Bargain Hunter: Elite Deals from JB

Bargain Hunter: Elite Deals from JB

How much would you expect to pay for a brand new Xbox 360 Elite and two games? 400 bucks? 450 maybe? Not even close.

Try $249. That’s right: a brand new Xbox 360 Elite, two games, 250 smackers, right now from JB. Or – or! – you can get a brand new Xbox 360 Elite, and FIVE games for 300. Either way, that’s a pretty fantastic deal.

[Thanks to FatShady for the tip!]


  • They just want to sell as many Elites as they can before the redesigned 360 comes out in two weeks. That is a great deal though.

    The same thing should happen with the DSi and DSi XL when it gets close to the 3DS being released.

    • The DSi will become redundant once the 3DS comes out. Xbox360 elite will still be worth every penny even if they release the slim. still the same apparatus.

  • Really they have to do this… who’d buy an Elite now for more cash than that considering you also need to pay $130 or so for a Wireless N adaptor

  • Thanks Dan. Man, I am such an attention seeker!… Too good not to mention.

    I have been in the market for an elite for 2 years or so. Have gone to buy one a couple of times

    First time i have 400 bucks, bought a ipod touch 32g
    Second time i had 400 bucks, bought a PS3 slim

    This deal comes around, I am broke, but won an Elite in the Alan wake comp a few weeks back (still waiting for the package)… It is like M$ don’t want my money!

    I was actually thinking of trading the elite I won for the new console but after these price drops, the Elite is not worth the trade in i will likely get, and i doubt ebay will still get you $400 for them… Oh well.

  • That’s freaking insane pricing. It’s a ~$150-200 price drop. I can understand wanting to clear out the Elite stock before the S arrives, but this is a fantastic deal for consumers.

  • I sent my mum to go pick the elite with 5 games for my sisters birthday yesterday – that’s really good value.

    I’ll be taking the halo games and bioshock to trde in for them though to trade for something more her style (ie platformers, rpgs, anything with copious amounts of blood that isn’t 1st person) lol

    Seriously, it’s much better to buy this now than get the new one upon rlease for $450 without games.

    I’ll be upgrading my pro when:
    a) it red rings
    b) the new one drops or comes with a awesome bundle.

    …oh i’m also not saying the new one isn’t good value, i just don’t have $450 to splash around (as much as i wish i did)

  • Oh man, imagine my dismay when I just bought a 2nd 360 because I needed the hard drive a few months ago only to see the 250Gb being sold and on top of that my 1st 360 never died. Just needed the hard drive.

    So thats 2 360’s but I honestly can say that I would get the new one.

    Still want a PS3 though 🙁

  • I bought the 2 game deal yesterday from JB HIFI on Pitt St in Sydney. What they had on offer is different to advertised. They are selling the Elite bundled with Forza 3 and ODST for $249 (The official MS bundle so the games arent tradeable at full value as they arent in proper boxes)The guy also threw in a twin game pack that includes Lego Batman and Pure just because “the have a load to get rid of”. They also had the 5 game deal on offer at $299.

  • So MS are only having ONE SKU which is the 250GB Slim?

    They’ve just suddenly turned around their aim. Which was to have 2 SKUs in the market to appeal to two different groups.

    The Elite for core gamers and the Arcade for younger gamers who don’t play it as much and not necessarily need the HDD (even though they kinda do).

    I know the PS3 rolls that way, but they have a completely different scheme of doing things. I at least expected a Slim 360 which only a 80GB or something. 120GB was at first great upon release – but now it feels rather little. 250GB is much better but since you need to use custom MS HDDs it does suck a little and still ‘seems’ small compared to a PS3 that you can change at will with a range of different prices and capacities.

    I haven’t had my Elite 12 months yet – I would love to get the Slim, but I don’t want my current Elite to feel like a waste. I have the Wireless adapter aswell, so its not like I need the Slim for the WiFi. Maybe i’ll hold off a bit for a Natal combo deal and trade it in. I do have 2 consoles though, so I may trade in the old one even if I only get something like $50 for it. I have a lot of games that I need to rid of, they will up it a bit…

    • What’s the point of trading in your perfectly functional 360 for something that does (just about) the exact same job?

