Bargain Hunter: Who Knew Section 8 Was Even On PS3?

I certainly didn't. Good news for PS3 owners who like multiplayer focused sci-fi shooters, then. Even better news, it's really cheap!

Section 8 is one of this week's specials on the Aussie PlayStation Store. You can pick it up for a mere $16.95, which is considerably less than its usual download price of $39.95.

Whether there's still an online community out there for it is another matter entirely. But hey, with deals like this, maybe a few of you will be tempted to pick it up.

You can check out the full rundown of this week's PSN specials over on the Aussie PlayStation site, linked below.

PlayStation Store special offers [Playstation]


    Most people would find it a waste of $17

      Add another dollar and you can have yourself a large Hell's Pizza instead :)

    As the editor of one of Australia's biggest gaming sites I'm surprised in you. I even knew that one :P

    most people probably stopped because of the massive downtime the digital PC version had because of this one patch.

    i haven't played it in months. the novelty wears off quickly and the voice acting is an atrocity.

    I waste money all the time and that is something i wont buy.

    I've played the demo, IMO it sucked. I only tried it because it reminded me of Tribes.

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