Bargain Hunter: FIFA World Cup Game Takes A Dive

EA's FIFA engine is obviously a spookily accurate simulation. It predicted Spain to win the World Cup, after all. And now at EB it's cheaper than a pet octopus.

With the World Cup concluding in unspectacular but tense fashion this morning, EB has slashed the price on the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game.

It's now just $32 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and a mere $20 on PC.

Surely not even Howard Webb would miss a dive like that.


    has anyone seen fifa 10 cheaper than 64 bucks preowned?

      $28 preowned at EB, if you've got an Edge card thats down to like $25.20 (360 for sure, not sure about PS3)

        Whoops. That's the world cup edition.. misread your comment!

      $34.95 preowned at GAME...

    I get it, a dive.

    world cup and fifa 10 prices are about the same preowned.. but.. does the fifa world cup have replay value like fifa10?

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