      The only thing that slim 360 is going to give you over your current 360 is a few extra USB ports, and one more free power socket if you’re going to get Kinect (and perhaps a few extra gigs of space on a hard drive). You can be guaranteed you’re going to get shafted on the trade-in of your old 360 if/when a Kinect combo happens. Not worth it.

  • my launch died again on the weekend, i opened it up and fixed it but its only a matter of time till it dies again.

    $250 for an elite is looking mightly appealing right now, i upgraded to $60GB HDD last year but its still full most of the time.

    ive definitely got a use for a second 360 as a media extender so i think im going to have to splurge.
    im just concerned that once the “new” ones come out that we might be able to get even less than $250 (i dont care for the games bundled)

  • Just for everyone’s knowledge. I have the JB HI-FI catalogue sitting in front of me and the 5 game Xbox 360 deal is priced at $439.

    Their website however has the deal. That’s a $140 saving.

    Now to convince the girlfriend we need a 360…

    • they also have SUPER ELITES for not quite as good a deal but still really good. $369. there is three versions (FINAL FANTASY XIII, MODERN WARFARE 2 AND MASS EFFECT 2)

      so for an extra $120 bucks…
      – another controller
      – 250gb hdd

      pretty f’n decent.

      • oh yeah. they also said they would chuck in a forza 3 and halo odst double pack! at first i thought they’d made a mistake as that usually only comes with the normal elite but the dude on the phone said they have heaps of the double packs separately

  • Also remember that Forza supports a multiple xbox/monitor set up. For those of use with multiple monitors already sitting around as well as forza and a an xbox, this deal means for another $500 you could have a pretty awesome set up….

  • I’ve been looking at buying a 360 for a while now, and this is making the decision really difficult. I really want the 250GB hard drive and more efficient slim model. The fact that it’s smaller would be ideal too since the space I have to put it in is fairly limited. The built in wi-fi would be handy to have, though in my current setup I could easily have it hooked up with an ethernet cable.

    That said, if the new slim model is going to cost $200 more without any games…

  • I just got a 360 from eb games yesterday. They offered me 6 games and the console for 317. I chose that over jb as I believe the selection of games was better.

    Halo 3, ODST, Fable 2, Forza 3, Pure, Lego batman.

    Soooo cheap 😀

  • well guys check out this comment

    ssmac on 16/06/2010 – 15:25 ¶

    STOP go to harvey norman instead. Just picked mine up from there, they beat the price $238, and let me choose the 2 games 🙂

    jps433 on 16/06/2010 – 16:02 ¶

    which Harvey Norman and what games
    -1 vote
    ssmac on 16/06/2010 – 16:07 ¶

    Sorry, perth city west. Modern Warfare 2 and FF13, but they gave me the choice of any 2 games in the store, so werent limited to a small selection.

    This one is not jtagable..

    ltwo on 16/06/2010 – 16:21 ¶

    did you need a catalogue or something?

    ssmac on 16/06/2010 – 16:29 ¶

    Showed him the jbhifi add on my phone.
    Said he would beat it by $11, and i get to choose the 2 games.

    ltwo on 16/06/2010 – 16:31 ¶

    wonder if i can choose my own games at HN O’connor

    justmike on 16/06/2010 – 21:33 ¶

    I don’t suppose you know the name of the person who served you? I want in on this deal.

    ltwo on 16/06/2010 – 22:10 ¶

    +1 vote
    ssmac on 17/06/2010 – 09:27 ¶

    receipt has Assist: Sascha W – Sales. Not sure if thats his name or not.

    Go to Harvey Norman and ask them to beat the price. If lucky you might get away with 2 decent games. The guy got his elite for 238 with FFXIII and MW2 on top of two other bundled games.

    • FFXIII? He was swindled. And yeah, the Elite deal is very sweet. Too bad the wireless adapters are like 50% of the console cost now (that or use a long-ass cable around your house)

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