
* Gothic III – because I’ve still never played it and it came with the above.
* King’s Bounty – because I miss the days when Heroes of Might & Magic was actually good.
* Multiwinia – see Darwinia.
* Penumbra: Black Plague – because I like spooky games and I recall being intrigued by the demo of this physics-heavy adventure several years ago.
* Penumbra: Overture – because all the Penumbra games came in a cheap pack.
* Penumbra: Requiem – cheap, I said!
* STALKER: Clear Sky – because for some reason I never had a copy of this, just a glitchy beta version for preview.
* Space Rangers – because it came with…
* Space Rangers 2: Reboot – because Space Rangers 2 was awesome and I can no longer find my disc.
* Uplink – see Darwinia.

How do you rate my splurge? And what did you score in the Steam Summer Sale?


  • Managed to resist buying anything so far. Still got heaps left over from the Christmas sale that I haven’t even touched. Still not sure if I’ll be able to hold out the entire sale though, those indy packs are tempting me and who knows what daily deals they’ll hit me with.

  • Damn… thats an awesome haul…
    I’ve spent too much at game so have no money for any of these until the next pay day, which is thursday – will the sale still be going then?

    ..please say yes…

    AvP Classic is a great choice – i still have my copy in the cd rack – maybe it’s time to brush it off..

  • i finally bought a ps3 so i have to justify the 5 games i’ve ended up with by playing them… so many unfinished/unplayed games in my steam library already 🙁 Not to mention that I still haven’t finished the gamecube copy of twilight princess i managed to track down (no wii).

  • Well, I bought Plants vs Zombies like 2 days before the sale started… sooo I can safely say I would’ve purchases Plants vs Zombies in the sale 😀

    It’s SO tempting to buy so many of those games… I really want to buy the complete Star Wars pack… but I know I’d totally never play it! Haha!

  • God, the Max Payne collection is on special today but for us Australian’s Max Payne is not available on steam !! arg!

  • Sigh. It’s times like this I curse relying on my 360 for gaming. I don’t suppose we could get some info on the $$$ spent so far on your ‘splurge’ Mr Wildgoose? Strangely enough I have played Alpha Prime and found it a decent enough diversion during a dry gaming spell.

      • In that case I would say you have done very well on your purchases. Why did you buy so many titles though? Was it purely the price or the bleak release calendar for the coming month or 2?

        • personally for me it was just that there damned cheap and stuff that it looks like id play on a rainy day

          i mean i bought killing floor on the first day for 5 bucks that purchase alone has already clocked up 20 hours(not sure how but hey)

          and alot of these games are slashed to a point where there 10-5 dollars

          to me 5 dollars is a perfectly good amount for access to that games files for the rest of steams exsistence

          the thing is now exetel is gonna yell at me for slaughtering my downloads when i havent been playing MP games

  • I got:

    Res Evil 5 $14, Broken Swords twin pack $4, The Witcher enhanced ed $7, Defense grid map packs $4, Commandos Pack! $5, GTA4 episodes $15. All USD.

    I will be getting Kayne and Lynch in a moment for $5 and definitely picking up more as the week goes buy (keep an eye out for the daily specials).

    I too have too much to play from the Christmas specials but in the event of an apocalypse I’m sure i’ll be entertained for years provided the generator doesn’t crap out.

  • “Cryostasis – because it rips off The Thing and hopefully, like Alpha Prime, has that quirky Eastern European sensibility I dig in a PC game”

    David – What do you mean by ‘quirky Eastern European sensibility?’ Do you think there are some bright ideas coming from this region while Japanese and Western developers churn out sequels and focus on the console market? Or are these developers simply recreating old classics for the PC? Personally I think it’s the latter.

    I’ve noticed a number of my recent Steam purchases have also been from smaller developers in Eastern Europe and been having a blast with most.

  • Got me some Indie games to boot! Unfortunately this buying spree will most likely continue until July 4 😉

    – Trine (4 BUCKS!! WTF Insta buy)
    – Indigo Prophecy (I miss Fahrenheit, gonna actually finish this before going to the monster that is Heavy Rain)
    – Machinarium
    – Samorost 2
    – World of Goo (I must admit I have yet to play this)
    – Plants vs. Zombies (I played it on a friend’s account :P)

    I bought the Commandos pack a while back for 5 bucks too… Thinking about buying Introversion pack next!

  • $30 for the Call of Duty collection, after a subpar play through of MW2 going to check out what the fuss was about with the other versions (and MW multiplayer)

    but the sales are pretty good, steam is def leading the way

    and to think PS3 is going to get in on this action. If I can play my collection on the PS3, then wow.

  • So far I’ve only grabbed flotilla (awesome little game), company of heroes and 3 copies of audiosurf (2 as gifts obviously). Oh and I got gifted a copy of max payne 2 since for some reason we can’t get it in australia…

  • There hasn’t really been anything that has interested me so far. I’m hopeing they have a sale on Borderlands or Metro 2033.

  • i’m doing the smart thing and keeping an eye on the daily sales for further reductions on already reduced items and then i’ll go nuts buying all the cheap stuff on the last day 😀

    so far i’ve gotten…

    Serious Sam HD Pack (already had 1, but it was cheaper to buy the pack than to buy 2 by itself)
    EVE Online (doubt i’ll play this much, but it was $1.99US)
    City of Heroes
    Max Payne Pack
    Gothic 2 + 3 (the bundle)

    and i’ve got about 56-58 items on my wishlist 🙂

  • I got the Edios+Square Enix pack mainly for Just Cause 2, but there’s a sh*t tonne of other games for me to enjoy.

    For instance, I plan on buying the Star Wars pack tonight mainly for Battlefront 2, and Empire at War gold pack (that super awesome RTS that I can’t seem to find anywhere!)

    Steam is definitely the DRM to be on board with.

  • Considering I still don’t actually have a payment method for steam, I haven’t bought anything. Applied for a debit card a few days back, hoping it may be done quickly. As for why I even downloaded steam without having a payment method handy, I bought Metro 2033 from EB. It’s a good game, but i’m not sure if it was me or the game that had sucky scoped aiming.

    Tempted to get the id super-pack, although i’m not sure if it’s worth buying (not sure if some of the games are freeware now).

    May also get the TF:Complete, I missed out during the Mac release sale for TF2 though. Could instead get the Orange Box, but my friend just gave me his spare HL:2 and HL:2 Episode 1, so then i’ll end up trying to find someone to gift it to.

    I’ll probably also get Beat Hazard, it seems like a decent challenge.

  • Well I’ve behaved myself so far, the only thing I have picked up has been bioshock 2

    I have around 25 games on my wishlist for this sale but might have to cut that down depending on what’s in my bank account.
    Damn annoying that you can’t add packs to your wishlist, I’m also considering the Introversion Pack. Considering the Northern Lights Indies as well but getting into expensive territory considering it is a whole $19.99

    I’ll wait to see what the next few days bring as far as daily specials and pickup a few things Sunday.

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