Bargain Hunter: Preorder Games, Get Fashionable

Bargain Hunter: Preorder Games, Get Fashionable

Gametraders are offering free t-shirts for anyone preordering two of this year’s biggest games.

If you’re willing to splash out $99.95 for Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Gametraders, they’ll throw in a Super Mario Galaxy 2 t-shirt for free.

And if you’re cool to stump up the same price for StarCraft II, they’ll throw in – yes! – a StarCraft II t-shirt for free.

Both offers are listed in the June catalogue, but are only available while stocks last.

Elsewhere in the catalogue, the clothing theme continues with a heavily discounted Tekken 6 Limited Edition coming with a Tekken hoodie for just $79.95.

And Bayonetta on PS3 for $29.95 seems like a good deal to me.


  • No point considering Gametraders have so few stores, no online shopping, and the nearest one to me is on the other side of Sydney. I have been it to it though and it was ok from what I remember.

    • Uh, actually you can buy online from them, just that you have to talk to them. That’s how i got a mint condition MGS3: Subsistence for $30.

      • See… I wouldn’t know that if they didn’t openly advertise it (or if you hadn’t of told me).

        Also, when I visited the store in Castle Towers, their PS2 games were mostly all overpriced..

    • There once was a gametraders in burwood westfield.

      Also game has been offering a shirt with starcraft for a few weeks now.

  • It sucks that they have so few stores. They opened one up at robina after it had all its reonvations, within 6 months they had left. Was a real shame, heaps of stuff there i would have liked to get

    • Those dudes were at Robina for years. It was my go to store when I lived on the Coast. I remember when I used to hire PC games from them in High School. Good times…

      • Helllooo Robina guys.

        The Gametraders there was nice to stop into because they had a nice imported/2nd hand section. The problem was that they were far too overpriced. You’d save a lot of money simply resorting to eBay. A couple of incidents stuck out with me.

        – Their price matching policy isn’t exactly ‘policy’. It’s seemingly up to the managers’ discretion if he wants to sell you at a competitor’s price. I could have picked up GTA4 from JB or something but decided to see if they’d match it and give the same to a smaller store. They refused.

        -The WoW: Wrath of the Lich King expansion release. They didn’t take pre-orders, instead having a midnight launch where they auctioned off Collector’s Editions in-store to highest bidders… Never looked at that place the same way again.

        Ultimately, it was the opening of GAME and Big W (on top of Kmart, JB and Target) that closed them.

  • I don’t know. I like the Gametraders shirt better, but I know GAME will price match and give me the shirt and GT will only do one or the other..

  • is ok..
    I do have one question, if you pre-order from GAME, do they deduct the $$ straight away or they deduct it when they ship the game?
    The reason – they are closing stores and sacking staff, will they close b4 SC2 release?

    • Game have Close to two hundred stores if I recall, and have had literally millions of dollars invested into those stores.
      Calm down, they arnt going anywhere. Besides, all they ask is $10 as a deposit

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