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    For some reason, I have a very strong urge to go back to sleep...

      I couldn't stay awake. After the first two goals I knew that was it. Although I did dream that Germany won 6-0...
      I love Australia and I love football...but..yeah they have never convinced me that they can play with and against the best. This only serves to reinforce what I think.

        4-0. Pretty bad. Though I thought a red card for Cahill was a bit excessive. It seemed worthy of a yellow.

        Also, was I the only one that got didn't enjoy Basheer's commentating? He's quite annoying. I did manage to tune him out though.

        I just knew we were going to get our asses kicked. It annoys me when the media overhypes our chances of getting past the group stages, let alone winning. I feel sorry for Cahill though. Even though its likely our world cup is over, Cahill can't do anything about it unless his red card gets overturned by FIFA....


      Thought that this would happen unfortunetly. They had some good chances but really they weren't in it most of the game. Look forward to the next WC though.

      Completely Abysmal, it was a foregone conclusion that we didn't stand a chance but, 4 nil...

      The entire match Aus were completely out classed and it looked like Germany was using them as a practice team.

      My mum My wife, and inlaws are all english time to break out the red and whites :)

        And btw who is the DICK! that OK'd the use of those stupid and annoying horns!

    I posted this in the What are you playing post, but I think it ended up getting too far back.

    Can anyone give me some good that are on PS3/360 platformers like Prince of Persia? OR good 2d platformers like Splosion man?

      All I can think of is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (I haven't played it much, but it's supposed to be good). Also on XBLA Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Prince Of Persia: Classic, and Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

      Earthworm Jim HD should be good as well.

      Also, I know it doesn't help you now, but there's a new game coming from Twisted Pixel (the makers of 'Splosion Man) called Comic Jumper: The Adventures Of Captain Smiley. It looks pretty good, and if you download it you can unlock some DLC levels for 'Splosion Man by playing through the levels. There's no set date as yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

        Mega Man 9 & 10 as well.

        Also, don't know if anyone's interested, but I just found out they're making a Metalocalypse game called Metalocalypse: Dethgame. There's no release date yet and it's being developed by Frozen Codebase (they made Zombie Wranglers) So I hope they're not going to wreck it.

      N+, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Shadow Complex, (coming soon: 'Super Meat Boy'), Lucidity, Braid, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider (maybe)

      Nuts and bolts is less a platformer and more of a vehicle game.

      Somehow I missed the announcement of Comic Jumper, it looks cool.
      But my problem with 2d platform games is that they mostly seem to be combat based: Bionic Commando Rearmed, Shadow Complex, Mega Man etc.

      What I love about prince of persia 2008 and splosion man was it was about the traversal which was done so well.

      Braid is one that is on my list to get, that is for sure, That looks great.

        I know what you mean.

        As JEV suggested N+ is good, it's sort of like 'Splosion man, but with simpler graphics and none of the wackiness. Lucidity might be worth a go as well, but I know it's not the same style as 'Splosion Man.

    The only platformers I can think of are actually puzzle based games like
    But on the PS3 there is Little Big Planet, The original Uncharted is pretty close to a platformer (if you like PoP then you'll love uncharted, it's tons of fun), Ratchet & Clank, the lego games are basically platformers and Lego Indianna Jones is awesome.
    On the 360, Hmmmm.... Banjo & Kazooie nuts and bolts, then there are XBLA titles The Maw, Limbo, Megaman 10, Trials HD.
    But if you like platformers, pick up a second hand Wii, there is a plethora of great platformers to choose from on that platform.

      One of those GREAT Wii platformers being A Boy and his Blob.

    Has anyone seen the leaked 360 redesign?, wow, sure is ugly.

      Im guessing this was directed at my question? I did say PS3/360 platformers. Have spent a lot of time playing LPB, and Uncharted 1 & 2 (favorite current gen series)Also have all the ratchet games, but the platforming isnt the greatest.

