Bargain Hunter: It Looks Like A Deal, Mr Bubbles!

BioShock 2 is one of my favourite games so far this year. It might even surpass the original. Maybe you're sceptical, though. But even the sceptics can't say no at this price.

Spotted by the good folk over at Ecogamer is this deal via UK online retailer Gamestation.

They're currently offering BioShock 2 on Xbox 360 for a startling £7.99. Add a further £4.95 for delivery to Australia and that's one of the year's best games for £12.94.

At the time of writing that's $AU22.52.

Seriously, how can you say no now?

UPDATE: And within minutes of this post going up, Gamestation pulled the deal. Now it's £19.99 plus £4.95 delivery, which converts to $AU43.40. Still a decent discount on a barely six-month-old game, but not quite the spectacular bargain it was just moments ago...


    You didn't link to the store and the price is now 20 GBP... Nothing to see here!

      Man, that didn't last long at all.

      (I linked to the Ecogamer post which in turn linked to the product page.)

    I picked up the rapture edition from game for $28.

      Did they mistake it for bioshock one or something, because i was at GAME today and its $58

        Yeah i;m not sure because i went to two stores and it was $28 at one and $58 at the other, guess i was just lucky..

    Maybe they realised that it might affect their profitability by selling it for 1/4 of the RRP.

    After a few months of neglecting Bioshock 2, I finally got around to playing (and finishing) the game over the last week or so and it is definitely better than the first and easily a contender for game of the year (so far). I loved every minute of it, and I was more intrigued than the first game. I found myself searching every nook and cranny for anything and everything - especially the stellar audio diaries! This game is worth every penny! JB have it for $49 at the moment, definitely worth a look for any FPS fan!

    Walked into EB today and saw they had preowned Bioshock for $15.

    brand new bioshock 1 is $20 at EB... why pay $15 for a used copy? :P

    good price for bio 2... i saw it for the cheap price but didn't grab it as i've already got it on steam

    Bioshock 2 is 11.86 GBP on 360 at
    Delivered for a shade over $25 AUD.

    Cheap Cheap.

    not bioshock related, but I saw guilty gear 2 overture for the 360 in jb hifi for $35....anyone know if it is any good? oh, and Transformers: WfC is $49

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