Even More StarCraft II Aussie Midnight Launch Snaps

Check out the queues, the chaos and the cosplay at EB Games' official STarCraft II midnight launch in Brisbane overnight, courtesy of this gallery of photos from Kotaku reader Albert.


    Please don't let anyone else in the world see how we do cosplay... LOL...

    Apart from Kerrigan, those are some damn shameful atempts... but good on them for trying at least... i guess...
    I did like the drone until i say the front then i just thought "what's ronald mc donald doing dressed like that?"

    Look at all that Eb staff though... damn...

      but really SC isnt really the most practical thing for cosplay

      its not like you have anything that easily human based (thought one would think someone wouldve popped up in awesome armour)

      but your also limited to just brisbane its not like its spread out

        While this is very true - cosplayers tend to be VERY inventive... i'm actually rather surprised there is no ghosts which would be easy enough done... or even jim rayners...

        haha imagine a marine made entirely out of cocoa pop boxes!

    My god... it's full of nerds

      You say that like you're surprised... it's a midnight launch for SC2 - not a Mafia 2 promo full of TnA.

      No lights were needed... the pale white flourescent skins of consumers were all that was needed...

    Hahahahaha I know one of the dudes! The middle guy in the pic of three dudes like half-way down. Oh sir, you make me laugh.

    ha ha ha lets make fun of nerds but you are commenting on a nerd site so what does that make you

      A geek..

      ...but who's making fun of nerds??? I'm sure we all know exactly what we are... Hell i'm a human glow stick myself who's going to a party dressed as a necromancer...

    I didn't know Harry Potter played StarCraft?

      yeah, looks like it.. never pinned him as a sci-fi sort of guy... always thought he'd be more into.. you know... lord of the rings or something...

    hey wildgoose whats with not putting my comments through you got a problem with what i say

      If your comments aren't being approved then it's for good reason. I refer you to this post - http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/11/housekeeping-mind-your-comments-please/

        one of comments was about you were right about the club and wrong about lost planet 2 being underrated and the saboteur was rubbish how is that bad comments are about freedom of speech not censoring when you dont like peoples opinions on things you like

          OT, if you can add a little bit of basic grammar and punctuation to your comments, we'd all appreciate it.

          And there's no freedom of speech on a private webpage.

    QUESTIONSSssss for StarCraft fans:

    1) Why is that guy buying two copies? Does he unlock an ultra elite firebat or something? Does he get to see pre-infestation Kerrigan topless? Or, perhaps, voice actress Tricia Helfer topless?

    Or is he just kinda out of it?

    2) I see, in the stacks, the deluxe edition, the boxed edition and... DVD jewel cases? Is the game also available in those cases, or are they also selling some varient of SC1 there as well, just to be safe?

    The mind boggles!

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