      Mirrors Edge was also great. Someone mention Assassins Creed, those games are great, the 2nd one introduced the Tombs and I was excited about those sections being like POP until I played them. The controls are so inaccurate when asked to do a specific task like that, it breaks those sections for me. Infamous is another game like that I loved.

      I wish Crash Bandicoot was still great like the first 3....

        Sorry, meant for the above post!.

        But I dont mind the look of the console. Sorta looks like my PC case :P

    So... just out of curiosity.
    The new xbox... opinions?

    Apparently the XBox 360 Slim (if it does actually exist) is going to have built in Wi-Fi, It's about bloody time.

    Also, any of you guys interested in the official name for "Project Natal"? Accoriding to Wikipedia it's "Kinect" and will be incorporated into the new slim console as well as being a stand-alone product Apparently USA Today leaked the title a little early, and the story has now been taken down.

    Here's what it says on Wikipedia.

    "Kinect is a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" for the Xbox 360. It was first announced on June 1, 2009 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, under the codename, Project Natal. The add-on peripheral enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without a game controller, but rather through gestures, spoken commands, and/or presented objects and images. Project Natal will be compatible with all existing Xbox 360 models. A release date has yet to be announced, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that the technology will be incorporated into a new Xbox 360, which may or may not have new hardware, due for release in 2010. During their CES 2010 keynote speech, Ballmer and Robbie Bach went on to say that Kinect will be released during the holiday period (November–January) and it will work with every 360 console. Its name was officially announced on June 13, 2010, prior to Microsoft's Press Conference at E3 2010".

      Also found this detailing games that are in the works for Kinect. Looks like we could be in for a heap of shovelware.

        If that's true I welcome it

          Notice I said "could" not "will.

          There's nothing wrong with having a sports game a-la Wii Sports or a mini-game collection (if done right). What I'm worried about is that everyone will jump on the bandwagon and make their own version of the same damn game and we'll end up with a flood of crappy mini-game titles because now they're trying to attract the "casual gamer" more.

          I'm also worried that all this motion control business is gonna bring about a permanent change in gaming. The N64 brought with it the analogue stick and rumble pack and now they are both standard features, again Nintendo innovates with motion control, and again Sony (and to a lesser extent Microsoft) copies.

          There's nothing wrong with having a motion control game, but I don't want to have to get up and jump around the lounge room every time I want to play a game.

          Having said that, that Star Wars game could be good.

        I was thinking about the way to get the hardcore to pick it up. Much like the original xbox had everything as xbox live enabled...

        As Kinect can track your head... it'd be easy to include proper head track depth for games.
        Even if you still play the game with the controller, this could be integrated and it would out 3d sony, and move units.

    With E3 coming up I was curious where everyone goes for their E3 coverage?

    I've usually gone on gametrailers and watched their videos, but I always end up getting lost in all the videos trying to pick things apart. I imagine IGN would be another useful source, but it seems like the major sites quickly get drowned in articles and videos.

    Specifically I'd like to know where I can see the press conferences for each individual platform streaming on the web. Then also a website with a well organised coverage of E3 where I can easily find all the updates on the specific games I'm interested in. appear to have very well organised coverage with everything sorted into the separate days and then buttons for each of the major press conferences and demos.

      I did go to GameTrailers briefly, until I found that you couldn't download 95% of the E3 clips. As my PC monitor is crap and I like the option to watch the HD videos where I want (generally on my huge tv), when I want, without having to load up a browser and wait for it to queue up again, I wasn't overly happy and gave up on them.

      Mostly I went to Joystiq for news. The US Site button on here wouldn't work (so no updates as stuff was happening), and Joystiq kept up to date with most of the stuff I was interested in.

    This is how it all looks.

    Received, installed and quickly trialed the first Warcraft out of curiosity. How times have changed, it's cool to time travel back and have a look at where we've come from. Pixelated graphics and old skewl opening videos. I'll play a bit more as my first attempt was poor at best, if I get through all the scenarios I'll grab Warcraft II aswell. eBay bargain by the way.

