Bargain Hunter: FFXIII for Fiddy

Bargain Hunter: FFXIII for Fiddy

Bucks, that is. Not too shabby for a recent release, even if it isn’t an especially good one.

So, if you’ve been wondering what everyone’s been complaining about for the past couple months, but didn’t want to cough up full-price for the pleasure of finding out, then here’s your chance: FFXIII for fiddy, on PS3 and 360, at Game right now. It’s online only, though, so I hope you’ve got your credit card handy.

Oh, and they’re also selling Alone in the Dark for $9 — just in case you feel like punishing yourself further.


  • It’s not just online – in store too. Just popped in on a lunch break a few minutes ago…and no, I didn’t buy it.

  • They also had the collectors edition instore for the same price, when I went in the other day- although I think that may have been a 1 day only special.

  • Actually it’s in store as well. I picked it up on Monday for this price on a whim as I was just browsing. When I brought it to the counter they told me I could have the collectors edition for the same price…

    I’d been debating whether to get this for a while now due to all the conflicting opinions, this sale thankfully helped me make up my mind. A few hours in I’m happy enough with my purchase.

    I’ve mostly always played FF for the graphics and cool movies though so I should have known any complaints about linearity or the combat taking to long to fully unlock wouldn’t really bother me.

  • Well, for 50 bucks it’s definitely worth it. I mean if its at budget price, then its potentially one of the best budget games out there realistically.

    But at full price?

    No stinkin’ way.

  • Guys,

    $48 for FFXIII is nothing. I work at GAME and we’re in the middle of marking – honestly – 90% of stock waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Like, ridiculously cheap. I’m talking about FOUR DOLLARS for PS3 games.

    Just head down to your nearest Game store and check it out. Bear in mind that we’ve only started pricing things down now, so just ask staff how much different titles are, and by next weekend, the massive sale should be all set up and you can nab some awesome bargains.

    The other staff members and I here are just about peeing we’re so excited.


      • GAME’s not likely to go arse up at all any time soon… 1100+ stores in Europe, they’re doing pretty well here too. The staff cuts in the head office recently were blown way out of proportion, it was for a more direct control apparently.

    • That coaster has been $5-$10 intermittently everywhere since a few months after it climbed from the abyss and started laying eggs on store shelves

  • It is $48 for the Collector’s edition I can confirm, and yes their is a massive sale. My boss had bought up 15 games yesterday before we even finished stickering…

  • @Jo

    No, we’re not closing down; after the shuffle with staff at head office in the last few weeks, we’ve got this amazing new head director who pretty much just wants to get rid of all the excess and old stock.

    His idea is pretty much the less old stock we have in store, the more we can get in of special edition new stock and such. We love him so far, haha.

    Just for your example: Alien Vs Predator PC $8; Combat of Giants Dragons DS: $8; Overlord Minions DS: $4; almost 90% of the PS2 stock is less than $5; PS3 dual shock controllers: $68. That’s just based on our lists so far.

    (Oh, and this only applies in store, because the webstore is different again.)

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