    Damn, Microsoft aren't mucking around. Word on the new XBox 360 slim is that it's real, and it's shipping to retailers...TODAY! and should be in stores by the end of the week. I got this info from

    Also, this from 1up.

    "Microsoft gave a free Slim Xbox 360 to conference attendees, so expect full impressions soon".

    So, Mr. Wildgoose will have one (lucky bastard).

      Sorry, just found out that they're only shipping to stores today in the US and A. Shipping to Europe will begin on July 16th. So I'm we'll probably get it sometime after that.

      Well, its more of a redesign than a 'slim', it isn't that much smaller.
      On the plus side, the cooling looks better and the drive doesn't stick out like a conjoined-twin and block airflow, plus it has wifi and extra USB ports.
      On the negative side, no memory card slots if you already have one (but not a big deal), I find the chrome and reflective black a bit tacky personally, it looks like they tried to emulate the original PS3, with non-tactile buttons and everything. I do prefer a black console but just don't like the looks of this, it looks like a dell PC from the nineties when they were trying to be hip and edgy.
      I guess it just looks too American to me, tacky-flashy instead of stylish, but I reckon they'll love it over there.

    It's been confirmed. The next Need For Speed game is NFS: Hot Pursuit. Here's the announcement trailer, damn it looks sweet. I haven't been this excited for a NFS game for a looong time.

    Also, according to Gamestop has priced Kinect at USD $149.99, so I would expect it to be between $199 and $249 for Australia. At that price there aren't going to be many early adopters.

    Found some pricing for Kinect games. According to Gamestop they're all priced at USD $59.99, which means that they'll be full price $100 games here, including Joy Ride (which was supposed to be free). I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not paying 100 bucks for an HD Wii Sports.

    This coupled with the supposed price of Kinect itself will probably see Kinect go down the same route as the 32X. Epic fail Micro$oft.

    Looks like someone's found a use for PSPs... :)

    I didn't get online yesterday so I missed out on Remember This? but when I looked just now, I recognised it instantly. I loved M1 Tank Platoon back in the day and I've wanted something like that to play again ever since.

    Come to think of it, Microprose made some awesome games... M1, F-19, F-117A, not to mention others like Battlehawks, BoB, the Aces series.. they're the sort of simulators I enjoy. I don't want super-realism that means I actually have to have a pilot's licence, I want something that's fun!

    It seems that fun sims have been forgotten about unless I just missed them. Anyone found anything more recent (on PC for me :) ?

    Did anyone see that Andrew Hansen will be co-host with hex for good game. i am a big Chaser/CNNNN fan so I am looking forward to it. I didn't realise that he has already done this in 08?
    Just saying is all....

    Since everyone is mostly talking about E3, please give my Gamespot AU blog a read for my impressions on the Microsoft conference and the others too (once they actually show, I finish my exams and finally have time to write up some more).

    If you're on Gamespot AU too, comments are appreciated.

    Just wondering if anyone who won a prize in the Lost Planet 2 Comp has recieved their prize yet? Last time I won a prize it arrived within a week or two, but I haven't recieved my t-shirt yet. Am I missing out or you all still waiting too?

      I'm assuming if you haven't received anything yet, then neither would I as I had my tshirt sent to work and I'm currently on leave at the moment.

      Then again, I'm still waiting for my other prizes from even earlier as well.

      Btw, did any of the modnation racer event people get their games yet?

    Speaking of Monkey Island... When will we be getting a release date of the MI2 Special Edition? All we have so far is "Summer '10", I was sure we'd have a date by now. This is around the time the first one came out last year.

    I'm guessing they mean summer in America which apparently ends on September 22nd, so I would say sometime before then.

      Just found this on Wikipedia, so it looks like we won't have to wait long.

      "Following the release of a Special Edition of the first Monkey Island game in 2009, a Special Edition of Monkey Island 2 will be released for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on July 7, 2010".

    YES! I managed to get 2 Peace Walker Walkmans this morning!

    (I was supposed to buy 1 but my internet connection died as I was making the order and yet it still processed it = 2 walkmans now...)

      Nicely done! I snagged a set for myself as well :D

      I can't wait for it to come in!

    Five in a row.
    Suck it, you damn dirty Blues!

    I can't fathom why O'Donnell wasn't sent to the sin bin for that dangerous tackle on Boyd...
    Slater is my hero!

    So, can NSW ever wrest the Origin back from this rampaging QLD side?

    I'm going to buy a PS3 next weekend, E3 and Twisted Metal info and all. What are some must have games? I've already got a chunk of cross-platform games on my 360, but suggest away!

      Uncharted is a must, it doesn't take long to finish (about 6-10 hours depending on difficulty), but it's a great game, Uncharted 2 is suposed to be even better (from what I've heard).

      You should definitely get the God Of War Collection, I haven't played GOW3, but I've heard great things about it. Little Big Planet is great too.

      I recently became a dual console household picking up a PS3 on ebay. I got a great deal on an 80Gb model and six games.

      The following franchises are what encouraged me to buy the system:

      Uncharted (1 & 2)
      God of War (1, 2 & 3)
      Metal Gear Solid 4
      Demon Souls

      Recently Mod Nation racers has come out and it as a very good kart racer.

      Other notable series are Killzone and Resistance and Racket & Clank and M.A.G.

      Of course I could like as many games on the 360 if it was the other way around. It is just amazing the quality of good games that consoles are getting exclusive deals on not to mention the A grade multi platform titles.


        Stone's list is pretty awesome. The only recommendations I can add to it are inFamous (can be found on eBay for ~$20, I won it for $20.50 in an auction). Heavy rain was also pretty good for me. At least play Heavy Rain, by borrowing/Renting/Purchasing.

        Also, make sure you get Flower off the PSN. It's fantastic. And Joe Danger (also on PSN) looks good, I plan on picking it up after exams.

          Oh yeah, Flower is awesome, although not everyone will enjoy it.

          Whatever you do stay away from Noby Noby Boy. Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was a piece of crap. I bought it because it was cheap and after 20 minutes of playtime I wished I hadn't.

    Now you can enjoy kotaku with the atmosphere of the world cup.

      LOL! Annoying things aren't they?

    Some good bargains on Steam ATM. Grabbed the Ghost Recon series (incuding both of the Advanced Warfighters) for a good price and Rainbow Six: Lockdown cheap too (I'm on a Tom Clancy spree lately). Of course the killer should be Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box (downloading now).

    Good things come to those cheap bastards like me who wait!

    But why is Vegas 2 $10 and the original Vegas still $20 I wonder?

    So is anyone going to get MGS Peace Walker? I am, I've been horribly excited for ages now. Was thinking to find some friends here to co-op with over Ad-Hoc Party?

      I've been waiting for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. And as I mentioned above, I even got the special edition :D

      I would offer to play with Adhoc party, but my router's kinda stuffed atm.

        Woo! Let me know when it's back in action. I don't actually have an internet connection at the moment (still) but I was wanting to line some people up for when I get it back!

          Sure thing! I'm just getting really pumped for it now. Finish exams on tuesday, Peace Walker comes in wednesday/thursday-ish! Excitement!

            I was gonna get it today, but then I saw Dick Smith had a staff sale on, and that all Woolworths staff get 60% off all D-Link Routers... Got a wicked Wireless N router, normally worth $128, for $51! And a bonus Wireless N USB stick free by redemption! If you know any Woolies workers, get into Dick Smith before the 30th to take advantage!

            Also, David, or whoever is moderating, don't suppose you want to highlight that at all? I thought it was good value :)

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